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A Midsummer Night's Delights by Kelli A. Wilkins

Title: A Midsummer Night's Delights
Author: Kelli A Wilkins

Published in October 2008 by Amber Quill Press
Genre: Historical Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60272-398-6

Cover Artist: Trace Edward Zaber

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Julian and Annabelle had an arranged marriage, and from his parents outlook, it was not a very good one. They were hoping there was something there, but it was looking to be a mistake. How this could happen, they hadn't a clue, but they were determined to thwart unhappiness, and bring the young couple into the light of love no matter what it took. So it was decided by his parents that the pair should attend the Midsummer's Ball given by their very good friend the Marquis of Demby and his wife...

It was a horrible trial, this marriage business, and Julian had no more idea of what it entailed than did his new bride. Things were awkward at best, they didn't know how to treat one another, and Julian was forever tongue-tied or saying the wrong thing. He had not a whit of experience when dealing with ladies of quality, or woman at all for that matter. He has no idea of how to make small talk, what to do on the dance floor, or how to act in bed. Now, with this wealth of absent knowledge, he was forced into a marriage he was not expectation and truly didn't want. What the urgency was he had no idea, but it was somehow involved with his disgrace at school, a mishap that, from the looks of things, has ruined his entire life. His life is over, he is so miserable he can't stand it, and his parents want to bundle him and his unasked for wife Annabelle off to some Marquis place for a dance. Telling him it was for his own good was a bunch of nothing, dancing was not what he needed. He needed to get far far away from this whole situation so he would no longer be making Annabelle feel as miserable and as sick as he was feeling.

Annabelle was pleased to be married to Julian, such a delightfully handsome man, tall, beautiful, and very desirable, but he didn't seem to find her the same. She felt ugly, undesirable at least, hated at worst, and totally disappointed in the marriage she had looked forward to with such gladness. She hadn't known Julian, but he was kind, solicitous, but kept her at arms length as if he could barely stand her to be near. He didn't like to sleep with her, he stayed as far from her as he could get by any number of means, and only talked to her when she spoke to him, or in the presence of his parents. She spent many hours alone, sad and often cried, giving vent to her misery. Even more shameful with the nosiness of her mother-in-law, and the talk they gave Julian, which only made things worse between them, was also embarrassing. She was not experienced, she had been looking toward Julian for that guidance, and he had let her down in great measure. The only reason that a young man of the world such as he did not want her was in her mind the worst case scenario, she was beneath his notice, not good enough buy his standards, and it only hurt her tender heart more to think that as truth.

Desperate to give their son the happiness they thought he deserved took the young couple into the hands of Vincent, Marquis of Denby, and a great friend to Julianís father. Vincent was a man who enjoyed his pleasures, a libertine by nature, and a connoisseur of the erotic delights. Vincent was well aware of young Julianís problem by the time he and his new bride got to their home, and to Julianís great chagrin, Vincent laid his knowledge at Julianís feet. He offered help, and in that he was sincere. He heard from Julianís father what had happened, how the young man reacted, and his subsequent withdrawal from family, and even his estrangement from his wife in the marriage bed. Vincent had a hunch that the problem stemmed not from what almost happened, but from inexperience, and the lack of knowledge about sex and the way it could help two people bond. This became the goal, to introduce Julian and his bride to the joys of sex before the special ball they held on Mid-Summerís Eve, at the time of the solstice, when all kinds of mischief was afoot, and the fires of life burned highÖ

She was a beautiful woman, and Julian didnít know how to react to her. Sabrina, wife of the Marquis of Denby, enjoyed sex, loved her husband Vincent, enjoyed with him the delights of the unusual balls they held, and also wanted the young couple to be comfortable in their new surroundings. She agreed with Vincent, once they had met the pair, it had to be an unfamiliarity with all things sexual causing the tension between young Julian and his bride. It was with great delight that Sabrina prepared the aphrodisiacs, lured Annabelle into the huge bath, the proceeded to bathe her and seduce her. It was counted as a success when Vincent joined them, assured her young Julian was indeed watching, learning, and yearning for the experience himself. It was as they expected, two young people, both virgins to the art of love, and what better place for them to learn about sex and the enjoyment of it, than in the safety, and the protected environment of the Marquis of Denbyís very unusual Midsummer Nightís Ball. Sabrina was certain this orgy would be like no other, and it would be an awakening her young guests badly needed to help them truly fall in love.

Kelli A Wilkins is an author who brings a huge amount of joyful imagination to her writing, an equal part of enthusiasm, and a lot of talent as well. Her love for her characters shines through in her words, their plights so wonderfully explained, and the resolution of the problems so innovative and erotic. A Mid-Summer Nightís Delights is no exception. With Julian and Annabelle, she has crafted her characters with care, chosen the temperaments that suited each, then meshes them with the story in a way that draws the reader in and allows them to live their experiences. In Julian and Annabelle she has taken a pair who came into a marriage as virgins, neither knowing what to do or what was expected. An altercation at school brought Julian home in disgrace, but for what reason, he still didnít know for certain. A hasty marriage to a young girl he didnít know, and who was equally innocent didnít help matters any, and in actuality only made matters worse. In the end, his well meaning parents only did one thing right, they sent the couple to Vincent and Sabrina, and there the two of them discovered what they hadnít known, and found at least one path to love.

For those of you who delight in the erotic romances, A Mid-Summer Nightís Delights by Kelli A Wilkins is a book you wonít want to miss. Julian and Annabelle are ushered into a relationship built ultimately on trust for each other, passion, great sex, and the opening of the door to true love. It can be noted that it doesnít always work that way in life, but Kelli always finds a new and unique method to draw her lovers together. This latest creation of Kelli's is available at Amber Quill Press and is a must buy for Kelli Wilkins fans everywhere, as well as those who enjoy a truly excellent erotic romance. A Mid-Summer Nightís Delights is truly a keeper, so get your copy today.

Yours in good reading,


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