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Title: Raine: The Lords of Satyr
Author: Elizabeth Amber

Published in February 2008 by Kensington Aphrodisia
Genre: Historical/Paranormal
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2040-0, ebook

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At the command of King Feydon, ruler of the Fey realm, A Satyr son must marry one of his majesty’s half fey half human daughters; a task that will not be done in earnest since this Satyr’s first marriage ended poorly. As for the King’s daughter, she yearns for a broad-minded man who can love a woman with unusual…attributes. Hopefully between the two an equitable agreement can be had, ensuring a long life filled with happiness.

Second in line by birth, Lord Raine Satyr must begin his search for a wifemate. King Feydon leaves no clue where to find his daughters in the vast world. Raine just hopes the woman doesn’t run screaming mad after discovering his family’s penchant for unscrupulous sexual activities. Her being half fey offers some “understanding” towards his fetishes, and only if she was raised to embrace her fairy skills. Either way, Raine will perform his duty to the King but his heart will not suffer like in his first marriage. He will keep it safely tucked away from the affects of love. Wedding bells are closer then he imagined. While attending a wine grape seminar in Venice, he accidentally comes upon a medical review of a living “La Maschera”… a hermaphrodite. And to Raine’s surprise, his wifemate.

A reoccurring dream comes to Jordan in three parts: first is a brown rabbit with long ears, second on her thigh are three droplets of blood, and then the third is seven ribbons in colors of the rainbow. Jordan can only surmise the dream foretells a promise of safety and happiness. For a week the dream visits her, though no closer to its coming to pass. Since birth Jordan is subjected to medical and scientific probing of her body, internally and externally, because of her dual sexuality. Every year on her birthday, she is owned by Salerno, the doctor who attended her birth. He keeps her secret so her mother may claim Jordan’s dead father’s estate; posing as his only living son. When in Salerno’s custody, he has free reign over Jordan’s body for a full twenty-four hours. He invites many scientific and medical professionals to attend his “learning” presentation. It is during one such educational seminar Jordan encounters the man who will give her the life she so deeply craves.

Engaging and enjoyable story, Raine: Lord of Satyr Book 2 continues the Lords of Satyr trilogy. Struggling to retain what little worthiness and self-respect she has left, Jordan battles wits with gracious humor as Salerno continuously treats her like a specialized lab rat. He suggests that Jordan mate with both a male and female, to see if she be impregnated and can impregnate another. At her refusal to perform like a whore for medical science, the group of men prepares to examine her internally for a uterus. Prompted by this final disgrace Jordan escapes from Salerno for good, wearing only a man’s cloak and boots. On the seedy streets of Venice Jordan literally runs into her rescuer. Still carrying an arousal for the hermaphrodite, Raine whiffs fairy essences exploding around him after someone slams into him from behind. With a cold he still can smell out fey spirits but is uncertain whether she is his intended so invites her back to his hotel. Once in his room, Raine plans to take her to Satyr Vineyards where, given time, he can make certain she is one of King Feydon’s daughters.

Ms. Amber’s characters are rich in personality with vivid presence. The bastard son of Lord Marcus Satyr, Raine comes to live on the estate when just thirteen; now disowned by the man who reared him all those years before. Under his real father’s tutelage he adapts to the Satyr’s heritage; the magical being who protects a portal between the human world and the fey realm. Jordan brings her own intriguing magic to the story as a person with dual sexuality that pulls her into different directions. She longs to feel the love of a man as a woman, but feels the desirous pull of a man’s need. With similar life hardships, Raine and Jordan’s independent, sturdy personalities butt heads more times then not. But under the uncertainty lies the truth of their need – to be loved unconditionally though accepted for their uniqueness.

The sex is highly erotic and captivating as the two lovers, while on Satyr soil, enjoy vigorous bed sports satisfying their insatiable hungers. Adding some turmoil is Raine’s refusal to copulate during the Moonful; a time when he can bear children. He wishes to not bring children into the world, avoiding the terrible fate he has endured. However, another group of fey brothers, aware of the Satyr’s and their moon phase practices, have other plans for Jordan. They intend to use her in bringing ruin to the Satyr brothers which includes aiding an unimpeded crossing into the Earthworld so they may wreak havoc. Another menace lurks outside the Satyr lands…Salerno knows she resides with Raine so waits patiently for his opportunity to kidnap and return Jordan to Venice. The prospect comes sooner then even he expected.

Ms. Amber thrills and entertains her readers with an engaging story. In Raine: Lord of Satyr Book 2, she masterfully illustrates the wine making process, even making it appear sexy, which adds to the overall charismatic and interesting quality of the story. Even with the creative liberties the phylloxera outbreak spoken about is well presented, beautifully merged within this period piece. More intrigue thrives in this second of a three book series as secondary villains like the Bishop, a clergyman who lives in a surrounding village outside of the Satyr’s land, seriously desires Raine. His jealousy of Raine’s attraction to Jordan reinforces his madness, from syphilis, that has him making deadly choices in those he associates with. Then with the death of her mother, Jordan’s life becomes more valuable to Salerno, where will do anything, even committing murder, to ensure that his luxurious lifestyle and prestigious career continues.

Published through Kensington Aphrodisia, Nicholas: Lords of Satyr Book 1 opens this trilogy, whereas Lyon: The Lords of Satyr Book 3, scheduled for release in late 2008 is its final installment. Though all three may be read independently, to this reader the experience was more enjoyable when reading them sequentially.

A Dedicated Reader,

Pamela Jenewein

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