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Midnight Mistress

Title: Midnight Mistress
Author: Audrey Godwin

Published by Renaissance E books Publication
Genre: Contemporary Romantica
ISBN: 1-58873-318-1

With her deep, sultry, and erotically mesmerizing voice, Brandi Heartt is the city of sins' midnight mistress. A woman with a tough exterior who takes sass form no one and manages to dish out her own brand of wickedness. Because of Brandi's past she is also a woman who harbors terrifying dreams of a world she thought she could leave behind. A place where she knew only poverty, destitution, mental, and sexual abuse at the hands of her uncle. A stagnant place where the legend of Satan’s Breath came alive and took away all that she held dear in a night that changed her life forever. Following the tragic events that occurred she is forced to flee from her hometown of Copus Georgia. She is told to keep going and to never come back. A young girl who runs with the rags on her back and feet that never knew the comforts of a shoe. Brandi has suffered long and hard and has known only the misery that life has to offer. But tragedy can make a person stronger. The night she left Georgia behind a new and more powerful Brandi Heart was resurrected.

Ten years later Brandi is a Disc Jockey for WLUX 98.3 in Los Angeles. She is the reigning queen of the night and she has been setting the airwaves on fire. She uses her purring voice and hot seductive words to rouse her listeners into frenzies of untamable desires. Although she is a hot commodity and very much sought after an altercation with her station manager forces her to quit. She refuses to allow Barry Schorr any more opportunities with her person. Brandi still suffers nightmares of the past life that once held her in fear. Because of this no man has ever been able to get close to her. She is the ice queen. Drawing them in and then freezing them in their tracks. Brandi likes her life just fine and those who get a problem with it know where they can go and shove it. She takes a job offer from her agent Scott Sanders to work in a station in Savannah Georgia. She hesitates at first in going back to a place where bad memories linger to haunt her. Then decides to go back just to get away from men with big egos who think to possess and own her. Men like her uncle of whom she still can't manage to escape. She longs to find her prince charming. A tall, handsome and strong man who could slay all her dragons and conquer her darkest dreams.

Coy Grantelle is an enigma. A man who at first glance is thought to be of no importance. He is treated horribly at the hands of those who think themselves his better. As a janitor for WSCX Radio in Savannah Georgia he just wants to be able to do his job and to live his days in peace. He is considered to be slow and at times referred to as mentally handicapped. Yet looking into his Blue green eyes there is a perceptive keenness that shatters the image he portrays. Constantly belittled by the station manager Greg Brannigan he is at turns verbally and physically assaulted. He maintains a calm facade which seems to war with the cold hard glint that appears in his eyes when he is threatened. Tall and well built with a perfect physique coy appears to keep those around him truly wandering about the man beneath the messy and long blond hair. Who is he really? And What is he hiding?

Coy knows upon seeing the stations newest night DJ that it is love at first sight. He see's in Brandi things that he wants but cannot have. Coy has a past that haunts him. A past so sordidly frightening that he longs to keep it a secret. he watches Brandi secretly. All the while harboring hot and lustful thoughts that leaving him raging with unquenched desires. His "Handicap" draws Brandi closer to him and he uses it to ensnare her in an erotic embrace. he is at times tempted to just give her what he senses she needs yet misunderstandings keep him at bay. Coy has to prove to her that his feelings are real and true. But how can he hope to accomplish that with a woman who's seemingly anti-men and hands-off. Coy has to find a solution to his problems because his days of watching and waiting are coming to a close. He knows the time to act is now and Brandi is in for the most erotically charged surprise of her life.

What follows is a story of raging passions and murderous intentions. Villains are in full effect and someone wants Brandi dead very badly. Audrey Godwin paints a picture of what happens when we lose control. When desires hit boiling points and relief is sought at anyone's expense. A story rich in innuendos and sexual tensions Brandi and Coy are embroiled in a world of sensuality. After One magical and soul awakening kiss Brandi prepares for the battle of a lifetime. Can she overcome her fears. Can she exorcise the demon that took a hold of her on a long ago night and still has her enmeshed in his claws. Will Brandi and Coy be able to defeat an evil that is all to real and close to home? Will Satan’s Breath rise again and finish what it started so long ago?

A plot rich with eroticism and danger, MIDNIGHT MISTRESS is sure to appease the most picky of appetites. With Characters drawn with realism and clarity the book holds no punches. Brandi and Coy ignite the pages with an intensity that will scorch the minds of the most avid of readers. A cast of secondary characters that breathe life into a novel of powerful magnitude. An evil that sweeps fear into the city streets of Savannah Georgia. And a crazed killer who takes life away just to quench his inner sadistic pleasures. I Loved absolutely everything about MIDNIGHT MISTRESS. The book is sure to please everyone who likes the romances hot and spicy yet with a substantial plot to go along with it. A story that moved along smoothly and kept me at the edge of my seat in moments of abject terror. Go out and get a copy and do not let this one slip away. A true diamond in the rough and a surprise you can't afford to miss. Published in 2004 by Renaissance E books, Audrey Godwin has written a romantica that will arouse your senses and inflame all of your desires.

Yours in good reading,

Joann Ruffen

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