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Love's Sweet Assassin

Title: Love’s Sweet Assassin
Author: Angela Verdenius

Published in 2003 by Wings ePress
Genre: Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance
IBSN: 1-59088-182-6

Cover Artist: Richard Stroud

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He is a Prince, the ruler of his planet. Tall, blonde, handsome, and very sensual, Kiile reeks of the sexuality and the sensual nature that helps to make his people so attractive, gives them the hedonistic society renowned thorough the quadrant. The beauty of the Argons and their arrogant and hedonistic ways are the envy of some, the bane of others, but there is someone out there that wants Kiile dead, and they have gone to a lot of trouble in their attempts to take his life. There haven’t been any for a while, at least not until his birthday banquet. Although he keeps on guard, the mastermind behind the attacks has never been identified, and yet the most recently sent assassin is a great disturbance to him. Small, dark, and voluptuous, she is not the usual kind of woman that holds attraction for him, but she has definitely made her way under his skin. The fact that she nearly died in his dungeon upset him, the fact that there is fear in her eyes when he probes for the one who hired her, makes him curious. Over and above all is an overwhelming sense of protectiveness that he doesn’t understand.

Kiile also doesn’t understand why the Argon charm has no effect on the girl. In the past, the Argon sensuality has been a potent weapon to discover plots and secrets that enemies would just as soon keep hidden. Katina was not affected at all, neither by him nor any other male, and it is that fact that has him keeping her very close. In and of itself, her immunity is most curious and extremely frustrating, and torture is not an option. It is curious that a drug has been found, a potent suppressant introduced into her system. He knows that sooner or later, someone will try again, and he only hopes that before that happens, Katina will have told him what he wants to know, what he needs to know to stop the attacks. Until then, he has bound her to him, and he shall keep trying until the drug that insures her immunity has worn off. It is too bad that the healer cannot tell him when that will be. He can only hope that no other attempts will be made or be successful until he finds out the identity of his would-be murderer. He has no idea of the consequences of his actions. Soon he will find out whether he regrets his actions, or if those actions lead him to a new understanding, and possibly to his one true love.

Life has not treated Katina well. The vagaries that others would possibly take in stride have robbed her of almost everything she holds dear, and what it hasn’t taken outright, it has put in jeopardy. The maturity that has settled so uneasily on her small but strong shoulders has not been the easiest thing to live with, and the fact that it robbed her of her childhood would have left a weaker person bitter. Katina can only think of those who depend on her. She has done many things that she has not been proud of to insure the survival of the others, and will continue to do so until she can secure their freedom. If there is anything that is certain in her life, it is her loyalty. It is a sticky situation that the short dark-haired beauty finds herself in, and it is even worse now because she has failed in her most recently designated task. She has failed to kill Kiile, the arrogant Argon Prince, and she fears the repercussions. She is Kiile’s captive, and yet she does not fear for herself at his hands, but for the loved ones she left behind. They are in a dangerous situation that she understands only too well. The danger to them is represented by the position in which she has now found herself because she is not a murderer.

The fact that the master wants Kiile dead is something she doesn’t understand. Hatred is something that doesn’t come easily to Katina, and the seeming pointless revenge for an unknown crime supposedly perpetrated by Kiile didn‘t make things easier. There is a ruthlessness about him, but it is not the kind of trait that would inspire such fear or hatred that she can see when her master speaks of him. His single mindedness is toward pleasure, as is natural for all Argons. They are pleasure seekers, hedonists of the highest order, and both male and female are relentless in the search for those ultimate pleasures. Katina is beginning to understand the driving force of their hedonistic society, and as understanding dawns, so does respect and appreciation for the loyalty and love that those around Kiile feel for him. In understanding the society Kiile leads, she also becomes aware that things may not be as she was led to believe, and this troubles her greatly. What is going on here, and how can she get away, get back home to hopefully save those she loves?

Kudos again to Angela Verdenius as she takes us back to the planet of the Argons, to the land of those sensual and most hedonistic of people. Kiile has met his match in a dark-haired, petite but voluptuous bundle of deceit, but yet there is a feeling underlying it all that everything is not as it seems. She was sent to kill him. Yet the fear in Katina’s eyes tells him that she is not the cold-blooded murderer that everyone thinks, but is being driven by some deeper motivation. If he can solve that, he may be able to find out who is behind her attempt to destroy him, and who has been behind the other attempts as well. Katina doesn’t understand what is happening. She only knows that she has failed, and that those she loves are now in grave danger. What she doesn’t expect, it the wealth of feeling she is discovering. It is quite disconcerting that she is responding to the man. The drug was supposed to protect her from him, from the Argon sensuality, the potent pheromones that they used to seduce and destroy according to the master.

Love’s Sweet Assassin tells the story of how Kiile meets his mate, Katina, the one woman destined to be his one and only love. What neither Kiile nor Katina can understand is the power of fate that brings them together, and then threatens to rip them apart. For those of you who haven’t met Kiile before, getting to know him will be a real treat. He is a tall sensual creature, smart, arrogant, and like the rest of his people, goldenly handsome. His nemesis is his polar opposite, her creamy skin is shown off by her dark hair, and her shorter frame sports a wealth of feminine curves. Neither is the woman impressed by Kiile’s presence, a fact that does much to pound his ego ground ward, and spurs his determination to solve the riddle that is Katina. Love’s Sweet Assassin is a tale not to be missed, and it is another delightful futuristic offering from Wings ePress. Come and visit Angela’s world as she tells of Kiile’s descent into love. Love’s Sweet Assassin available at now. You really don’t want to miss it because it is another definite keeper from the delightful imagination of Angela Verdenius.

Yours in good reading,

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