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Rayvn's Flight

Title: Rayvn's Flight
Author: Patti O'Shea

Published in November 2002 by LoveSpell
Genre: Futuristic
IBSN: 0-505-52516-X

Winner of the PEARL Award for Best New Author

Oh what coward. If her brother, Alex, could see her now, he would be so ashamed. First, the whole Colonization Assessment Team was killed right under her nose, and she did nothing. Then the leader of the Spec Ops team found her under her bunk. Then all of his men were killed too. Now there are just the two of them left on Jarved Nine, and the hope of rescue is weeks away. The thoughts that pounded through Rayvn Verdier were full of self-recrimination and self-loathing. Her brother had trained her far better than any of the training that the CAT members received, and she did nothing to protect them.

She felt Very much like an unworthy burden. Yeah, she could pull her own weight, but how long before the danger returned and she crumbled into uselessness again? How long until her fear caused her to fail Captain Brody? For eight months everything was going well, but now the rest of the team is dead. The horrible nightmares won't stop, and they are draining any strength she might have possessed. It is just she and Captain Brody alone on this planet, and not only is she battered by fear, but also by this compulsive attraction to her rescuer. But then, maybe they are not totally alone. After all, there is a killer stalking them.

Damon Brody is a survivor. A highly trained member of the Alliance's elite Special Operations, he is a soldier of impeccable reputation. He has been well trained and disciplined. Through all the battles he has been in he has never faced, or been prepared for what he has found here. The distress beacon called him and his men from the far side of Jarved Nine, but they were too late. Nineteen members of the CAT project are dead, brutally murdered and mutilated. One lone female has survived. Making matters much worse, his men are gone too, murdered just like the CAT team.

Complicating matters even more, he is starting to feel a very unsettling attraction for the survivor, Rayvn. He needs to protect her, to keep them both safe and alive until help can arrive from Earth...that help may be a minimum of at least three weeks away. Three weeks, and then only if Earth heard the emergency beacon. He doesn't need any emotional entanglements now, or ever. He isn't a trustworthy person, he's made too many bad decisions in the past, and the guilt weighs heavily on his conscience. The Old City is their best bet for safety and he is determined to get them there. What he doesn't understand is this feeling, this compulsion, to get to the Old City. He doesn't understand the strange dreams either...

Welcome to the world of Patti O'Shea. Earth has been in a global struggle and has been divided into two factions, who seem to fight at the drop of a hat. The military is under funded, and has taken to space to try to find advanced technology to finally win the wars, and they use the civilian colonization teams as their cover. For those of us who enjoy futuristic romance, you will find Rayvn's Flight to be a top notch read. Patti has built a world of exceptional beauty and hidden within it an evil so monstrous that it could wipe out a whole civilization. Now she brings two people from Earth together, survivors of a massacre, who are the only hope for this beautiful planet, and each struggling with personal secrets and insecurities.

As Rayvn and Damon struggle to survive, Rayvn's brother, Alex, is leading a rescue mission from Earth. What he finds along the way with Rayvn's best friend, Stacy, is special and when he gets to the planet, J-9 is not what he expected. Rayvn's Flight is a remarkable book that will keep you on your toes, and touch your heart. It is actually a trio of romances, two that are spawned from the current circumstances, and one from an ancient past on Jarved 9. The secret is a link hidden in the hearts of those involved, and you really must go on Rayvn's Flight , a November, 2002 release from Dorchester to get the answers. I'm sure you won't be disappointed in this Dorchester "must buy"!

Yours in good reading,


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