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Return To Wonderland: Lord Kir of Oz Return to Wonderland: Lord Kir of Oz

Title: Return to Wonderland: Lord Kir of Oz
Author: Mackenzie McKade and Cheyenne McCray

Genre: Fantasy/BDSM – Erotic Romance
Published in August 2005 by Ellora’s Cave Publishing
IBSN: 1-4199-0325-X

Related Books: This is book 1 in the Return to Wonderland series.

A girl has got to have her dreams and fantasies, but every once in a while, she would wish for at least part of them to come true. Dorothy Abigail Osborne has some pretty great fantasies, but they all revolve around a dream. None of the men she has met can hold a candle to her “Dream Man,” and to be nice about it, they are simply not sophisticated, nor grown up enough to understand what a woman like her wants, needs, desires. Be that as it may, she is fed up with the hard work, the boys posing as men, and her Aunt Maye’s casual cruelties. She is ready to break away from the Kansas farm, and head to New York City. There she will find men, well, one specifically. There at least, she may have half a chance at some real happiness.

She knows her Aunt Maye is not deliberately cruel, for Abby was raised and cared for by her aunt and uncle after her parents were killed. She is grateful for what she has been given. The long hours, and the expectations are getting to Abby, and she is ready to rebel, to leave for greener pastures. She thinks it is about time for her, and her Irish Wolfhound Otto, to hit the road. She is getting ready to leave, when she spots trouble. The twister comes out of nowhere, and as she tries desperately to get away, she and Otto are caught in the whirlwind. Her last thoughts are not pleasant, and she doesn’t know if she will survive. What she finds when she comes to, is a strange new place, the man of her dreams, and a situation that is a mixture of fantasy and nightmare. At first, scared and a bit shaken, she is not sure whether she is awake, or dreaming. The only thing she knows for sure, is that she must get home to Aunt Maye, and reality…

The storm came up quickly, and Kir, Lord of the cave-dwelling mountain wolves, and Ruler of the Emerald City is making tracks down his yellow brick road. The unusual storm has him nervous, and there are just times when he needs to check on things personally. This is one of those times, and he is drawn away from the city, down the road of yellow bricks, to an ominous red beast, and the sight of the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. As Lord Kir approaches, another creature appears, fangs bared, and looking for a fight. The dog, O by name, will fight to protect his mistress, so now Lord Kir has to not only establish his dominance, but show he means no harm to the beauty O protects. The tiff taken care of, Lord Kir hauls his prizes back to the Emerald City.

He is determined to see the woman healed, and doing his bidding, and will train her carefully to please him. In his mind, she is already his, the attraction is stronger than he has ever felt before for anyone in his pack. This disturbs him, for he doesn’t understand what is happening. He knows that soon he must choose a pack mate, and begin the cycle that will bring his heirs, but he has not found that special someone, and surely this can’t be his chosen one. The thought never enters his head. He has already made a friend of the dog, but now, as he struggles to train its mistress, outside forces are seeking to destroy him, and take over Emerald City, and beyond. Torn between the need to have Abby submit to him, and seek the Sorcerer who threatens all he holds dear, Lord Kir finds himself fighting not only for his kingdom, but for his one true love…

Welcome to Wonderland, a place where men are dominant, and women submit to their every wish. In Return to Wonderland: Lord Kir of Oz, Mackenzie McKade and Cheyenne McCray weave a tale of bondage and domination, a benevolent world where men rule, and women are truly fulfilled. Into this world, they drop Abby, a strong-willed woman with dreams and desires of her own. What she doesn’t understand, is that there is a small place in her that craves what only Lord Kir can give. Although she is not submissive by nature, there are aspects of sexual submission that titillate her, tantalize, and excite her in ways she never dreamed possible. In spite of her defiance, Lord Kir is determined to train Abby, but is stymied by her resistance. Not until some friends show up does he begin to understand, and not until he may lose her, will he actually learn.

Return to Wonderland: Lord Kir of Oz is a story that is more than an adult fairy tale. It is written with deep sensitivity to the nuances that make romances sparkle, and with enough excitement to keep you on the edge of your seat. The heroine, Abby, is strong, gutsy, obstinate, and determined to enjoy the time she spends in this unusual place, but her goal is always focused on home, and finding the man who will love her for herself. Lord Kir is equally determined to bring her around to his way, and to that end causes her a great deal of frustration. Unknown to both, the evil sorcerer, Balin has plans for Abby, and they include bringing Lord Kir to his knees. Return to Wonderland: Lord Kir of Oz is a wonderfully erotic read, and will keep your attention to the very last page. Available now, it is another feather in the caps of Cheyenne McCray and Mackenzie McKade.

Yours in good reading,


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