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Prairie Peace

Title: Prairie Peace
Author: Ginger Simpson

Published in June 2003 by Wings ePress
Genre: Historical
IBSN: 1-59088-175-3

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He was tall, dark, and handsome, and when Cecile Palmer first set eyes on Walt Williams, it was love at first sight. The auburn-haired, green-eyed beauty is literally tripping over herself when they first meet. The feeling is mutual, and Cecile soon finds herself married, "shotgun" style to the man of her dreams, and on her way to a whole new life. She finds herself at the mercy of the prairie, its harsh climate, and the hard work to get the old homestead that he bought in shape for the winter. The work is hard, but life is a new adventure for her. She is the spoiled, pampered, and very inexperienced daughter of the town banker, and quite unprepared for the life she now finds herself in on the prairie. She is, however, undaunted. She was well raised, but spoiled. Her mother did teach her responsibility, and so she looks for, and finds the best that the new life has to offer. All through the verdant spring, and into the long and very hot summer, Cecile and Walt worked to make the tumble down farm home. Their closest neighbors were five hours away by wagon, and Cecile realized how alone she was, how far from home, town, and the sense of community and comfort a town gave her.

All of this hit her brutally hard that fall, when Walt goes to town, a journey of several days either way, and leaves her alone to care for the burgeoning farm. They have no real choice, the supplies have to be gotten, brought back to the farm and stored. The house had to be repaired and winterized before the harsh prairie winter began. They needed to stock away foodstuffs. The winter grain for the animals needed to be purchased to see them through as this first summer had been preparing the farm for the first crop in the next year, and picking up the seed for the crops in the spring was a must. Cecile has never been so alone, never been so frightened, and when she becomes ill, she realizes just how precarious her situation could be if Walt does not return. The days pass, and as she gets her life into a routine, her worry mounts and multiplies. She is still ill, and now suspects she is pregnant. Even as busy as she keeps herself, she can't help but miss Walt terribly. The days creep by, and although she knows she can not rush time, nor cut miles form his journey, she is anxious. Finally the day approaches for him to be home, but he doesn't come. And when the door does finally open.....

The man who literally falls through the door is definitely surprised to see the woman standing there. Her green eyes are wide with fear, but he cannot worry about that now. Where once he sought only protection, it is possible he has found help. The last he knew, the old shack on the farmstead was empty, and that is why Lone Eagle heads for the deserted farm. It is the only shelter he knows of that is fairly close, when he is wounded and left for dead. In an attempt to help a white man who had been attacked, he suffered a stab wound to his shoulder. The wound needs care badly, but he is vulnerable, and needing shelter quickly. He is wise in the ways of the plains, so he pushes himself almost beyond endurance. Dusty, thirsty, and hurt, he stumbles into the deserted shack, only to find he is not alone as he thought. The woman looks ready to scream, but the room spins, and Lone Eagle does something that no Sioux warrior worth his weight would ever admit to doing. He passes out.

Lone Eagle's wound is treated by the woman who he calls Green Eyes, and as the days pass, he learns that the man he was trying to help may have been her husband. They do not know what happened to him, but Lone Eagle realizes that the woman does not have supplies wrought to last much longer, let alone for the whole winter. What kind of a warrior would he be to let a woman like Green Eyes to die in the little house on the plains? He would have no honour, and Lone Eagle couldn't be such a man. Even at that, he comes to a disturbing conclusion, that he is in love for the first time. Little Rabbit held a special place in his heart, and he had looked forward to their joining before the white man's illness took her from him. However, Green Eyes stirred something greater, and much deeper inside him, and it drives him to see to her safety. He is surprised when she accepts his decision to take her to the winter home of his tribe. He knows she is apprehensive, but as they journey to the mountains, they learn more about each other, and he tries to tell his Green Eyes what to expect when they reach his home. He knows of the child she carries, and he lets her know that he will accept it as his own. He hopes that that will work in his favour, because he really wants Green Eyes to consent to be his mate...

Welcome to the world of Ginger Simpson, and welcome to a story of love lost, love found, and the heartache and triumphs of life on the prairies of 1800's America. The ways of life were harsh, but the beauty and the promise of the land drew many settlers. Walt was no different, for he was a man of dreams, and had the methods to see them through. Cecile was the love of his life, and she was his ideal mate, and though poorly prepared for life alone with a husband, she determined to learn, and so they set out to start a new life together. That new life starts out hard but good, until Walt fails to return. Cecile is faced with the prospect that he may never return, and that face is brought home quickly and suddenly. The appearance of the Indian, Lone Eagle, drives home the vulnerability that she has felt, and she now must turn to him for safety.

Ginger takes us into the life of a young woman faced with many hard decisions that she is unaccustomed to making for herself. Prairie Peace is the story of her decisions, and how she deals with the results. Cecile is an adaptable person, and although raised in a home of comparative wealth and privilege, is spoiled, but not selfish. She realizes that life is what you make it, and is willing to face the consequences. That fact alone, allows her to survive where many others would not. Prairie Peace is the chronicle of her journey, her losses her loves, and the realization that the husband of her white marriage may not have been killed. It is above all the story of her adaptability to the situations that complicate her life, and the devotion to her ideals and dreams. It is the story of how she deals with the vagaries that life throws her way, and the courage that she needs to face the trials and hardships. The ultimate decision she makes is the one that will finally bring her to her Prairie Peace. The book is out now, a June release, and you should look for it at Wings ePress, Prairie Peace by Ginger Simpson. It is a story that you will not forget, and I have it on good authority that a sequel will be out in the near future. Hopefully it will be as good as Prairie Peace.

Yours in good reading,


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