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Title: One With The Night
Author: Susan Squires

Published in April 2007 by St. Martin's Press
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 0-312-94102-1

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It is a strange surprise which greets Callan McKinney when he gets to Muir Farm in the Highlands of Scotland. In a land known for its tall mountains, heather covered meadows, and deep lochs, there are many things he might think to find, but not one of his own kind. Not living among others in relative peace, and not with the very man he is seeking. Callan is looking for a cure for his condition, a way to become human again. The doctor reputedly has such a cure, or knowledge of the way to obtain such a cure. Here in the Highlands of Scotland, there is hope for him and it has kept him going. Many are pleased with their transformation, but Callan is not one of them. He misses being human, the daylight, the love of a woman, the freedom from the ever driving hunger that burns within him. Wanting and having are two different things, and yet Callan has heard the possibility a cure does exist, and it all started with a Doctor Blundell who got a hold of Ian Rufford’s blood when Ian was convinced he could be cured of his “affliction” and sought the preeminent doctor’s help.

He has followed the hints, the man who was disgraced because he wasn’t believed, and yet Callan is almost certain this is why he was spared. When all most all of the others of Asharti’s Army were destroyed, he and a few others were left to their own devices. Callan is determined to get the cure, to make sure he gets his life back. It is what he now lives with, for, and becoming human again has been his most ardent desire. His companion, however, has different goals in mind as do the “monks” from the Mirso Monastery. There are others like Callan out there, and although Asharti is gone, there are still plenty like her who would do almost anything to keep a cure from being found. What Callan is not prepared for the the reason Blundell is so intent on finding a cure. When he meets Blundell’s daughter, Jane, all things are made clear, as is the danger the three of them are in now. Callan’s thoughts are proven correct when Elyta Zaroff shows up with Brother Flavio, one of the monks from Mirso. You see, Callan knows Elyta very well because she is cut from the same cloth as Asharti was, cruel, vicious, and determined to enslave him as Asharti did for so long before Ian Rufford destroyed her…

Jane Blundell is an innocent. Caught in a trap of circumstance, she was converted when a broken vial containing remnants of Ian Rufford’s blood pierced her skin, and the Companion entered her bloodstream. She could have perished, but her father was able to keep her alive. Seeing how is daughter suffered, Blundell has been even more anxious to find the cure, and at the same time, Jane knows he hesitates because he doesn’t want to use her as a guinea pig for his experiments. When Callan Kilkenny appears on the farm, saving her father from a murder attempt and offering to be Blundell’s test subject, Jane is confused. Her senses tell her Callan is different in more ways than by his actions alone, and her thoughts are quickly becoming a jumbled mess. She doesn’t want anything to happen to Callan, and she fears for his life because of her father’s experiments to find a cure. At the same time, she is curious about what she has become, and why it has happened to her. Callan holds many of the answers for her as well as her father, and Jane is determined to get them all, and come to a full understanding of her condition if it is at all possible.

What Jane is not expecting, and cannot possibly understand, is the danger posed to her and her father in the persons of Elyta Zaroff and Brother Flavio. When they show up at the farm offering to fund the search for a cure and provide all her father needs, Jane is thrilled. She is prepared to do whatever she can to facilitate her father’s work, and to procure the cure for Callan and for herself. At the same time, Jane is torn by what she sees in Callan, and in his responses to Elyta and Brother Flavio. She doesn’t understand the dynamics of the relationship, nor can see see what Elyta sees in Callan, and knows about him and his maker. She knows she has been sheltered by her father, and now by Callan, and although she resents it in a way, she does feel safer in his presence than with Elyta and Brother Flavio. Little does Jane suspect her life, and that of her new friend and lover Callan Kilkenney hangs in the balance. Jane has been spared much of the history of their kind, and in some ways, her ignorance is her salvation…or is it?

For Jane and Callan, the end is only a beginning. And for the readers, once again Susan Squires has us riding the dark edg of ecstasy and revenge, love and hate, and the darkness that truly lives in some souls. Callan is, after all, Asharti’s child, and Elyta Zaroff recognizes him as such. The marks Asharti left on him tell a tale she is very willing to relive with him for she has learned the fine points of control from Asharti, and taught Asharti some of the tricks she learned as well. She doesn’t expect Jane, her hold on Callan, or the forces arrayed against her when her deceptions are discovered. Angered to the point of carelessness, Elyta’s desperations shows to not only Jane, but to Brother Flavio as well. Although he has been unaware of Elyta’s motives, he becomes resigned to the fact she is not who or what she pretended, and only knows he has to get her sequestered at Mirso as soon as possible. As the danger increases, Jane and Callan find themselves trapped in Elyta’s net, with the unsuspecting Brother Flavio having played an unwitting part in her “danse macabre.” For Jane and Callan, the only hope is to trust each other, and to remain strong enough not only squash Elyta’s plans, but also to save themselves as well as Brother Flavio.

Susan has made Callan's journey to find the rumoured cure into a serious adventure. Mirso will do all to prevent this from happening, even if it means killing innocents. Little do Callan and Jane know what Susan has in store for them when she drops an out of control and wholly evil Elyta Zaroff into their path. She is every bit as cruel and evil as Asharti ever was, and taught Asharti many of her tricks. Worse still, she knows Asharti had Callan in her clutches before. One With The Night goes beyond the bounds of polite romance, and definitely dances on the edge of eroticism's torturous dark side, and the dark and deadly world of the vampires of Mirso. Being a lover and a huge fan of Susan Squires writing, I urge you all to put One With The Night on your to buy list. Erotic, sexy, downright dangerous, and darkly romantic, I read it through in one sitting. I truly could not put the book down, and have read it many times already. One With The Night, a book you will NOT want to miss, for it is on your favourite bookstores shelves now. Look for it on Amazon, and order it today! Remember, the blood is the life!

Yours in good reading,


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