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Title: Michael Angelo
Author: Diane Merlin

Published in August 2006 by Tease Publishing LLC
Genre: Science Fiction, Erotica
ISBN: 978-1-934678-38-1
Other Books By Diane: Mercenary Heart

There is something to be said for the ability to travel light, and something to be said for a long life, but the nasty side of it all is loneliness. With only a dog he named Mutt for company, Michael Angelo is really feeling its bite. The car Mutt finds off the side of the road brings home just another example of his lonely lifestyle, but he always does what Michael feels he has to do. Another person to help, but this time, there is not too much he can do. The trick is to keep her alive, but then he is faced with her child, dying inside, and again, Michael does what he always does best, helps the mother and her unborn child to live. The repercussions of his actions come back on him later that day when they wander into the Taco Bell in Jacksonville, NC. That is one place they both agree on, and Michael has enough money for laundry, and a meal at Taco Bell. Now he has to find a job, cause clothes to fit his large way over seven-and-a-half and then some frame are hard to come by, and can be expensive. A job, a place to stay for a while, then they can move on again.

Michael is a creature of power, a man who is half angel. Like all his kind, he was gifted with a unique power. Michael commands the power of healing, and has the use of a few others to a lesser degree. He is a member of the Brethren, a group of what some would term misfits. As a whole, they rarely come together, but in times of trouble, you can always count on the others. Michael has traveled this world from century to century, country to country, and town to town, and it never ceased to amaze him. No matter the time, or the place, human nature never seemed to change. They shared the good, the bad, and the trouble, striving on to make the world a better place, each in there own small way. There were those who didn’t care too, but for the most part, Michael enjoyed being among those of his human heritage. He realized long ago that man was fallible, imperfect, and he and his would do what they could to help out, to keep the balance between good and evil steady. When his neighbor’s child is kidnapped, Michael is pulled into a battle he is not expecting. The balance has shifted, and there is evil working to tip the scales even farther…

Mary Grace Chapman is a good cop. She comes from a large and loving family, and it is a family who always repays debts in kind. When she spotted the man and his dog at the Taco Bell, she knew he was the one who saved her sister. She had been given a job by her family, find the man and his dog, thank him, and see what, if anything, they could do for him to repay him for his kindness and trouble. Amanda and her child would live thanks to him, and they were grateful. Mary Grace knew not many in today’s world would go to such lengths to help anyone, let alone a stranger in a terrible accident. She recognized the good, and like the rest of the family, her eyes filled with tears at the mere thought of losing her sister and her unborn nephew. The trick was getting the man to go along with her plans, and then trying to get him to go along with the plans of her family as well. She was prepared for a large man, she was tall herself, but she was sure they had been off when they said he was a giant.

She was tall and slim, her own six-foot height felt dwarfed by the massive man standing next to her, but Mary Grace would not back down. Even in the face of such extreme masculine beauty, and she had to face it, the man was gorgeous. Dark hair, worn shoulder length framed a face of exquisite masculinity. Oh yeah, the man was beyond handsome, so far beyond, that she would bet angels would be his closest competition. His voice was a rumble like thunder on a rainy day, yet smooth and rich, and some how it fit him exactly. She really couldn’t remember the last time she looked twice at a man, but with Michael, once was just not enough. The man was not only tall, dark and handsome to her tall blond slimness, but he seemed to care about others as well. That was proved when he took off after a man who had taken his next-door neighbour’s daughter, Jasmine, and held her hostage. But then, for Mary Grace, that is where she found her own rabbit hole, and her own adventure in to crime in far dimensions, and the meaning of true evil. Now, she has sworn to him she will help him find Jasmine before any harm can come to her, and in the process, Mary Grace and Michael might even find love….

Michael Angelo takes a tragic car crash, a kidnapping, a dog-named Mutt, and two wary strangers into a danger filled adventure across several dimensions. Diane Merlin has used a contemporary setting to produce a work of fantasy, the likes of which I have never quite read before. Michael Angelo is a person of dubious birth according to some people. Half angel, half human, he is one of a dwindling number of almost immortal beings from time ling past. Once when angels fell in love and married humans, these beautiful creatures were born. When the split came, they were tossed out of heaven with Lucifer and his demons, but they went a separate way. They have been cast out of heaven, but they were not evil. They banded together, and called themselves the Brethren, and fought hard to make a place for themselves across the ever-changing dimensions. While meeting a life mate was not on Michael’s agenda, he has to realize his is not a stand-aside gal. Tough as nails Mary Grace Chapman is a cop with a large family, and Michael is the man who saved her sister. Chapman’s always pay their debts, and so with her family’s help, Mary Grace finds Michael a job and a place to stay. Things get dicey when the child next door to where she has stashed Michael is kidnapped. Mary Grace finds out that Alice has nothing on her, because this particular rabbit hole is not only a place of dreams, but also of the darkest nightmares.

Diane Merlin creates a fun story, and this one is loaded with vivid characters, delightful scrapes on the erotic side, and tons of excitement along the way. There are also plot twists that makes this one especially riveting tale. Michael Angelo has its heart wrenching moments, but all in all, the story is one of the exploits of angels and demons, and other creatures that live in the imagination. It is a story where vampires, shifters, and angels strive to right a balance badly skewed, and to rescue a little girl from a fate worse than death. The passion between Michael and Mary Grace Chapman hums, the kind of low throbbing and tantalizing sort of hum that is almost a growl. Electricity and sparks fly when everyone begins the final adventurous escapade, one that will help to determine the balance between good and evil. If you want an inter-dimensional voyage that is exhilarating, action-packed, and sure to leave you wanting more, then Michael Angelo by Diane Merlin is the one to read. Be sure to check out Tease Publishing, LLC for excursions that go beyond mesmerizing, and wander down their lanes of great books.

Yours in good reading,


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