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Man for the Job

Title: Man for the Job
Author: Marie-Nicole Ryan

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Published by Wings ePress, Inc.
IBSN: 1–59088–391–8

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Michael Carlton is a wisecracking private investigator who is good at what he does. He is very sure of himself and his abilities that is, until he meets his nine am appointment who is more than his match. He becomes a private investigator after leaving the police force when his wife was killed. His father is an ex CIA spook and his mother is of British Aristocracy; which accounts for his slight European accent. Because of something that happened two years before his marriage to his wife that produces a son from a different woman, Michael feels that he will never amount to anything in his father’s eyes, who has made it clear that he is very disappointed in him.

Michael sits in his office waiting for his client to show. He is used to his clients showing up at the last minute. At first glance he is in lust! Then he looks into her eyes and figures that she is out of his league. She tells him that she wants to hire him to find out who is stalking her. He agrees and sticks his foot in his mouth at every turn by hitting on her. The more he gets to know her the more he starts to feel more than lust. He is falling in love with the lovely Gwyneth Wells and she thinks he is crazy. Especially when out of the blue he asks her to marry him. How is he going to convince her that he is serious?

Gwyneth Wells is an ex DA turned Pro Bono lawyer who helps out abused women. She works in an office with her uncle who refers her to Michael for help with her stalker problem. She is further infuriated by his crass attitude toward her. Two weeks before she comes to him for help, she breaks up with her fiancé, who is a corporate lawyer with only one client and that client is why she ends their relationship. He represents a mob boss and she represents his wife. He is not happy and tries to force her to drop her client. Now she is being stalked and she has to deal with a very unprofessional private detective to help her find who is stalking her.

At first Gwyneth is unimpressed by the private investigator that her uncle sends her to. The man was not only unprofessional but he does not seem to be very serious. She is further unimpressed by the private detective as soon as he opens his mouth and out comes some cheesy P.I. persona. She thinks that he is a sarcastic, wisecracking, politically incorrect jerk with not one serious bone in his body. And what a body he had. She leaves him in the taxi that they rode together in and walks to her office in a huff after he kisses her. She is shaken to the core by him. She is not ready to face her attraction to the man and tries to fire him but to no avail. Her dear old uncle hires him and puts him on retainer to find out who is stalking her and protect her. She thinks it is too soon after her breakup with her ex fiancé to fall for another so she tries to keep things on a professional standing. That is until she is attacked in an alley, gets a concussion and before the thug could do more damage to her, Mike shows up and saves her.

Marie – Nicole Ryan

The Man for the Job by Marie-Nicole Ryan is an action packed story that keeps you on your toes and makes you want to keep turning the pages to find out who is after Gwyneth and will Michael ever convince her that he is serious about his feelings for her. There are many twists in the story that will have you cheering Gwyneth for her strength or irritated with her and the same with Michael. There are the other characters that come into play as the story unfolds but you will just have to read it to find out. You also be laughing at the characters’ antics. You will find this and others like it at Wings ePress, Inc.

Happy Reading,

Lynne Gallego

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