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Master of Ecstasy

Title: Master of Ecstasy
Author: Nina Bangs

Published in February 2004 by Dorchester’s LoveSpell
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 0-505-52557-7

There was the smell of danger in the air, a smell that Darach MacKenzie has been quite familiar with in the past, and why he recognized it a short while ago. He knows what the danger is, just not when it will come, so he must stay alert. There is a small white cat, which is a companion to Ganymede, and Darach figures that can only spell trouble. He senses in her the enjoyment and the thrill of the sexual encounter, and feels that she could be somewhat of a kindred spirit. Her presence here, and Ganymede’s for that matter, has Darach puzzled, and the guests have him intrigued. Why the creature picked his castle of all places to bring his group of time-traveling tourists, he will probably never know. Part of the problem is that Ganymede never even asked permission of Darach’s clan. However, Darach figures no matter what Ganymede tries, he will not be able to chase Darach from his home. There is a reason Darach is here at the clan’s seat and there is nobody present, human or other, who will keep him from his duty.

There is one guest among Ganymede’s group of time-traveling tourists Darach would like to get to know better. She interests him more than anyone has in a long time, and not just as a quick snack. There is something about the woman that calls to him, raises his protective instincts, and he is not sure that involvement would be wise. Be that as it may, Darach finds himself strongly drawn to her, and that is something that hasn’t occurred to him in a very long time. The last time he felt such an attraction for a woman, it ended in tragedy, and Darach has no intention of letting that happen again. The memories still haunt him after all these centuries, and the woman, Blythe, is both a cause and a distraction, a potent combination. She is never far from his senses, and Darach feels a longing that is quite unsettling. What it is about her could be that she is trying to make him happy, and that is not something he is used to at all. There is an aura of desperation about her he doesn’t like, and the urge to throttle the man who is causing her this anxiety is very strong.

The vacation of a lifetime is definitely not the description that Blythe would give this little jaunt into the past. Oh, it was supposed to be a working vacation, but her twenty-fourth century logic keeps flying out the window. She keeps losing her sense of perspective, as well any sense of caution her fevered brain tries to conjure. The man is simply a menace to her mental health. This stranger is tall, dark, and if Blythe were a betting gal, which she really wasn’t, she would bet her very job that he is dangerous beyond belief. He is one mystery that she wants nothing to do with. Fate has other plans for her and Darach. With his lethal barbarian charm, Darach is a force to be reckoned with and the fact he is also a vampire leaves a lot to be desired. Blythe feels anything but threatened. Definitely heated, nervous, and upset, but the only threat Darach poses is to her job. With his sinfully dark and chiseled good looks, and voice like the richest velvet, he is the total virile male, and gives the jaded description “terrifying beauty” a whole new and exciting meaning. He is the elemental male, the epitome of every woman’s fantasy in the flesh.

Now, to make matters much worse, Textron has decided that, in order to keep her job with Ecstasy Incorporated, she had to pass this test. She has to use her talents and make Darach happy. That totally sucks big time because Darach radiates power of all kinds, but mainly sexual power, and he knows how to wield it as well. Sex made Blythe very unhappy, and she really wants to keep her job at Ecstasy, but trying to make Darach happy by using her talents is a losing proposition. Normally she can easily read the clients assigned to her, their emotions are open to her. Darach is closed, he is a blank wall, and Blythe has no idea where the door is or how to reach him. She knows that Textron is just waiting for her to fail, to really blow the job and her career. She has to make this work. It is not only her career at stake here, but her family’s reputation. The guilt she carries about that is another story, but for now, she has to work on making Darach open up to her so he will be happy. That is, of course, if centuries old vampires can be happy…

So, you think you have a handle on Nina Bangs, right? Well, ladies, think again. Just as you thought Nina was settling down with the more conventional romance like a good little writer, she goes blasting off into yet another delightfully wicked paranormal. Darach is a man who reeks of sexuality, power, and an undeniable magnetism and masculine beauty that leaves a woman breathless. He is the embodiment of hot passionate nights and silken sheets, and a smooth a sin voice that could lead a saint astray. Blythe is just the woman that he needs in his life and is uniquely suited to Darach. Neither give true love a thought until it smacks them over the head, and even then they fight against their true feelings. Into this mix, throw the Ultimate Cosmic Troublemaker and his Trusty sidekick, and you are in for a raucous and delightful time. Yes my friends, Ganymede is back and this time, the Cosmic Bad Boy is charged with doing good. Well, his friendly sidekick, Sparkle Stardust, is not having any of that “being good” stuff and sets out to create total havoc. Since lustful mischief is her greatest talent, she endeavors to pair off Ganymede’s guests.

Master of Ecstasy is Nina Bangs at her best, and she doesn’t disappoint us with her tale of Darach and Blythe. My favourite mischief-maker is once again present, and yes, I am Ganymede’s biggest fan. Whether he is in cat form as he was in Original Sin, toy form as in The Pleasure Master, or human form as he is here in Master of Ecstasy, Ganymede’s antics always entertain, delight and bring fulfillment to the wildest wishes. Ganymede’s friend, lover, and fellow miscreant, Sparkle Stardust is also a real hoot, and she adds a spark of life that twinkles as a thorn in his side. She is there to constantly remind him of the fun he could be having, but also to spread her own delightful trouble. A romantic at heart, Sparkle can’t really wrap her mind around the concept of love not lust, and this is the root of her problem. She is unerring in her matchmaking, however, and this gives Master of Ecstasy a keenly witty edge. Available now, from Dorchester’s LoveSpell line, Master of Ecstasy is a book that you really don’t wanna miss. Kudos, to Nina!

Yours in good reading,


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