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Mating Net

Title: Mating Net
Author: Rowena Cherry

Published in October 2005 by New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Futuristic Romance
IBSN: 0-9765397-1-3

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In all the worlds of the Tigron Empire, there is no one else for Helispeta than Devoron Vitan, prince but not emperor. She did not really care to be empress. That was never on her agenda as she was in love with Djohn-Kronosís twin. She really had no intention of being a pawn in the emperorís games, and Devoron suited Helispeta much better. She was not one to climb the social ladder, for she wished for a good marriage and most of all, she dreamed of love. She had that with Devoran. Oh she is, and would still be a member of the court, but she will not have to worry about the formalities of being the emperorís wife, his property. She was aware of Djohn-Kronosís casual cruelties, and the farce of the marriage with Djustine Saturna.

Helispeta realized that the death of the young princess in childbirth was not Djohn-Kronosís alone. The girlís mother played a part by not sending her away when she matured, but subjected her to the rut-rage of the royal house. Any parent with a bit of sense sent their princess daughters to the isle and the school protected by the force dome from the depredations of the Tiger Princes, and she was more than willing to wait for Devoron Vitan there. The time was drawing close, and she knows that Devoron is worth the wait. Besides, she has heard tales, and seen the results of the dark side of Djohn-Kronos, and she wants to have nothing to do with him because he is not the one she wants to capture in her mating netÖ

Devoron Vitan was looking forward to his marriage with the Princess Helispeta. She is truly everything he desired in a wife, and he loved her. He was romantic enough to treasure his feelings, and knows she returns them in full measure. He wants to be done with this duty, this mission to end the skirmish. Something nags at him. He senses danger, and it is not coming from the disabled ship in front of him. There is something else at work here, and there is no reason to start a war. Exactly what is going on, he is not sure, but he will get to the bottom of it, and the sooner the better.

When the news comes of Djohn-Kronos marrying Helispeta, Devoron knows the feeling he has endured was a premonition. Together with Helispeta, life was to be good, but now there is something terribly wrong, and he is going to find out just what is happening, and if possible, fix it quickly. He will not give up Helispeta to his brother, Emperor or not, without a fight. It is just another one of his twinís cruelties to want what is not his, then take it regardless of the feelings of the others involved. This time, he will not succeed. Not unless Helispeta has truly changed her mindÖ

Rowena Cherry had a vision, and it is brought forth beautifully again in the Mating Net. Filled with richness and intrigues, this short is a prequel to her book, Forced Mate, and again brings to light her talent for stimulation of the imagination. Helispeta and Devoron have a special relationship, friends as children, and then the bloom of love as adults. Add to that, the greedy twin, the Emperor of Tigron, and you have a book filled with secrets, lies, and pair of lovers determined to get what they want in spite of the royal greed.

Mating Net is full of background, and charming characters. Her hero and heroine are determined to succeed against all odds, and in the most unusual ways. Mating Net is well worth a look, and a read. It will be available here, and should be on your Romances to Buy list. You really have to laugh when you see how Helispeta and Devoron escape the clutches of his evil twin and emperor. So share the adventure! Mating Net by Rowena Cherry is fun, exciting, and a welcome addition to any romance library.

Yours in good reading,


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