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Title: Mail Order Bride
Author: Barri Bryan

Published in 2006 by Linden Bay Romance
Genre: Historical Romance/Western
ISBN: 1-905393-84-9

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Cherry Blossom has taken on the role of a mail order bride. The bright southern lady is on her way to Texas to meet her groom. Even though she has attended Miss Lavenia Sitwell’s Atlanta School for young ladies, she has no intentions of being some little passive wife completely obeying her husband in every way. She was prepared to be greeted by her future fiancé the moment she stepped from the stage coach, but after waiting for his arrival, she is shocked that he is not the farmer she expected. Instead, she is greeted by a very handsome business man. After she learns that he has won her in a poker game, she is furious. She is not some piece of merchandise that can be sold. Where do the two men get off in passing her from one to the other? After he finishes his little speech, she instantly lets him know how she really feels about the situation.

Cherry discovers that this is one man that is really going to get under her skin. After they begin to share time together, she is not happy with the way he wishes to conduct things. She doesn’t allow anyone to boss her and Chad seems to be his own boss, even to her. He has his belief how women should behave and she has her own opinions. When she learns more of the situation, she bites her tongue and agrees to play the perfect hostess for his business deals. As the days gradually pass before them, she soon discovers that Chad is a warm loving person and she would like to get to know him better. Her heart speaks love and her knees want to turn to jelly every time they are around each other. She wonders is this one challenge she is willing to give into, to find true happiness, with a man she could love forever.

Chadwick Hamilton needs a wife fast. The frivolous gambler and saloon owner, not to mention belonging to two of Boston’s most prominent and prestigious families, gets caught at a card table and winds up getting his badly needed bride from a chance game of cards. Winning a mail order bride wasn’t something that he considered luck of the draw, no matter how badly he heeded a wife. He will have to explain it is only a business arrangement and nothing more. After losing the card game, Chad goes over to pick up Cherry and explain the situation. He had no idea the first time he would meet her, they would instantaneously spar. She may be one attractive woman but the more she speaks, the more he can tell she has a mind of her own. And Cherry, who names their daughter, Cherry?

He was certain the woman that got off the stage would be meek, and humble willing to do as the husband instructs, however, this woman was no timid mouse. Still one glance at her and she appears like she could use a good man to care for her. He will do what he can to make her feel welcome in her new home, especially when he needs a wife for his future business arrangement. He soon discovers that the more he is in close proximity to her, the more her beauty entices him beyond words, and he feels like he is really falling in love with her. With everything headed toward something that could be a perfect happiness for them, someone is determined to cause some trouble when they question his character, but with the help of a good woman by his side, he is certain things will turn out for the best.

Mail Order Bride is one outstanding page-turner that shouldn’t be missed. Cherry is a great character, refreshing, interesting and downright fun, not to mention, spunky and robust in all her actions. I love when she and Chad get caught in their one on one dialogue. Cherry doesn’t allow anyone to step on her toes, keeping her strong will in tact, I love that. I could practically see all their expressions and when Chad had to tell her about the poker game and she was his prize, it was a priceless moment.

Barri Bryan has composed a well-written tale that spins great creativity. She gives such a grand visualization; I could almost see and feel everything. The way she draws them together slowly, makes this story so poignant, and the characters appealing, in their romance for the other. This story is entertaining and charming as each character brings on a certain charm surrounding the Wild West. Ms. Bryan delivers a superb read that gives the reader that ‘awe’ feeling, it is that incredible. This reader found this book absolutely great, enough to read again and again. Once you read about Chad’s irresistible dimples, you are just lost in the ambience of everything. If you wish a captivating story, passion that ignites the pages and a romance that excels, be sure to get your copy of Mail Order Bride today at This is one unforgettable tale that completely satisfies. I really hope it is entered in the Eppies. Kudos to Ms. Bryan!

Sincerely good reading,


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