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Sex, Lies, and Vampires

Title: Sex, Lies, and Vampires
Author: Katie MacAlister

Genre: Paranormal
Published in February 2005 by Dorchester’s LoveSpell
IBSN: 0-505-52555-0
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She has been summoned with the lure of finding a legendary piece of armor, and now her past has come to haunt her once again. Her destiny is held in the ancient powers of a charmer, passed on to her, but unusable. She will not temp fate again, her weakness is proof that she is not the magical being the woman expects. The bizarre result of Nell’s trip is the last thing that she expects, but being who she is, Nell has learned to live with the scorn, disbelief, and skepticism that her talents engender. She also blames herself for the death of her best friend due to her dubious powers, and has denied them, and their use. To now find herself in a position where she is being asked to use them, even bribed, has her nerves on edge. She doesn’t know whom to trust, and is certainly not in a position to trust lightly. There are definitely some questions to be asked, and she needs answers before she goes any farther into this seeming mess. On one had, she has a woman claiming that her nephew has been kidnapped, and being held by an enemy. On the other hand, there is a dark presence that has done nothing but help her, and protect her. As an expert in Medieval History, she has been called to the Czech Republic, but it is not to deal with her mysterious benefactress’ imp problem.

The ancient armored breastplate is long thought to be a myth, and it does provide a certain incentive, but still Nell has her doubts and reservations abut the strange situation she now finds herself in. As far as she is concerned, she is not that magical being Melissande thinks she is, and this only adds to her discomfort. When she comes into the possession of a ring, the stakes rise, and the stubborn refusal of those around her to see the truth force her into desperate decisions. She finds she has to trust someone, and the only person who she feels has not lied to her is the one whom everyone else claims to be the most evil. Nell, senses something not quite right about that scenario, and takes a chance on the Dark One. Adrian is the cursed one, and yet she feels she has to trust him, love him, and ultimately save his soul…

Adrian Tomas has been cursed since his birth. Born the lesser son, the younger of twins, he was traded to the Demon for power and has been a slave ever since. Tortured and tormented, he now has to deal with the results. He is loathed by his people, called the Betrayer, he has been forced against his will to perform horrible acts of betrayal, causing the deaths of many of his people, and earning their hatred and fear. Few know the truth of his captivity, and unbeknownst to him, the only one who counts will soon find out and come to his rescue. With the kidnapping of the child, they seek him, and his death. What they don’t understand, is the child is his son, and he will do whatever it takes to free him. The most hurtful part is the mistrust, and the betrayal of his brother, and it must be dealt with as well before he can rest.

He does not expect to survive this ordeal, and yet the entrance into the melee by the unknown woman throws a wrench into his plans. He was not expecting Melissande to find a charmer, and even though he loves his sister, he knows that she does not know or understand the truth, nor does she want to believe. Blinded by her loyalty to his older brother, She has found the one person who may be able to make a difference. Touched by magic, and born of a line of ancients, Nell is the one who must save his son. There are problems, however, one of which is that she believes herself to be his beloved. It is true, she is connected to him, and for her safety he must find a way to break the very connection that in other circumstances would make them strong. Only then can he be assured of her safety, and go after his son. Only after both of them are safe can he end his miserable existence, whether it is in the light of the dawn, or at the hands of his Demon Master. For Adrian, life has become even more complicated; the unexpected is becoming the norm when to his great shock and surprise Nell claims to be his beloved. Nell…his partner and soul mate? NO! The denial rings clear in his head, but his heart is not so sure. Still, he fights the attraction, knowing all too well he is doomed, and there is nothing that can save him. Not now, not ever….

Katie MacAlister once again draws us into her world of brooding vampire heroes and misfit mates and takes us on an exciting and hilarious romp into the World of Darkness Katie style. With her inevitable sense of humour, one can always be assured of an engaging and fun read, while being immersed in a world of danger and turmoil turned upside down by the heroine’s innocence, missteps, and bumbling and stumbling into the most hilarious and yet dangerous situations. Nell is no different, and she brings an innocent and delightful hardheadedness to the solitary and grim Adrian. In spite of all he has been through, he has to smile at Nell, and her ineptitude, and yet as all good heroes, he supports her, and in the end their mutual trust is rewarded.

As the end draws near, Nell and Adrian must truly discover what their relationship means if they are to save the one who is most precious to Adrian. His son, although unacknowledged by him for the child’s safety, is his world, and he will do anything, even give his own life for him. For Nell, losing Adrian is not an option, and so she decides that she must try to do what he asks. If you are a fan of Katie’s, Sex, Lies, and Vampires is a must have for your keeper shelf. If you have not read any of hers before, then Sex, Lies, and Vampires is a great place to start. Available on February 1st from Dorchester books, this is one you don’t want to miss, and one of Katie’s best. You will love her look into the world of Sex, Lies, and Vampires, so keep you eyes open, and enjoy the ride.

Yours in good reading,

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