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No Good Deed

Title: No Good Deed
Author: Lydia Parks
Published in 2004 by eXtasy Books
Genre: Erotic Suspense
ISBN: 1-55410-505-0

Lance Trahan needs justice. He has given up his career as a police detective because the system is only getting in the way. After his partner, and unrequited love, is brutally murdered, he burns with the need to avenge her. He believes the man they had been trailing for the disappearance of a couple of young girls is the culprit, but he has no proof, and absolutely no evidence. What is even more frustrating is the police refuse to grant the warrants needed to search the man or tail him.

Lance takes it upon himself to dig up some dirt on this guy, so he moves into an old house in the same neighborhood and begins renovations as a ruse to watch his every move. Though he is obsessed with uncovering the truth about Dennis Roark, and bringing his partner justice, a mysterious woman named Ariel shows up on his doorstep. She gives him no explanation to why she is there, no clue to her past or who she is, she only admits that she needs him, and perhaps he needs her as well to discover the truth and bring justice to light.

Lydia Parks created a fascinating story in No Good Deed. With a swift and cutting style suited to the storyline, she creates a deeply erotic suspense guaranteed to stir some delicious naughty thoughts. Though not a traditional romance, in that the entire story is in Lance’s point of view and we never really know much about Ariel, I found No Good Deed a masterful work of erotica. Lydia Parks dips into the realm of the forbidden, and so creates a searing and evocative story. I did question some of Lance’s actions, though, as they would have ruined the case against Dennis Roark, and therefore defeated his purpose. That said, No Good Deed was a hot and spicy read perfect for a sultry summer night alone.

Yours for good romance,


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