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Prince Charming and his Ladies in Waiting

Title: Prince Charming and his Ladies in Waiting
Author: Vivi Anna

Published in 2004 by New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Fantasy – Erotica – Romance
ISBN: None assigned

Prince Edward “Jack” Constance III is not known as Prince Charming for nothing. This handsome and noble man can charm the pants off an Eskimo in the middle of a blizzard. A potentially great ruler, and some say quite the dancer, he has one flaw. He has a weakness for women. He can’t help himself; he loves them; he adores them; he cherishes them. His weakness has the potential to put him in a rather sticky situation.

Whilst awaiting the meeting of his betrothed, Prince Charming adds another to his list of clandestine affaires. The total is now three—three of the loveliest women in the kingdom. Each believes themselves to be “the one”. Each has fallen in love with the likeable rogue. And each are devastated when they learn of their Prince’s infidelity. How is he going to extricate himself from this tangled web of his own creation?

When her father died when she was just a child, allowing her stepmother to quickly take over his house, his fortunes, and his daughter, Cinda Rella’s life of riches and bounty was quickly converted into one of service and drudgery. She learnt quickly not to draw the displeasure of the witch she had the misfortune of calling “stepmother”, being the epitome of discretion and stealth. These two characteristics enabled her to get what she wanted.

Cinda Rella first met Prince Charming at the grand ball devised for him to choose a bride from the many hopefuls. Her entrance was nothing short of spectacular. She had stood as the top of the stairs in a glorious blue gown, her long, blonde, silky hair swept up off her shoulders, and her feet encased in dainty glass slippers. She was a vision to behold. At the stroke of midnight she had disappeared, only to be discovered comfortably tucked under silky sheets when the Prince returned to his bedchamber. Discovering her love’s infidelity has her more than enraged…

Beware the wrath of a woman scorned. A cliché? Yes, and one that applies to Cinda Rella, except she hasn’t really been given her marching orders. Cinda Rella does not like sharing her man, and she’s out to teach him a lesson. And as for Prince Charming? Does he get his punishment or his dream? You will never guess how he gets out of this pickle!

Prince Charming and his Ladies in Wanting is a very unique twist on a much beloved fairytale. Vivi Anna has once again shown how unique her imagination is with this offering from New Concepts Publishing. Readers should be aware that there is some BD/SM in this book, which makes this suitable for only a select few. Available now, Prince Charming and his Ladies in Wanting will ensure that you will never view this age-old love story in the same light again


Tanya Blake

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