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Ring of Lies by Victoria HowardRing of Lies by Victoria Howard

Title: Ring of Lies
Author: Victoria Howard

Published in Decembler 2010 by Vanilla Heart Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 987-1-935407-64-5

Cover Artist:

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When English accountant Daniel Elliott dies in a car accident one rainy night, his widow, Grace, is overcome with grief…and panic. Daniel was controlling and their marriage loveless, but he always took care of the sheltered Grace.

Or so she thought.

Grace Elliott is in a fog. Her husband, a mild mannered accountant to all he deals with, is, or was apparently not what he seemed, and now he is dead. For years Grace has had to deal with the abuse to her psyche, now that has stopped, but she is still forced to the conclusion he had too many secrets. Catherine, her younger sister is missing and has not been in contact since Daniel's death, adding another layer of worry to Grace's plate. Right now, that seems the most ominous thing in al the protents she has received with the matter because she was threatened at Daniel's funeral. A demand for information she had no knowledge of and the intimidation using Catherine's name by a stocky man with a slight limp has her worried for her sister's safety. There is only one thing she can think of to do, and that is head to America, and try to figure out what has gone wrong. The mention of a house on Gasparilla Island of the Miami coast is a mystery, and Grace thinks that just may be the place to start.

Grace is well aware she has been sheltered but refuses to acknowledge the abuse. Like so many battered and abused wives, she was isolated from most people, only having one close friend with whom she spent time when Daniel was away. Olivia had been there at her side during this time of trials, but for now, she was on her own. Her friend, Jack West would meet her at the Miami airport, and he would help her find out what was going on with the house, the threats, and the other mysteries that seems to surround her now. There were a lot of things which did not under any circumstances line up with the facts as she knew them. They could barely afford Applegate Cottage, the small but comfortable home purchased after their marriage. Yes, the mortgage was made each month, but sometimes her allowance was stretched thin. Their joint account held barely two thousand pounds. The fact Daniel made a will was surprising, but it appeared there was another account to which she had not been privy and a bequest of five thousand pounds to her sister. The worst shock of all was surprise of the house on Gaspirilla Island in Florida. Where did Daniel get the money for such a purchase? What was she going to do with it? Jack could help her she hoped...

Jack West was totally surprised to get Grace's call. The sound of her voice set feeling he thought buried humming through him again. Grace was beautiful, desireable, and ever so married, and tha last fact had set him back on his heels. They had so much in common, love of tennis, similar tastes in literature, food, and other such commonalities. It took him no time at all to fall head over heels in love with her, but when she told him they could only be friends, it darn near broke his heart. Now circumstances had changed dramatically, and he was not really free to connect on that personal lever which he was so tempted to do. He now had a live-in girlfriend, and new daughter, and was on a leave from his job to care for the infant.

It bothered Jack a great deal that Rosa had no interest in her daughter, Emelia. It was hard to reconcile the facts when it came to Rosa's neglect and failure to bond with the tiny girl, and Jack was, for now, playing the role of "Mr. Mom" to the one woman who was truly the light of his life. Grace was coming back into his life for whatever reason and it didn't bode well, but he was compelled to help her no matter the cost to himself. In spite of everything, Jsck heard the stress in her voice, saw the relief on her face when he picked her up at the airport, and the fear and worry that lingered in her beautiful eyes. The one thing he was absolutely certain of at this point was Grace and Emilia were the only two women in his life that he felt compelled to protect. Why this was so he had not a clue, but it was still there, his love for his daughter was unconditional, and his feelings for Grace had not diminished since he had made her acquaintance at the Wimbledon Cup Matches. The love for Emilia was the no-brainer, Grace the puzzle...

For Grace Elliot and Jack West, an innocent meeting at the Wimbledon Tennis Club started something Grace was not prepared for, nor was she in a position to take advantage of the intense attraction at the time. She was always true to Daniel, but as time has not told her, he was not true to her. Now she and Jack have to put together the pieces, and see if, after the puzzle is finished, they can still hold on to their love. Yes, they both have to admit the truth, but as Daniel's secrets are revealed, Jack has to come face to face with some old enemies as well, and do his best to protect not only Grace, but his daughter Emilia too. Jack knows Rosa is not faithful, but her connections are, unbeknownst to Jack, causing some of the problems putting him, Grace, and Emilia in serious danger.

Ring of Lies takes us from a simple cottage in England to Florida, and to the Florida Everglades where Jack West and Grace Elliott not only have to face the dangers of nature, but also of the creatures that infest the posh and upscale world where Daniel made his way. All of this will either make or break the budding romance between the pair as danger from several different sources stalks them Victoria Howard has filled this one with danger, corruption, and a myriad of pitfalls for our hero and heroine to navigate through, and it is really a thrill ride to the very end. This is definitely a must have, so head on over to All Romance Books and pick up a copy of Victoria Howard's Ring of Lies today. It is guaranteed to keep you on your toes!

Yours in good reading,

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