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Pack Challenge

Title: Pack Challenge
Author: Shelly Laurenston

Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifter
Published in April 2006 by Samhain Publishing.

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Zach has been sent to watch out for Sara. He knows it’s a bum job given to him by his Alpha’s mate to keep him busy so that he can’t challenge for pack leadership. Sara’s father was a werewolf from the Magnus Pack, which automatically makes Sara a member of the pack as well. Her mother was murdered after she was in a fight where she killed the Alpha of the Withell Pride. Sara’s father then took her away in an attempt to hide them. As they fled, he was killed and Sara was seriously wounded. Instead of staying with her pack, Sara’s grandmother took her away, and hid the truth of what she was from her. Now the Withell Pride has found Sara and is determined to kill her. When they meet, Sara has had a little too much to drink and after Zach saves her from members of the Withell Pride, she practically attacks him calling him “her pretty man,” feels him up and kisses him like there’s no tomorrow.

Sara’s grandmother was a cold and unloving woman, determined to never give in to the beast inside. She never changed into wolf form, kept Sara from ever finding out the truth and threatened to kill anyone who did. Lynette had great plans for Sara’s mother and Kylie greatly disappointed her when she mated with Sara’s father, and left the life her mother had decided on for her. After Sara’s father’s death she took Sara from the pack and refused to let any of them around her again. Sara has lived in a town where half the population is werewolf and has never known. The whole town both werewolf and human thought Lynette was a crazy woman and were afraid to get on her bad side. In fact, after she died, Sara had to return several things to the government such as an M-16 and various other weapons. Now that Lynette is dead, the Withell Pride is determined to get rid of Sara, once and for all.

Zach has absolutely no desire for a mate. However, from the moment he meets Sara something about her tells him that he may have to change his thinking. Sara for her part has determined that Zach is on “The List” which she and her two friends Miki and Angelina have made up, which lists the types of men considered off limits. Regardless, Zach’s determined that he’s going to have Sara but he’s still unsure about this mate business. Before long he decides that she will be his, whether she likes it or not.

Complications arise because Sara is unaware of her true heritage and has never changed into wolf form before. She’s starting to feel different but doesn’t understand where all this newfound aggression is coming from. Her aggression is causing her to get into serious trouble, trouble that Zach has to get her out of. Add to this the Withell Pride’s attempts to kill her, the Alpha’s female’s desire to keep Sara from taking her place, and Zach’s best friend Conall’s desire for Miki, and you have an engrossing story that grabs you and leaves you waiting for more when it’s over. Sara and her two best friends, Miki and Angelina (who are human) have a unique and wonderful friendship. They are three completely different women who have no idea that with Zach’s arrival in town, life as they know it is about to change. Miki is the brain-child who was banned from Internet access due to her hacker abilities and has a killer smart mouth. Angelina is the feminine one who always looks perfect and yuck, likes cats! Miki and Angelina fight constantly with Sara stuck in the middle, especially since the majority of their fights are about what they think Sara should do, which leads to more than one hilarious situation. Once Sara realizes who and what she is and decides that Zach is her mate, she sets out to become the Alpha female and take her place in the pack with Zach at her side.

Zach and Sara set the tone for what is obviously going to be a trilogy with stories about all three best friends. Pack Challenge went from setting my screen on fire with sensual love scenes to making me laugh out loud with the craziness of true friendship between Sara, Miki and Angelina. I found myself routing for Sara to take her place within her Pack and with her mate. I loved the way in which Shelly Laurentson described the differences between the Packs and the Prides. Wolves tend to be rougher, dress very causally and love to ride motorcycles, while Cats are very GQ, have perfect hair and drive luxury automobiles.

Shelly Laurentson has written a winner of book where the only complaint I had was that it had to end. It is a wonderful story that grabs you from the first page and keeps you totally engrossed in Zach, Sara and the pack. The humor in this book was exceptional. I found myself laughing out loud at the friendship between Sara, Miki and Angelina along with Sara and Zach’s attempts to accept each other as mates and Conall’s attempts to get Miki to notice him. The second book of this series “Go Fetch” which is Miki and Conall’s story is sure to be a winner like this one.

Wishing you good books always,

Melissa Nix

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