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Title: Retreat To Danger
Author: Carol McPhee

Published in 2007 by Wings ePress Books
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-59705-117-9

Maureen Ripley, Mauri, for short, and her son, Sam, leave Syracuse headed for Maine. It is the only way she feels she can offer protection to Sam and herself. At nine, Sam has experienced more terror in his life than most people. On their trip, Sam worries if their dad will follow them and find them but Mauri assures they will be safe. She feels bad about the times she has had to lie to Sam, but this time he must trust her. The thought, of the cottage she has rented, puts room for new opportunities in their lives. Mauri has always wanted to stay near a seashore and feel the ocean breeze brush against her face, and arriving at Serenity Bay just might be the answer to her problems. This has to be a new start for her and Sam. Hearing about ex-husband, Joe being released from prison had been a hard blow. She has not forgotten his harrowing threats that he would get even with her once he got out of jail. Still the remembrance of her calling 911, after the drunken man viciously sought to hurt her and Sam that one day, taunted her mind. She wants a quiet place away from everyone to write her new novel and for Sam to roam free without feeling any moments of danger.

Greg Sanders is lobster fisherman who likes to be alone and live his life like a hermit. Normally he is out fishing or at the wharf messing with the engine on his boat. His wife ran off years ago when he wouldnít find another line of work. He eventually divorced her and has since then tried to avoid any contact with women. He lives with his dog, Casey and plans to leave it that way. One thing he treasures is his privacy. When the new neighbor comes into the area and crosses matters with his dog, he refuses to let her get under his skin. Interfering in his life is one thing but messing with his dog, that is another whole different issue he will not tolerate. When he makes it over to her cottage, he is determined to get to the bottom of things, but for some reason it only makes matters a bit more complicated in his life.

Mauri is a romance writer with two novels coming out around Christmas. She panics when she learns her ex-husband is getting out of prison. She thought he had six more months left. Moving to the seashore is a good place for her to work on her new novel and for Sam to have a place to roam and have some fun. Unfortunately her next door neighbor has a dog which doesnít sit too well with Sam, who is frightened of dogs. When she sees her next door neighbor watching her with binoculars, she feels he is a nosey man. Greg hopes his new neighbors will only be in the cottage for a week, he is not happy on people being around him. His little nephew, Tommy and their family live close by but that is different. Usually outsiders can be a bit more troublesome. Once Mauri fires a shotgun at his dog, Casey, it sends him storming over to her cottage for the gun. Her son is terrified of dogs, but Greg informs Casey will not harm anyone unless he feels threatened. All he wants is someone to play with, chasing Frisbees or tossing the ball. After her conversation with Greg, Mauri feels Greg is just as vicious as his dog. She will not give up her gun that is for her protection. After seeing her almost panic attack, Greg knows something is amiss. Sam soon meets Tommy, Gregís nephew and they become best buddies. Greg even teaches Sam not to be afraid of Casey and shows that all the dog wants is a playmate. Greg begins to wonder what could have caused the scar on Mauriís face. He is the first man that Mauri notices doesnít deepen his stare at her disfigurement.

Greg only sees a woman that he begins to feel an attraction he has not felt for any woman in a long time. For years he has forgotten the softness of a woman but Mauriís lavender scent is intoxicating. She is either a mad woman or either a very scared one. He needs to know what torture lies behind those soulful eyes. Her scar reminds her never to trust a manís buttery affections or promises again. She has not forgotten what pain an abusive alcoholic man with a broken beer bottle can inflict on a person. As Mauri and Greg fight their growing attraction, Joe learns of Mauriís location and will not stop until he fulfills his promise to her. With Joe hot on their trail, Mauri wonders if her happiness with a man she has grown to admire will continue to last or be suddenly interrupted.

When I started reading Retreat To Danger, I thought oh wow, a book by Carol McPhee; I am going to love it. Well, I must tell you, I didnít love it, I LOVED it. Once again she has captured a story that takes off flying from the first page and doesnít let go until the dramatic ending. I was swept away with the characters of Mauri and her son, Sam, not to mention Greg. The interaction of Mauri and Greg is wonderfully done. I love their dialogue, their contact and emotions that transcend in the pages. Their facet of bickering then trying to fight their attraction is beautifully created. I love how they clash, only to come up gradually learning more about each other. The reaction of Sam afraid of Casey then Greg demonstrating the friendship to be found in a dog was rather touching. I love the courage of Mauri as she fights to safeguard her and Sam. And the way Greg comes out of his shell to allow his heart to open up to a woman again was heartwarming.

Ms. McPhee molds vibrant and driven characters that leap from the pages. With a secondary cast that offers support to the storyline, this book is filled with intrigue, danger and excitement at every turn. Retreat to Danger held me spellbound. Once I started reading, I couldnít put this page-turner down. Riveting and classy, this is one story that I highly recommend. Thoroughly engaging this read doesnít disappoint. Grab a chair and put your feet up while you wrap yourself in this fantastic read where you can find it at Follow Mauri, Sam and Greg, with his dog, Casey, on an adventure you will never forget.

Sincerely good reading,


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