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Midnight Rain

Title: Midnight Rain
Author: Dee Davis

Published in November 2002 by Ballantine
Genre: Contemporary
IBSN: 0-8041-1977-5

He is tall, dark, handsome, wealthy, very enigmatic and everything a woman could hope to want in a man. He was also very, very hurt, but recovering nicely. What he is not expecting, is to find his whole world crashing down around him, nor the vivacious physical therapist with the most attractive green eyes he'd ever seen. Of course nothing had prepared Jonathan Brighton for the last six months either. Who would have hazzarded guess that he would be shot and left for dead in the Mexican desert, or that beyond the odds....he would have survived? When it comes right down to things, he can only figure that the memory loss he suffered is covering up something truly awful, but is it something he did? Is or was it something that he even knew about?

Well, something is definitely not right, and it is frustrating that he can't remember anything about what he appears to be so intimately involved with...the death of an employee named Derek Miller. Derek, he remembers, and it is hard to believe he is dead, much less that the police are looking at him as their prime suspect. Right now, he must concentrate on catching up on what he missed, and also make sure that his company, Guardian, continues to run smoothly. Not only could Guardian be in jeopardy, but there are some accounts and accounting discrepencies that he can't explain. He has to get to the bottom of this quickly. He has clients and employees that are counting on him. He can do this, it doesn't take a lot of past memory, just fitting in enough pieces......that is if the police will let him alone long enough to get back to work, and Katie....

For Katie Cavanaugh, this was a test. Life hadn't pulled any punches, and she has learned several lessons the hard way recently, but she is still a valuable member of the FBI. No matter what Roswell said to her or thought, if he even had a brain cell left in his chauvenistic head, she could do her job and do it well. She is a professional. Of course, Roswell has his hang ups, and he is too patronizing for her taste, but she's stuck with the slimeball as a superior, and that isn't going to change soon. Digging into the happenings of Guardian and its owner is just another job, another suspect, and as far as she is concerned, another success in her career. Roswell and his anti-female sentiments can take a flying leap.

Of course upon meeting the suspect, Jonathan Brighton, circumstances do change. But Katie is very good at what she does and whether Roswell likes it or not...he needs her on this case. If the evidence is there, she will find it more quickly than anyone else can. Nothing has prepared Katie for the package dropped in her lap. The file did not do him justice. He was not the slimy little geeky nerd that she had pictured. The photo in the file she had dismissed as a prank, but faced with the reality...the photo was a bit bland. The man she is working with, and possibly against, is terribly hard to keep at arms length. The pull is there, and its much more than just a mere physical attraction. It reachs soul deep, and Katie knows, she just knows she is in danger. But is the danger to her heart and from John--or a physical danger from an outside source?

I have to tell you all, I have had television shows and movies give me characters that I really hated with extreme passion, but never had that happen to me in a book. Dee Davis has created such a character for me in MIDNIGHT RAIN. A romantic thriller of the first water, you just have to hate Edmund Roswell, Katie's FBI superior, and his blatently chauvanistic and very anal attitudes. On the other hand, you have to love Jonathan Brighton, a hero who is very hurt, very brave, and very betrayed. Katie Cavanaugh is also a lovable character. She is smart, witty, and I really wanted to see her plant one in Roswell's sucky attitude. The cast of characters in MIDNIGHT RAIN offers a variety of creditable suspects, and the story that emerges is one of betrayal and greed, and of two people who actually find the measure of truth that can possibly solve the whole mess, along with real love.

It is a riviting and entertaining book that caused me great anxietyand great enjoyment in the reading! I really wanted to smack Roswell, and cheer for Katie and John, but kudos have to go to Eric D'Angelo...the only law enforcement officer to see Katie's worth. Corporate espionage, murder, drugs, and an insidious frame up are all a part of this great read. A definite page turner from beginning to end, MIDNIGHT RAIN should be among the November must buys on your list. I know you will be rooting for Katie and John, and will be thrilled in the bargain!

Yours in good reading,


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