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Night Fever

Title: Night Fever
Author: Tori Carrington

Genre: Contemporary
Published in 2003 by Harlequin Blaze
IBSN: 0-373-79109-7

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Doctor Layla Hollister, she is everything that a lot of women would wish to be, but she cannot see it. The tall willowy woman can pass for a model, but that has never entered into her vision, into the picture she envisions as herself. Her self-esteem has taken quite a beating, and as a result the encounter in the bar, and the subsequent feelings that result are suspect. The approach is to enjoy it for what it is, sex for a night, nothing permanent, because women like her are not what men want for true relationships. It is bad enough that she has a new boss, a renowned plastic surgeon that specializes in breast enhancement, and other cosmetic surgery. What else can complicate things even more in her job, and in her life. The night is looking up, however, and the blond hunk of a stranger at the bar seems truly interested. Tomorrow will come soon enough, and the insecurities will be back all too quickly. She might as well enjoy the night while she can, because she will never see him again. Her friends, Reilly, Mallory, and Jack have left her to her own devices, but they would be proud. They are always telling her to go out, have fun, and live a little.

Much to Layla’s consternation, she does see the handsome stranger again. The man is, in fact, Dr. Sam Lovejoy, the “Chop Doc” who is her new boss at the Trident Medical Center. Her life has been filled with work at Trident, and at a free clinic, and dating has never been a priority. Now she finds herself in the embarrassing position of having to work with the notorious playboy who has added her notch to his bedpost. With her previous and ill-fated “office romance” behind her, and the hard lessons she thought she learned, Layla is truly disappointed in herself and her reactions to Sam Lovejoy. The prospect of seeing Sam on a regular basis is one that she now has to consider. Layla is perplexed at his tenacity, and she is not at all pleased at the attention she is receiving from the plastic surgeon. She knows her shortcomings, and is truly surprised at the invitations that Dr. Lovejoy continues to extend. Further more, she is disconcerted because she seems to be doing something she has promised herself she would never do…she seems to be falling in love.

The slender, leggy brunette sitting alone at the bar is probably a model, and as such, just his cup of tea. As Doctor Sam Lovejoy takes the stool next to her, he counts himself lucky to find her alone and now next to him. The lady, much to his surprise, is a doctor and works at the Trident Medical Center as a General Practitioner. Not sure how she would take the information that he is soon to be her new boss, he decides to keep that to himself for now. Layla Hollister’s an enigma, and there is nothing more attractive to the playboy in Sam than solving the mystery of a woman. The fact that she’s a physician, and an aloof and secretive person provides a tempting puzzle he’s determined to unravel. She is a myriad of conflicting signals, but he’s sure they‘re worth exploring. Her reticence and insecurities are confusing in one so accomplished as Layla, but they also speak of a woman who has suffered some deep hurts.

The whole situation surrounding Dr. Hollister is bothering Sam, and he feels as though he is getting in over his head. Layla has backed off, and is definitely trying to avoid him, providing Sam with another puzzle that he is compelled to solve. He wants her in his life, and is determined to get her there any way possible. Her friends could possibly be a key to finding out about her, and so he shows up Saturday night at Layla’s. He knows the friends are meeting there, knows that Layla is uncomfortable, but he is determined to see this through. Sam is somewhat encouraged by the cautious acceptance that the trio gives him. He likes her friends, Reilly, Mallory, and Jack, and hopes that hey will aid his cause. A conversation with Jack is very informative and cautionary, as the three are very protective of their friend. As Sam starts planning his assault, there is one thing that he cannot deny. His attraction to Dr. Hollister is not just a passing fancy, and although this dopes not thrill him, he is resigned to follow the relationship to its conclusion. That he is falling in love with her is a mere shadow in the deep recesses of Sam’s mind, and he is not ready to acknowledge it just yet. Sam soon discovers that winning Layla may be the hardest thing he has ever done in his life, but it is truly the best move made in his illustrious career.

Tori Carrington has taken us into the world of four friends, brought together by a twist of fate, and destined to find love where they may least expect it. In Night Fever, the first story in the trilogy, focuses on Dr. Layla Hollister, and her unwitting journey to love. The last thing she expects is to like the man who has become infamous as a plastic surgeon who has enhanced the breasts of most of Hollywood’s elite, and most beautiful people. His exploits in the operating room and in the field of the Hollywood Set are legendary, and Layla is sure she will not be able to stand the man. Her opinion soon changes and the two of them embark on a journey toward love and all the attendant trials and tribulations such a relationship involves.

Night Fever is a must for fans of Tori Carrington, and a very good introduction for those who have not had the pleasure. The characters are wonderfully sculpted and are in keeping with the soul of the genre. The heroes are handsome and the heroines troubled. The stories are carefully written with a gay abandon that often includes a blend of mystery, passion, and over and above all, love. Night Fever is no exception, and the story of the courtship of Sam and Layla is full of the pitfalls and pratfalls of human relationships. Night Fever is a requirement for those who enjoy a good romance, a hot and sensual tale filled with passion and adventures in love. It is available now from Harlequin Blaze. An interesting, stimulating, and wonderful time will be experienced by all between the covers of this first book of Tori’s Kiss & Tell Trilogy.

Yours in good reading,


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