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Title: Let Me Entertain You
Author: Summer Jordan

Published in July 2007 by Total E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-906328-06-1

There was little that Leanne Jamieson expected from life. She suffered a horrible marriage with a man who took her for granted AND cheated on her before demanding a divorce. Left to her own devices, and faced with no alimony, no viable means of support, and the upkeep on her home, she and two long-time friends, also divorced women, started a hostess business. Using the talents they had and the things they knew best, they offer shopping services, organizing, and party planning services and act as hostesses for their clients. No, the services are not sexual, although it would probably be an easy trap to fall into if they hadnít already been down that road. Yes, they had been married, but all three still considered it a trap. Margo, Erin, and Lea all decided they were not going to fall into the marriage market soon, and as their business grew and thrived, they found themselves busy, very happy, and yet Lea realizes in a sense she is very lonely. Sometimes friendship alone is just not what a woman needs. Lea doesnít realize the reason for the unsettled feelings until she hosts a party for a friend, Paul Cain. There she meets Dr. Michael Andrews, psychologist, marriage councilor, and divorced father of two.

Michael has a problem Lea can help with, a very special dinner he needs to give for a prospective publisher. She is very drawn to the extremely handsome and charming doctor, and not only physically, she knows she has to tread carefully. He is an enigma to her. With all he has to put up with, he is still relatively happy-go-lucky and fairly laid back. He is a rare man, one who listens, really listens, and she finds herself wanting to help him, to get into his life and be a part of it, and this disturbs her on some level. She doesnít understand the pull of someone who wants to be a real partner, it is beyond her experience, but as she decides to accept his unusual proposition, and begins to work closely with him, she realizes the kind of person Michael is deep inside. What she finds in him is more than she expected, and it scares her badly, and at the same time attracts her as well. When this is over, she is not sure where she will stand, if her heart will be in one piece or many, and whether or not she will survive. Meanwhile, she has decided to play wife to Michael in the hopes that he can land the desired book contract that means so much to him. Lea knows the position is only a temporary thing, but the more she learns about Mike, his kids, and his life, the more she desires to be a permanent part of it, and that is frighteningÖ

Doctor Michael Andrews has a secret. His life is not what readers of his column may think. As Dr. Mike, he writes a syndicated and very popular column of advice for marriage success, and help for those in trouble. The thing is, Michael himself is divorced, and the father of twins of whom he has sole custody. This is not what others may look for in a marriage councilor, and Mike is very aware of this, as is his publicist. Now, with an offer of a possible book contract, Michael has been told he needs to do some entertaining, but how is he to accomplish that without a wife at his side? The answer comes when he goes to a party hosted by a friend named Paul Cain. It is there he meets the woman he supposes is Cainís wife or at least girlfriend, only to find the beauty could be the answer to his prayers. Never has he been attracted to a woman as he is to this one, but he soon finds out that Leanne Jamieson is all business, and wishes to keep things that way. She is also a third owner of a business called Wives-R-Us, a trio of beauties who specialize in the workings of regular everyday life for harried business men and women who do o not have the time to throw a party, or canít organize a schedule, or do the ordinary mundane shopping of their lives.

He soon becomes a client, and is quick to learn the skills the three possess are a great boon to him, and he is grateful to Paul for introducing him to their service. Leanne is still the object of more than just his lust, and as they work together, and she discovers the mess his life is in, he realizes he is coming to care a great deal for her. Michael is learning Leanne is more to him than just a pretend wife, and more to him than just hired help too. He can see her in his life on a permanent basis, and that brings up a whole new set of problems. When push comes to shove, Michael knows he will have to re-evaluate things, his whole situation with Lea, his readers, and if he gets the contract, with the publishers, but that is something to face when it comes up. For now, he has the publisher to court, the contract to win, and if all is successful, maybe, just maybe a new wife, and a mother for his children. Now for him, that would be the best of all worlds, if only he can hold it together until he had the book contract in hand, then and only then can he really concentrate on something else, like winning Lea for himself!

This book, Let Me Entertain You by Summer Jordan is billed as an erotic romance, but Dear Readers, it is SO much more. Ms Jordan has combined a delightful sense of humor, a wonderfully sweet and rather sexy story, and elements of suspense to give you a book of surprising depth and sensuality. For Lea, the work is exciting, and in the case of Doctor Michael Andrews, a way to earn enough money to pay for the four thousand debenture fees wanted by her condo management. This is an opportunity not to be passed up, and yet she is shocked at the pull the man exerts on her libido as well as her heart. When she first enters his house, she is concerned because of what she sees. She is not against animals, but finds it hard to entertain when they are around. She doesnít expect to find the clutter belongs to his children, and two year old twins at that! She has none of her own, so Leaís experience has been nil as far and the wants and needs of kids are concerned. With Michaelís assurances everything will be all right, Lea accepts the job and the challenge, and begins to turn Michaelís decidedly ordered to his liking world upside down.

Summer Jordan brings to life the characters in her story so you find yourself rooting for them, hating the situation they find themselves in, and wanting to bang heads together when they seem to be going off the beaten path to love. With Michael and Lea, there is not a calm moment, especially when their exes show up to try to throw monkey wrenches into the works. Let Me Entertain You by Summer Jordan is fun, sexy, erotic, and also very down to earth, and a story we can all get lost in and truly enjoy. Like every good romance, there is a happy ending, but it may not be exactly as you envision, and that is what makes the story pop. From first page to last, Ms Jordan brings is life, love, conflict, and the hopes, disappointments and heartaches of two people in love, and also the very erotic and sensual moments they share. Let Me Entertain You is available at Total-E-Bound books, and I highly recommend it for those who enjoy a very full and complex romance. For those who like their romance on a lighter side, you too will find this to your liking as it is filled with gentle humour, and the delightful joy you will probably come to expect from Summer Jordanís writing. Look for Let Me Entertain You by Summer Jordan today, and enjoy the adventure into love.

Yours in good reading,


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