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Naomi Neal

Title: Method Man
Author: Naomi Neale

Published in February 2007 by Dorchester Publishing
Genre: Chick Lit
ISBN: 0-505-52697-2
ISBN: 978-0-505-52697-2

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Becca Egan wants to make it up the Yes Ladder even if it means taking plug hits from a pickup male artist, A.J. Daye that knows the ins and outs of the trade. After spending the last five years of her life of being shackled, she feels relief to be out of her marriage. Not having any romance in her life, she hopes now she can have the opportunity to find it. She is certain he can teach her all the lingo and deep secrets of wooing that certain someone with all the right moves and sayings. In no time, Becca is thrilled to be going to the posh parties with A.J. and learning how men play dirty little games with their pickup lines. As his right wingman the elite parties at Manhattan’s exclusive clubs are to die for and meeting the great celebs is even better. What a great way to learn the trick of the trade by learning from a male on the pickup techniques they use to lure the woman into the luxury of their den of love? After getting a better knowledge of the events at hand, Becca feels her life has been enriched enough, so she determines it is time to conduct her own method and play by her rules of the game no matter how scandalous it may become.

It was suppose to be a celebration party, a coming out from her divorce from Sean, after five years of feeling bound in shackles. Her friends wanted to throw her a party but for some reason they run late leaving an opportunity for Mitch, a handsome hunk to make his moves on her. Unfortunately he doesn’t get his opportunity when A.J. Daye, a pick up artist, and brother of a good friend of Becca’s sister, butts in, not allowing the handsome dude to succeed. After A.J. assures her that Mitch was using the Method of the Yes Ladder to pick her up, to git it, hit it then forgit it, just simple seven steps that will get the man a step into the door, Becca doesn’t believe the nonsense and she finds herself betting with A.J. to what the guy intends to do next. The wager is on and when A.J. wins the bet, Becca quickly becomes his assistant as his wingman. Fortunately Becca uses the information to her advantage and sets out to capture the heart of a man and fall in love.

Ethan Reddiker works at Eighth Avenue Antiquarian Books and always brings in clippings of cartoons to share with Becca. He tries to assure her there is nothing wrong in having fun. Becca also likes the fact that he is well-mannered. When he offers her his own seven step method to join him as a business partner, she wonders could it be something wonderfully exciting.

A.J. Daye likes Becca, and enlists her help more like a Mini-Me as he instructs her in the seven yes steps to climb the ladder, demonstrating how the man gets the woman. They have a friendship that keeps them on their toes, and there are moments they often wonder could they have something going on, but A.J. is a good friend and partner who makes sure that ex-husband Sean keeps his distance from the lovely lady.

Rebecca, who is known by everyone as Becca, is glad to be out of the chains that her ex, Sean certainly created around her. The man had no scruples and constantly belittled her and made her feel useless. Even now he appears to try to corrupt her mind and make her feel like she is a nobody but Becca refuses to allow his mind bending games to enter her head. Certain that A.J. will help her find a way to get to the top of the Yes ladder that spins her own successes in life, she hesitantly becomes his Mini-Me, and learns to reap rewards she never imagined in the steps to her own method to catch a man.

Method Man takes the reader on a merry jaunt through the singles circle as soon as A.J. makes his entrance. His fun pick up lines and attaching Becca practically to his hip, makes a sassy ride that keeps spinning until the end. Becca is a likeable character who can stir sensations in almost anyone excerpt her jerk ex-husband, Sean. Where do these men come from, I often ask myself? Becca’s zany wit with A.J. and the secondary cast members entail a great read making everyone appear so real and practically jumping from the pages.

Naomi Neale takes freshness, adds genuine believability and weaves a wonderful story about the modern day woman who doesn’t plan to take matters sitting down. She creates a great school teacher with A.J. as he teaches Becca a wonderful way to almost come to her own defense in many things. Ms. Neale paints a great tactical read that any woman can learn to use to their advantage. Once again, humor, wit, creativity and downright fun, she pens a fascinating story sure to please. For anyone wishing to learn ways not to get duped, then go to and learn the delicious tricks that will bring a smile to the face and adventure to the soul.

Sincerely good reading,


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