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Kingdom of Moonlight

Title: Kingdom of Moonlight
Author: Josie Litton
Published in March 2002 by Bantam
Genre: Historical
ISBN: 0-553-58390-5

Princess Kassandra Atreides is thrilled. She has long dreamed of visiting England, and since her brother, Marquess of Bostwick and Prince of Akora has taken a wife, she surely thought to get here sooner. The unsettled times have not allowed this though. Her brother Atreus, Vanax of Akora, only allowed her to travel here recently. London awes her. Although her sister-in-law is soon expecting her first child, thus being a convenient excuse to come, the invitations from the ton still come regularly. The only thing Kassandra is not counting on is her reaction to Royce Hawkforte. That she hadn't foreseen. In truth, Kassandra lives up to her name as she possesses the power to foresee the future, but it is not always clear. In her visions, paths are shown that give choices, and yet something has drawn her here. A vision, yes, but it is also something more. A feeling that she has to be here, that it is important she has come now. Well, no matter what, she has her own agenda and is determined to see it through. Time will show her the always does, and it is up to her to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities as they are presented. If only things were more clear...

Lord Royce Hawkforte is a man of power and convictions, and nothing will keep him from his duties to his country. His family has always been that way, and his feelings are running true. It is not so much the ruler, as it is the country which has always drawn the Hawkforte allegiance. He is no exception in this regard, for he wants Prinny to enact some reforms for the people. He knows that the people, as well as the King, make England the great nation that it is, and while the threat of Napoleon has dimmed somewhat, they don't need trouble at home. The Whigs have him disturbed in that they are pushing for too much reform too fast. There have been outbreaks of fighting among the laborers and valuable machinery destroyed. That caused the Prime Minister, Sir Percival Spencer, to enact laws that gave the death penalty to any caught in acts of destruction. It didn't help Percival Spencer's popularity, and when a fanatical Whig killed him, England hiccupped again. Now he has to deal with Prinny's upset, and an unexpected invitation to Akora, and a visit with Kassandra's brother Atreus, Vanax of the Kingdom of Akora. So begins Royce Hawkforte's date with destiny...

Back to the fantasy and myth we go a second time. Kingdom of Moonlight transports us to England under the Prince Regent's Rule, and the ancient and isolated Kingdom of Akora. Once again, Josie Litton has wrapped us in magic and mystery; again given us characters of charm, wit, and intelligence. With dangers to both kingdoms looming large on the horizon, Josie takesus on an adventure that carries us from the parlors and ballrooms where George Gordon, Lord Byron romps and proses, to the open, casual freedom of Akora. The fact that Royce and Kassandra have demons both personal and mutual to face only enhances and adds even more dimension to this charming and riveting sequel to Dream Island. I have heard that this is only to be a trilogy, and if it is in fact true, I for one will bevery sad. Kingdom of Moonlight lives up to its promise, and is as remarkable as its predecessor. Since the first two of this trilogy have lived up to expectations, I am having trouble waiting for the third! Dream Island and Kingdom of Moonlight are to be followed in November by Castles in the Mist. We have two, and if my suggestions are good...Go for three!

Yours in good reading,


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