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Mind Game

Title: Mind Game
Author: Christine Feehan

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Paranormal
Published in August 2004 by Jove Books
IBSN: 0-515-13809-6

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As a child of four, Dahlia Le Blanc was taken from an Asian orphanage by Dr Peter Whitney because of her psychic abilities. Dahlia was one of ten young girls that were experimented on in the hopes of enhancing their gifts. These experiments tore down Dahlia’s natural filters and left her wide open to assault from the outside world. No one ever taught her how to build shields to protect herself from the excess energy. Because of the dangerous drawbacks of her abilities, she is sent to receive advanced training as a field operative. This training helped to hone her skills, but the cost of using her gifts is tremendous when she has to be near others. In order to maintain her sanity, Dahlia is forced to live a life of solitude and isolation. She resides in a private sanitarium deep in the bayou. She has never been able to have any close friends and the thought of being around strangers is terrifying to her. Many nights she can be found walking the deserted streets of New Orleans or sitting alone on the roof of her home. She is physically fit and revels in pushing herself as far as she can go and then demanding more. Routine and structure are of key importance to her survival.

Dahlia is returning late from a complicated mission, looking forward to finding comfort in her sanctuary, when she finds her home under attack and is bombarded by the violent energy that is all around her. She is already on overload and the added violence flows over her in hot angry waves, sending shards of glass stabbing through her mind. She stands helplessly by as her only friend is shot and dragged away by the assassins. Dahlia can barely contain her grief as she finds both of her nurses executed in her home. She struggles to find an explanation for the attack on her very existence. Everyone she has ever known has betrayed her. She has always before made her own choices and taken care of herself and having to rely on a stranger is foreign to her nature.

Nicolas Trevane has always prided himself on the discipline and control that he learned from both his Lakota and Japanese grandfathers. His beliefs are a part of his life. Unification of mind and body is part of who he is. He has conditioned his mind so that emotions such as anger and fear are not a part of his makeup. Being with Dahlia shatters his self discipline and control. Already a skilled marksman, Nico volunteered for the psychic experiments in the hopes of releasing his healing powers. He became a part of the Ghostwalkers, a precision team that uses their gifts to infiltrate enemy camps undetected and retrieve valuable information. With the help of Dr Whitney’s daughter, Lily, Nico has learned to shield himself from the outside world, though being in close proximity to others is still troubling for him. He feels the need for solitude and open spaces.

After Lily locates Dahlia and briefs the Ghostwalkers on her earlier training, Nicolas volunteers to bring her back to the safety of the team knowing that she might not be willing to leave the only home she has ever known. When he reaches her house, he finds a professional cleanup crew methodically killing those she considers her family. He not only is forced to deal with the assassins to protect Dahlia, but he has to teach her how to disperse the dangerous energy that is drawn to her before she is destroyed by it. Nico has to find a way to win Dahlia’s trust while experiencing emotions that are foreign to his nature.

Christine Feehan has written a brilliant new story in her GhostWalker series. Ghostwalkers are those men and women with enhanced psychic abilities that are able to move in complete silence through the shadows to protect their country from the enemy and deliver justice when necessary. On the run, Dahlia and Nico must first find the enemy and infiltrate their hideout to be able to recover her friend before he is killed, then go back to finish the mission and obtain the valuable information that Dahlia was sent to retrieve. The main characters must deal with abilities that have never been encountered before by the team and find the evil that is behind the plot to destroy them all. They must rely on each other as well as the other Ghostwalkers to be able to expose the traitors and unravel the secrets that are important to their very survival.

Dahlia and Nico must learn how to function together even though neither has much experience interacting on a personal level with others of the opposite sex. The fiery energy that they create together is something that Dahlia and Nico have never encountered before and they struggle to handle it without being consumed by it. They learn that solitude is not always what you need and that relying on each other is a necessity. This intense story provides the reader with a well written plot and the interaction with the secondary characters is an added bonus. The reader is filled with a sense of camaraderie and belonging that is characteristic of Ms Feehan’s novels. The intense interaction between Dahlia and Nico is sizzling and the sexual energy they experience is electrifying. If you enjoy paranormal romances, this is a must read. Mind Game was released July 27, 2004 by Jove Books.

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