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Title: Mercenary Heart
Author: Diane Merlin

Published in August 2006 by Tease Publishing LLC
Genre: Science Fiction, Erotica
ISBN: 978-1-934678-23-7

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Miklus Armstrong is the owner of a shipping business and he is in desperate need of a nanny for his little girl. Actually he really isnít the father but after finding the abandoned child, he knows what it is like to be alone. After all, he and his crew had all been orphans. Now he was feeling something for the little one and even thinking about going into a legitimate business. His crew even wanted to go along with him, and wanted to stay there where little Tessa would reside. She had made a huge impact on their life. Not only that he would be able to see his new home, and the area was well situated for a new shipping company. When a new ship comes into their midst and Shesshie steps off applying for the nanny position, she is one little hot tamale that he would love to put his arms around. He thought anyone that applied for the job would be just a simple nurse like figure, even perhaps a granny person, but this girl was different. She was so enticing that just being in close proximity with her had a way of making his libido feel like a skyrocket ready for lift off.

Shesshie Kosmoto would love to do something daring in her life. After all she deserved a life. When she goes to a nearby solar system, her whole life is set to change before her eyes as she boards the hover bus for the My Lady of the stars orphanage. When she begins the interview she informs that she has been in charge of an infant division for five years and she knows about children. Miklus has a way to charge a nerve and she is not shy when it comes to putting him in his place. When the crew easily accepts her, Shesshie is certain it wonít take long for Miklus to do the same. When he does allow her to be the nanny, she is ecstatic until his behavior suddenly changes and he doesnít allow her to stay and be in on the business meeting. She is a bit hurt, but in time she sees him in a different light as the passion the two feel erupts instantly.

Shesshie and Mik had no idea what lay ahead of them after she accepted the nanny position. He needed someone to care for Tessa, whom he had found, and she needed a new course in her mundane life. She was more than qualified to care for any children but the closer they were drawn together the more heat escaped her body and floated into Mikís. Now he desires her like something he has never wanted before in his life. All the times that she has felt deprived he has a way of making her come alive and just being with Tessa makes her really feel special.

Unfortunately someone is out to get rid of Miklusí crew and when they find themselves on a direct course for the center of iniquity after Tessa is kidnapped, they find some innocent ones that have been kept enslaved and wish the help of Mik. After Mik and the others land on their planet, those in bondage feel that Mik could lead them into revolt and free them from the bondage. Even though he was in the mercenary business, he canít allow the ones that he just found on the planet to stay in bondage forever. But when his other mercenary crew decides they will follow him in any matter, he realizes it may indeed be a trip this time they all end up losing. When they find Tessa, Shesshie believes they should leave the Godforsaken place, but Miklus feels that he must stay and help those in need. Shesshie becomes frighten and feels that he will be hurt and she will lose him. He tries to reassure her that he will always be there for her. In a way she understands, but she just doesnít grasp why it has to be him to come to the rescue. But Miklus feels he can help the people defeat the slavers. Now the two must find a way to keep their love alive while they find a way to help those in desperate need. He assures her once it is all over they can then return home then marry and have their own family, but will it come to a reality for Shesshie or will she lose him before they even get to leave?

Mercenary Heart takes a spinning ride into sabotage attempts, kidnapping, and a lust filled adventure all in one setting. Miklus would love to find some peace in the universe, whereas Shesshie wants some exciting adventure to come into her life, unaware the conflict that is about to run into their life. She never imagined what she expected in her life would really come to view with complicated twists and turns. With some obstacles along the way the two set off on a great adventure not only to find Tessa, but learning about each other. What a thrilling concept of a deprived woman, a mercenary, and a baby girl with goons and resistance in a thrilling adventure along the way.

Diane Merlin creates a fun story loaded in excitement along the way that makes this one riveting tale. The passion between Miklus and Shesshie sizzles. The steaming passion between the two practically lights the pages. She even paints Mik to think about his lady when he is suffering in pain in his shoulders and into his feet after the goons attack. By making all the characters come to life, she makes Mercenary Heart is a realistic read that zigzags with electricity when everyone begins their adventurous escapade. If you want a voyage that is exhilarating and action-packed then Mercenary Heart is the one to read. Be sure to check out Tease Publishing, LLC for an excursion that is beyond mesmerizing.

Sincerely good reading,


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