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Make-Believe Bride

Title: Make-Believe Bride
Author: Kelly McDonough

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published in 2005 by Publish America
IBSN: 1-4137-5152-0

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Jonathan Trent is not only handsome but he is loaded in money. But that doesn’t help when he makes the worst mistake of his life. When he makes a bet with a childhood friend about one of the radio stations he looses. Now he is pressed for time to find a wife. After checking over possibilities, he discovers he only has one person that can pull him out of this mess and that is his new account executive, Kelsey McClaire. He has already suffered with one painful marriage and he promised never to go that route again. Surely a six-month deal won’t be too agonizing.

Jonathan knew he should have never made that bet but he was sure he would win. Now he only has to find that one person and marry within the month then stay with her for six months. The words sounded simple but the action was what was leaving him at a standstill. If his rival even revealed anything about any bet, he would lose his station to Jonathan. That was the whole deal in a nutshell. The only problem was, Jonathan had no idea once he told Kelsey of the deal that he would end up falling for her in the worse way. He has already been through a marriage with a gold digger of a wife who liked to try out what other men had to offer. He doesn’t plan to go on that route again. He quickly notices that Kelsey is nothing like Mia. Kelsey is warm, fun, vibrate and beautiful inside and out. She is someone that he would love to live the rest of his life with but he has to think about his family, and her feelings. With each passing day he finds that spending more time with Kelsey is going to make it much harder when it comes time to say goodbye to this contract.

Kelsey McClaire is shocked when Jonathan Trent hands her an excessive amount of money for playing a role. She is a new hire, couldn’t he have asked someone else? When he calls her in his office she is almost sure he plans to fire her for losing a two hundred thousand-dollar deal for Trent & Trent Media. Instead he surprises her with a tempting offer she finds hard to refuse. She knows she can use the money since her ex-husband left her with a lot of debts to pay but being a make-believe bride is a part she would rather not play. Jonathan is a very handsome man and any woman would be excited to take the plunge with him, but she is the kind of woman that doesn’t want to fall for a man only to have to say goodbye in six months. She knows this role-playing would end up exactly that way.

Kelsey knows it is a decision that she must make if she wants to be debt free. If only her ex-husband hadn’t scooted out of their marriage leaving her with a money bag of debts. The more thought she gives to it, she figures it is only a job and the money would indeed come in handy. It would be nice to be completely free with a zero balance in her accounts and there have been no other offers from anyone to help with the matter. She accepts the deal then finds herself being swept off her feet to places she has never been. There is so much that has to be done for the wedding and Jonathan is the perfect gentleman making sure that he spoils her to no end. In no time the battles with her heart become worse as she finds herself growing more attracted to Jonathan no matter how hard she fights the situation. She could always take the money and run afterwards, but Kelsey finds herself not only richer than she ever imagined but instantly falling in love.

Make-Believe Bride is a book will leave you with a wonderful sigh of pleasure. It is gripping with emotion that really ranks high on the charts. The characters are well rounded and really impact the storyline. Kelsey and Jonathan grow on you and make you feel like they are real. The secondary characters blend in to make this an excellent read. I especially liked the way their ex-partners were mentioned in the story and we got a feel of what the two main characters had been through. Kelsey and Jonathan are two caring souls that needed to find love and when they find it, they make sure it’s the real thing. I absolutely loved the way Kelsey described Jonathan in her mind. That was a dessert that you could practically savor with every word. She had a tremendous ache for him and he was the only cure. They both were great actors wishing for the real to actually happen and hoping that it would turn out to be just that – genuine. She feels safe whenever she is in Jonathan’s arms. My heart melted with the scene with the puppy. I found myself cheering for her, as she had to continue to fight her feelings because she knew in less than six months the wedding would be over and she no longer would be with Jonathan. She wanted everything with him and she didn’t want to play house.

Kelly McDonough writes from her heart. She tells a story that touches and makes you believe that love is out there if you only search. A very distinctive story that intrigues in every page. Ms. McDonough delights the reader as you find yourself cheering on the couple. It is extremely well written and has you flipping the pages to see if the couple actually end up together. The way Ms. McDonough describes each scene with Kelsey and Jonathan, you feel almost a part of their lives and their tantalizing trips. Make-Believe Bride is a sweet romance that you will enjoy. It soars to the heavens above and beyond. If you haven’t read this book, you are in for an absolute treat. This is a fairy tale come true! Sparks fly, passion abounds and hearts unite in Kelly McDonough’s Make-Believe Bride. Pick up a copy today either in e-book or paperback at Publish America . You will be glad you did.

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