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Luck is a Lady

Title: Luck is a Lady
Author: C. J. England

Published in October 2006 By Restless Wind Publications
Genre: Sensual Romance/Paranormal

Oh of all the luck! She is hating Halloween with a passion, and fussy customers too. To Lara Kincade, if she didn’t have bad luck, she would have none at all. Her newest boss, Gerald Kravitz, continually hit on her, or was threatening to fire her. Ok, that is nothing new because in spite of her college degree, and her graduating at the top of her class in Business Administration, she couldn’t keep a job. She got downsized, displaced, and just outright fired for things that were not her fault, or she had no knowledge of because they didn’t involve her. When her luck will change she doesn’t know, but she is heartily sick and tired of the crap she has to put up with at the minute market. Right now, her life really sucks, and she has a lot to think about. Lara needs a place to go, relax, unwind, and needs the right one. The trouble with that is being stuck in a low-end job, no prospects for advancement, and a boss who could care less, and is a slime ball besides. No money makes a vacation at this time not an option, and with this job, not available in the near future either.

The tide of Lara’s fortune and future seems to have turned when she gets a visit from Bertram Martel, Esquire. The bad part is she has lost her only remaining family, her Uncle Simon. Lucky inheritance? Not really because it can get worse. What she does inherit, is a broken down floating casino called the Lucky Lady. And from there it gets worse. The ship is haunted by a quartet of finicky ghosts, one hostile, a quirky elderly pair, and a surly captain. She finds herself constantly at odds with the so-called captain, who maintains the ship is his, and Lara’s ancestress stole it from him. But Justin Savage is an obstacle she can’t easily get past. The handsome captain is a ghost, more than her lonely heart bargained for, and Lara is in over her head. She is uncertain she can break the curse, and when it comes to Justin, she doesn’t want to lose him. The upshot is in truth, Lara wants the curse broken, but she understands if it is possible she could lose Justin forever. Her head and her own heart says she needs to free the trapped souls, and she could be the only chance they have…

Justin Savage is the rightful owner of the Lucky Lady. He has lived here on her…wait, he has haunted her for almost a hundred years, and it could be forever if he can’t find the means to break the vindictive woman’s curse. Bridget Kincade was a dabbler in black magic, and it was her curse that changed his life those long years ago. The others? Well, they got in the way, and were innocents in the vengeance Bridget foisted on him. He didn’t deserve it, not one bit. He had no idea what he was getting into with her, but he was blinded by her great beauty, and missed the sharp and vicious persona behind it all. Justin was devastated when he discovered her deceit, and he wanted to make sure she never reaped the rewards of her theft. From Bridget’s son to grandson, generation after generation he has methodically ruined their attempts to revive the Lucky Lady, and he is not about to stop now. There is a new owner, yet another Kincade, and he will treat him no differently. L. Kincade will find himself in a heap of trouble, but if he is like most of the others, he won’t ever set foot on the ship.

Justin is not prepared for the sight that meets his eyes. L. Kincaid is a woman! This is not what he has been expecting, but he has to harden his heart against her, and he has no reason to like her, or cut her a break. She is a Kincade, therefore she is the enemy. He is not surprised she can see him because all the rightful owners can see him, Charlie, Diana, Lottie and Malcolm. He decides he has to impress on Lara Kincade he is a presence to be reckoned with, and she better fear him because he will ruin her. What he is not prepared for is her defiance and spirit. He tries to intimidate her, but trying the tactic almost ends in her falling down an open hatch. He doesn’t want her dead because that would put him on the same footing as Bridget, and yet when he grabs for her in what he thinks is a vain attempt to save her from the fall, he discovers he can touch her. This is something he is not prepared for, and his body as well as him mind go off planning things he doesn’t even want to think about. He is a ghost for crying out loud, and the last thing he needs is an entanglement with a flesh and blood woman. Or is it?

Luck is a Lady is a delightfully entertaining read about a ship with five resident ghosts, four of whom really want to move on to their just rewards. The fifth? Well, Captain Justin Savage is ok with the rest going on, but he has sworn revenge on the woman and her family for ruining his life’s work, and stealing his beloved ship, the Lucky Lady. There is a new owner, and Justin is determined the same fate will befall this one too. Then he meets her…YES, HER. Lara is totally unexpected, and that is when Lottie, Malcolm, Diana and Charlie start pestering him about the promise of escape. Lottie and Malcolm keep reminding him of the gypsy Bridget brought on board to exorcise them from the Lucky Lady after she had cast her curse. They want released, and Lara wants her ship to be beautiful and profitable again. Lara will go to any lengths to accomplish that for the Lucky Lady including defying Justin, and so the battle likes in this particular war are set.

CJ England, has penned a wonderfully quirky read in Luck is a Lady. From the beginning, Lara Kincade is in deep trouble when it comes to her inheritance and its accompanying ghosts. They are ecstatic the new owner is a woman, for they have big plans for her, and are determined to get their way. It is a no-holds-barred match that will determine the course of her future, and possibly her happiness. Certainly the outcome is dependent on her love for a ghost, and it could mean release and redemption for those caught unwillingly on board. Luck is a Lady brings to life the struggles to get and then keep a dilapidated casino cruise ship going, and the fates of its ghostly all depend on her winning the heart of the captain, and his loving her as well. Faced with his problems and the looming deadline, Justin can only hope he makes the right choice, and yet when he finds Lara, he finally realizes she just might be the antidote for the curse. At this point, all any of them can hope is that Luck is a Lady. Look for it at Forbidden Publications. I know you will read this quick and wonderful book it over and over again!

Yours in good reading,


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