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Title: One Foot Forward
Author: Rose Middleton

Published in 2006 by Linden Bay Romances
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic
ISBN: 1-905393-45-8

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Molly Keating has always been a competitive runner. In less than a few weeks she was all set to compete in the biggest race in the Commonwealth games until a devastating automobile accident almost kills her. The accident was so intense she never imagined getting out of the car alive. Out of nowhere a ten tonne truck ran over her car and mangled it along with her lower left leg. Left severely injured from the accident, she was lucky to be saved by Mick, a fire-fighter. Unfortunately she has never found the appropriate words to thank him for saving her life. After all these years she feels it has been too long in the making and she sets it in her mind to correct the matter.

Two terrible years has passed since Molly has been through operation upon operation until she felt comfortable with the prosthetic limb. The automobile accident was one that she never forgot, the long suffering pain of lying there in her mangled car unable to free herself. She had been on her way to the gym when it all happened, in just a matter of seconds her career was over. She had come close to death but thanks to Mick Knight he rescued her and for that she was always thankful but unable to fully express how much. When she hears about an upcoming charity fundraiser and Mick is up for auction she decides to offer her bid. His soft words of comfort during her trials had been most comforting and she never forgot his voice. Perhaps a night of dinner will help her extend her most sincere thank you. Her only problem is she lost a leg in the accident, her running career and doesnít quite feel like an attractive woman even after two years. Gathering her courage she decides the only way to make it happen is to attend the fundraiser.

Mick Knight was there when he pulled Molly out of the car wreck. He remembers her strength, her bravery and how she lost her leg. He recalls how calm she had been during the wreck when he reached out to offer assistance. He hasnít been able to forget anything about her nor the fact how he had just lost his dear father the year prior to Mollyís accident. He is overjoyed to see her again. She has been one woman that he has had trouble removing from his memory but there is something missing in her lovely eyes and he intends to put those shining sparks back.

Mick followed in his fatherís steps even though he saw the risk his father always took. It was something that he wanted to do. He also understood with his hours and his perilous danger that relationships sometimes didnít happen. When his friend offers him in a bachelor auction, Mick isnít happy about the event until he sees who has purchased him. Molly has been one woman that has never left his memory, his mind in all the years. As she spends time with Molly, he finds himself slowly falling in love with her. The only concern he has is the way she seems despondent since the accident and he intends to make her come alive with each passing day and give her back that glow she had when he sheltered her the day of the accident.

Mick is full of charm and loaded in sex appeal. A man that any woman would love to be around but since Mollyís accident she feels that being with a man of that calibre is completely out of her league. She is happy when she sees him again at a fundraiser and feels a deep attraction for him. Molly is trying to recover from an injury while Mickís spirit gives him a bit of trouble. When she buys him at the bachelor auction they two find a bond between them that is hard to break as love begins to blossom for the two. In time Mick and Molly form a heated desire that heats with intensity. Mick is left wondering if he can have a life with Molly while still keeping his career in tact. The passion is swift and heated and leaves Molly wondering if she could be happily married to a fire-fighter and risk the thought of losing Mick in a single second. The two must make a decision if spending what time they have together is worth all the risk as Mick tries to forget how his father left his mother a widow, something that he would never wish to leave Molly. Are a few moments of time spend with each other more important than worrying what the next step will bring for the two?

One Foot Forward is a terrific story. It is awe-inspiring while showing valor, bravery and true love throughout Molly and Mickís journey. Mollyís character exhibits tremendous strength and shows how she uses her mishap to reach others in the same situation. Mick has suffered through the loss of his firefighter father while seeing what it did to his mother throughout their marriage and fears to commit to any relationship until he meets Molly then the wheels of his heart begin spinning and he wonders could he have the best of both worlds. The story is heart tugging, genuine, and holds the readers attention. The well-developed secondary characters blend in to make this a most riveting read that really weaves with great creativity.

Ms. Middleton pens a page-turner that is extremely hard to stop reading and it continues to grab after the last page. Her refreshing characters are believable with real emotions and fears that draw the reader completely into the story. She made Molly come to life when she lost her leg and the after effects surrounding her feelings throughout it all, even down to her emotions of being with the opposite sex. Ms. Middleton puts herself into the story in every sense even to the way some men treated Molly with her disfigurement. She allows Mick and Molly to have some tender sensual scenes that are truly romantic. Ms. Middleton has taken a sweet tender story that truly excels in everything. She is a very gifted storyteller that blends a remarkable read that should not be missed. It is breathless and most definitely a keeper always. If you have not read this magnificent book then you are in for a treat. Be sure to get a copy at Linden Bay Romances where your heart will melt and incredible joy will abound in this extraordinary read.

Sincerely good reading,


Rose Middleton  Review

Rose Middleton's Linden Bay Romances

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