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Persephone's Wings

Title:: Persephone’s Wings
Author: Sahara Kelly

Published in 2002 By Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Erotic Fantasy
ISBN: 1-84360-459-0

The day really has started on the wrong foot for her, and it was not even ten o’clock. The problem is that she cannot hold a permanent job, and this last one was just another example of her ever-present dilemma. Persephone Jones is just too good at that she does, and once again, after barely a month, she is once again out on her ear due to extraordinary organizational skills. She would love to know why they couldn’t keep her on, it is not that she doesn’t enjoy the challenges she finds, but the constant moving to new offices really grows old. What she really wants is a job where she will be there long enough to make a few friends, to share in the office jokes, and to be a part of something for a change. Today is a perfect example. It is her birthday, and she has nowhere to go, and no one to share it with except her cat, Pat, and he isn’t talking. There was a card the other day, with ten dollars in it from her parents, but that doesn’t really go far. They are happy where they are and have little time for her anyway. She might as well have a really good pity party and do it right.

The refrigerator holds a cupcake, a bit dried up, but so what? It is the best that she can do, and she really doesn’t have the energy to go out. For heavens sake, she has the whole day ahead of her, and nothing to do. So much for hoping that this day would be different, this job one she could keep. Well, maybe some day, but for now, she would light the candle and celebrate her lonely birthday with her unusual cat. Pat had adopted her sometime ago, coming in her window, and making himself at home. The feline was unusual, and she had no idea why he had a fetish for her lingerie. She caught him curled up on her underwear, licking the lace of her bra and having a really good time. He is company for her, and although she might wish for human companionship, he as been a staunch ally and friend, always someone to come home to, and that was a big plus. He did fill a void in her life, but she was sure that somewhere there was something more, something better. If only she could find it…

The man seems insufferable to Cobweb, he knows it, and just shrugs it off. The truth is he tries very hard to ignore her weepy self. But then he knows he is demanding, so what can you expect. She enjoys being the weeping faerie so working for him, Thorne Leatherfly, is enough to keep her crying for eternity. He knows that he is bad tempered and has been even more so lately, but the website is not manageable as it is, and he want a manager who can run it right, and make things go smoothly. He depends on his personnel, and right now he just doesn’t have what he needs. He really needs someone like Persephone Jones, and he cannot wait till she gets here. He has scouted for a long time now, and he has been watching her carefully since he became aware of her. Now the time has come to claim her, and just maybe his office, and all the things they manage will run smoothly. If he can transfer Cobweb, and install Persephone as his number one gal, just maybe he can focus on other pursuits.

His life has been very dull lately, he needs to relax, he needs to recreate, he needs to have some casual sex, but all of that has escaped him. The business of managing faerie affairs is draining on him, and with no competent help, it has left him edgy, irritable, and downright mean. He can’t remember when he last really enjoyed himself, and he even found his sex drive lagging. If he didn’t do something really fast, things were not goingto be good for anyone. He hopes orientation goes quickly, and he hopes that Persephone will stay. There are too many complications in his life right now, and the only way to solve them id to get someone in who can grab the reins, and straighten out the mess that all the incompetents have made of his office. Sometimes Thorne feels that being himself is quite a trial, and just recently he has felt that life is really passing him by. The life that he wants seems beyond even his reach, and although he does have King Oberon’s and Queen Titania’s trust, and friendship, there is definitely something lacking in his life. Ah well, he would see about possible fixes for himself one he got Persephone working…

Oh Dear! Sahara Kelly had hits before, but in Persephone’s Wings, she has taken William Shakespeare to task, and produced a comedy/romance that would leave even the bard himself blushing. Taking a very modern and a very erotic twist on the tale, Sahara has taken the characters back to fairyland, and added in a modern problem or two. One down and out recently fired office efficiency expert, and one Faerie with a horribly inefficient office leads to high jinx in more ways than one. What Thorn is not truly prepared for is Persephone Jones in person, and the effect that she has on him is devastating. He thought he was in trouble before, well, it is nothing compared to now. The biggest problem he has is trying to remember that Persephone may not want to stay. The biggest problem that Persephone has is trying to get her newfound wings to grow enough for a mating flight.

Well, with SEX as the key to wing growth, Persephone sets out to win her wings and Thorne Leatherfly too. The problem she has to overcome in order to mate Thorne is her rather ample bust. To perform well in a mating flight, she will need one humungous set of wings. You will LOVE the cast of characters in this book, from the gnomes and faeries, to the fanciful land where they dwell. I suggest that you all take a trip on the wild side of Faerie, and try Sahara’s book, Persephone’s Wings. If you wondered about who Puck really was, he is a gnome whose name William Shakespeare butchered, to hear him tell the story. As for the rest, Oberon and Titania are quite well and everything is as well as can be expected in a land where free love reigns and casual sex is a way of life. Persephone’s Wings is a wonderfully titillating romp through a terrific imagination, and you really must read it to find out how Persephone gets her wings. Hurry over to Ellora’s Cave, and pick up a copy of Persephone’s Wings today.

Yours in good reading,


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