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Nostos The Homecoming by Nancy Barone-Wythe

Title: Nostos: The Homecoming
Author: Nancy Barone Wythe

Published in July 2010 by Solstice Publishing
Genre: Horror/Paranormal Romance

Cover Artist: Dara England

Other Books by Nancy: The Sicilian Stranger, Sicilian Blood, Sicilian Devil In The Sand, Designs on You

"Robyn awoke in a sweat with the images of the nightmare imprinted in her mind. Her chest ached as if the demon had ripped her own heart out. Damn case.

An airline hostess attended to someone at the front of the quiet, dimly lit craft. Robyn squinted at the wristwatch she never took off. It was still midnight in the U.S, but to the east, the sky was stretching thin, bleeding into a thick crimson.

She was on a red-eye flight to England where another blood-filled killing dawn had cracked."

Special Agent Robyn Wainright has a job to do. She is good at her work, and it is not catering or kowtowing to the local nobility, especially when he is a prime suspect. Cool, calculating, and arrogant, are the three traits Robyn hates most in a man, yet this man, this Lord Westlake has an over-abundance of all three. All she can do is heave a huge sigh and try to get this job, this horrendous murder case wrapped and get home to her humdrum life. Yeah, that is the truth as she knows it. She just broke up with her last boyfriend, and that was not pleasant. Men are not a commodity she finds easy to deal with in bed or out, and most times she is thoroughly put off by them. Aidan Hartland is one of the most annoying she has ever met, and she doesn't want to spend more time near him than she has to get the current job done, and a “Case Solved” in bold red on the folder's front. Now this bold and arrogant lord has informed Robyn that they are destined to belong together, and it is the last thing she wants to hear.

Aidan, Lord Westlake keeps babbling on about demons and death, and fighting to save mankind, and she will remember, and on and on ad nauseum. She is unsure of what she is facing, but she is skeptical when it comes to the so-called “paranormal activities” others harp on and fear. For Lord Westlake to claim they are immortal is bull, and she is not buying into it. That is not to say she is not grateful for her life, for he and his cats DID save her from being mauled by the ugly and foul whateveritwas, but that mutant thing is far from paranormal, and she is not certain she didn’t hallucinate. After all, she was upset, and being slightly tipsy, she is sure her mind was playing tricks on her. The creature she thought she saw could not possibly exist. She now had a greater respect for the things people thought they saw then terrified for their lives. Robyn had experienced how her own mind had reacted to an attack…

Feelings of exultation bubbled up in Lord Aidan Hartland of Westlake because she has returned! He has loved her for a thousand years, and living without her is sheer torture. But she is back, and this time in the guise of s very sexy Agent for the American FBI. The incarnations are sheer hell until she comes back, but they have been lucky so far and have reunited in each life, loved in each life, and shared in the protection of mankind. Once again they must join forces, but his love is not yet aware of her past. It is valuable time wasted, but Aidan has no doubt she will remember, and they will love again and hopefully this time defeat Zendor once and for all time. It is getting wearying to have only lifetimes filled with danger, and just one time, Aidan would like to experience a live without the threat of Zendor's mad fits of killing and throwing suspicion on him and his. That is intolerable. He wants to see The Prophecy fulfilled.

Aidan will do everything within his power to keep Robyn safe, but when she almost dies at Zendor's hands, he finally has her exactly where he wants her, in their home where they have lived, laughed, loved, and died so very often. Now he knows the Nostos is coming again for Robyn, and it will be a scary thing. He wants to allay her fears, but from past experiences knows it is a trauma she will have to face alone. Oh he can hold her and try to ease her way through it, but the dreams have already started, the flashes of her past lives is crowded closer with each sunset. Surely when she comes into her full memories she will not reject him. She has tried it before, but always she is drawn back to him again and again. They really love each other in spite of his arrogance, and her stubbornness, so Aidan can only be there for Robyn as she comes back to him this time...right?

Nostos The Homecoming by Nancy Barone Wythe is an intriguing mixture of romance and horror with a paranormal twist. Aidan is a man who is certain of himself and of his live, and he is willing to fight whomever and whatever to keep the woman he loves safe and at his side. Once again she is with him, and as usual, she doesn’t remember their past lives together, or the love they share in each and every lifetime for over a thousand years. That is all right with Aidan for he is a creature of patience. Robyn is more or less his opposite in that she is a creature of action, and always has been. She is compassionate and has the talent for healing, and she has always been in the midst of the action, fighting and healing her way to the enemy. It is of this Aidan has to remind her, and the sooner the better. Already, even after being attacked by Zendor, Robyn’s ever logical brain is trying to dissuade her from the truth.

The time is short, Zendor is going to keep killing, and Aidan has to put a stop to this once and for all. Can he bring Robyn around in time, or will he loose her forever? This is not something he wants to contemplate, and as Zendor comes at them again, will he have to fight alone or will Robyn be at his side once again? These are the quandaries Nancy’s characters face. One, all male and domineering with that touch of the bad boy, and one stubborn female who was made just for him even if she can’t remember that fact just yet. The conflict is good, the characters strong, and there is just enough horror in Nostos The Homecoming to keep you riveted in your seat. This book is currently available from Solstice Publishing, so if you want a definitely great read with horror, romance, and a great paranormal twist, then Nostos The Homecoming is a book you can’t possibly pass up. I know it will remain on my keeper shelf and I think you will agree. Stop by Solstice and download a copy of Nostos The Homecoming today!

Yours in good reading,

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