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Title: Title: Resurrection Author: Sara Reinke

Published by:
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: None Available

Jay Francis is noted for resurrecting the dead. A simple touch of his hand can cause the cold flesh to come back to life. Anyone would no doubt consider this ability a huge blessing but for him it can lend to a curse if not careful. It is a gift that others would love to hold in their possession, not always for good, sometimes for bad. A freak accident immediately calls for his help when a young woman is murdered. It also is a way to fill that emptiness in his life since the death of his beloved wife.

Jay had not meant to run into the hurt body but now his uncanny ability to raise the dead is being summoned to bring her back to life. She needs help and no matter how many setbacks he has been having of late, the brutally murdered woman is too lovely to not assist her in some way. His heart is touched by her appearance. What kind of person would inflict so bad a crime that would leave a woman in a dark stairwell to bleed to death? After finding Jobeth Montgomery he uses his talent. In one touch he brings her back to life only to discover that they are being watched. Now that the watcher has seen that Jay possesses a magic touch, he intends to make it beneficial by observing Jay do it again no matter how many times.

Jobeth Montgomery awakes not realizing where she is. The last thing she remembered was drinking then finding herself inside a darkened stairwell. Now she finds herself in an unfamiliar bed. She flees from the home without looking back, all the time remembering the glistening knife blade and the killer's eyes as he stabbed her over and over. As a victim of a random act of violence she has no idea why she was targeted. She has always been bright, attractive and full of life, so why now does someone wish to destroy her happiness? Some maniac serial killer just decided to take her life and toss it away. Yet now she begins to have feelings of being alone with a man and a wonderful sensation but for some reason she can find no mark on her. Jobeth decides she must find answers.

Paul Frances is Jay's brother and is well aware of how the Watcher operates. He is a homicide investigator and in search of the man who continues to leave his mark with all the killings. After Paul hears about the death of Jo and how she was attacked he is certain it is the markings of the Watcher. He knows how the Watcher likes to stalk out his victims for weeks, sometimes months. Seeing that this is the only way to draw out the Watcher, he decides to use her as bait. He is aware of his brother's certain talent and that the Watcher has witnessed the magnificent act as well. Now it is left up to him to grab the Watcher and put him away for good.

Jay was in thought about his upcoming daughter's birthday and didn't notice that a maintenance sign was put up at the stairwell when he went walking by it. When he grew aware that he was stepping in blood, he knew something was amiss. Leaning back and doing what he did best, he raised the dead. When Jay takes her home to be safe, Jo only wakes unnerved by the condition and flees. But daughter Emma wishes her return; she seems to find comfort with the lovely Jo. When Jo is able to confront Jay, she learns what really happened and is thankful to Jay. Now the two start growing closer. Jay and Jo begin to feel a strong attraction toward each other. Jay feels a void in his life that had been missing since the death of his wife.

Others around begin to see their feelings for each other and one along stands in the wings with a curious desire to learn more about Jay and his touch. In the middle is Paul, Jay's brother who will stop at nothing to catch the sadistic Watcher. The only problem is trying to get Jo to work as a detour to bring down the Watcher who wishes for Jay to continue bringing others to life. Jay never imagined his life so chaotic after saving Jo. But the Watcher must be stopped. Nothing seems right and the Watcher intends on making things go his way. But who the Watcher targets next is the biggest issue and as lives lay in the balance it is only a matter of time before turmoil can finally cease and people can go on with their life.

Resurrection is a fantastic tale. It is loaded in anticipation, romance and in-depth emotion while intertwining with tremendous havoc. The first in the series of stories, it is mesmerizing and totally electrifying. The likeable characters blend in to make a dynamic story unfold. Everyone seems to play a part that is intriguing and holds the readers attention. Emma, Jay and Joe appeared to leap from the pages in this read. The feelings that Paul display, as he tries to get down to the truth of the matter is so realistic making one paranormal tale that is deliciously charming. This story has all the elements that really enhance making this an exhilarating read.

Sara Reinke pens a magnificent tale that is truly remarkable. She develops characters that make everything appear so genuine and instills a great flare of words making the characters pleasant and at times even giving us characters that we love to hate. Her first installment keeps one on the edge of their seat waiting for the next installment. There were moments that seemed so real each time I flipped to the next page. The intensity and sharp writing of Ms. Reinke makes Resurrection a most appealing read that really delivers action and excitement throughout. This is one page-turner that I couldn't put down. Don't waste another minute, be sure to visit today and pick up Resurrection. Be prepared to be astonished and energized.

Sincerely good reading,


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