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Title: Killer in High Heels
Author: Gemma Halliday

Published in 2006 by Dorchester Publishing
Genre: Chic Lit
ISBN 10: 0-505-52712-X
ISBN 13: 978-0-505-52712-7

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Two things that Maddie Springer hates is: Birkenstocks, a shoe that she didnít design, and being tortured to go sit-ups by her friend, Dana, the double D aerobics instructor, wanna-be actress, who only insists she wants her to look her best for her hot detective cop, Jack. Hmm, why she even bothers to keep doing such an exercise that only makes her hurt and sweat, when she hasnít heard from the detective for what, two weeks, is beyond her. All she had received was a phone message saying he was busy, working, and it was two weeks later, when he promised to call the next day. She should just say the heck with all the exercise but she decides to pursue, one never knows when he might unsuspectingly surprise her. When Dana, who doesnít seem to break a sweat, insists she practice on her glutes, Maddie draws the line. She will promise to do them later, in fact she will only eat lettuce for supper, of course she wonít mention that it might have a quarter pound beef patty wedged between it. When she finally gets home, she is bombarded with messages on her answering machine. It seems ever since she was involved with her ex-boyfriend, Richardís case, after he was arrested for conspiracy and embezzlement, her telephone number has been most popular with many. Now one message is from a reporter from the L.A. Informer who wishes to do a follow-up story on her ordeal. All Maddie can do is continue to hit delete, disregarding every message until she hears the one from her real father with a strange sound in the background resembling a gunshot.

Detective Jack Ramirez really has the hots for Maddy but business always seems to come before pleasure. As a detective, he is usually involved in undercover work and not always at liberty to discuss his mission. When he happens to connect with her in Las Vegas, of all places, after she is caught doing her own snooping, he insists this time she really butt out and stay home or go shopping, or really just mind her own business, no matter how much she is eager to lend a helping hand. He would like nothing more then to finally bond with Maddie but now is just not the right time. Not only is he chasing bad guys, but every time the two try to make a passionate connection, one of her friends, interrupts his most romantic of plans.

Maddie hasnít seen her father, Larry, since he left with Lola, some showgirl, who had legs almost longer then the line at Starbucks, headed to Las Vegas. The only dad she has really bonded with is the one her mother just married, who happens to run a Beverly Hillsí most exclusive salon, where she is able to get free manicures, something she finds really cool. Now the message is her read dad and he sounds as if he is really in trouble. She has to inform Dana and in no time she is getting a phone call from Jack then a visit from him. She doesnít know if she should be mad and not let him in the house because he has ignored her, but her jelly knees give in to allowing him inside, where all she can think about is being in his arms. One thing leads to another and he wants to make sure she is okay. When he learns she has decided to do a bit more investigation on the strange phone call, he forbids, and then warns her she is to stay out of it, stay home and just stay out of matters, tell the police and allow them to handle it. First off, no one forbids Maddie or warns her to butt out, no matter how handsome they are. It is her father and she has to find out more, so she enlists Danaís help as they head out to Vegas to find real answers.

Maddie never anticipated on Marco, the receptionist at the salon, to be along for the ride to Vegas, but he assures Maddie not to worry. He didnít even give her mother the real whereabouts of Maddie. Instead he told Maddieís mom that she and the hot detective had gone to Palm Springs for some fun. Maddie doesnít know if she should be thrilled or not, but she does feel relieved that her mother doesnít know that she is out looking for her dad. As they head for their road trip, she begins to spot a car following them and after they arrive in Las Vegas where the whole city lives on NoDoz, Maddie soon learns that things are not as they appear in the city of bright lights. As Dana finds more men to chase after, and Marco some drag-queens that keep him smiling, Maddie soon spots Lola, the woman who stole her father away, but coming upon Lola is nothing like she expected when she sees the real woman behind Lola. And when she finds her father, things really spin after she begins snooping at the Victoria Inn, and runs into a mob boss and Bruno, who just happens to be Jack. Now before she can even help her father, her goose may really be cooked by the time Jack gets finished with her.

Detective Jack Ramirez is undercover as a bouncer, and he must not allow his identity to become disclosed. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, believe that Monaldo is involved with the Marsucci family, involved in criminal activities and even counterfeiting. How Maddieís father blends in with everything he is working on, he cannot say, but he does need Maddie to please stay out of matters and allow him to do his job. This is hard for Maddie who feels she has a stake in the situation. She would rather be involved than just sitting around and waiting. After stumbling over a dead body, that she presumed was a bag of concrete, things really take on a different shape when she feels the deeper she leans into learning the truth, she may soon find herself next in line for foul play.

Killer in High Heels is an absolute killer book that I donít think I can say enough about, it is that spectacular! I thought Spying in High Heels, couldnít be topped, but Ms. Halliday has knocked off the charts with another mar-ve-lous caper. I think I want to be Maddie, no matter if she finds herself knee-deep in trouble with Jack or going after the bad guy, she is a fantastic woman! I could just see the road trip when Marco tagged along with Dana and Maddie. The whole book is so creative, extremely well-written, and dialogue that is snappy, sharp and grabs the reader completely. The additional secondary characters of Larry and the others in Las Vegas make a great seasoning, perfecting the idea novel.

Gemma Halliday certainly knows how to pen a read that makes the reader keep turning the pages. This powerful story with its witty conversation is what kept me turning the pages. Not to mention the wonderful antics of Dana, and her love life, and the zany Marco, really spun a magnificent read. The slow passionate scenes with Maddie and Jack as they slowly build up their relationship are really well constructed. Ms. Halliday makes this reader wish to read more of her fabulous works. Her lightheartedness wit in her storytelling makes this one implausible read. My only drawback was when my daughter phoned and asked could I watch for the school bus for her while she ran to town and back. I was in the middle of the book and I froze, I didnít want to cease reading. So amidst watching for the bus, preparing supper, and not getting any pages of the book dirty, I was able to read it with no interruptions. There was no way I could put this book down. I was hooked like a fish biting the hook. Action packed, and thoroughly electrifying, this book ranks high on my list of great books, and comes highly recommended!!!! This bravura novel can be yours at Dorchester Publishing where exciting becomes stimulating in an escapade that shouldnít be missed. With some stunning surprises along the way, you will be glad you came along on the ride.

Sincerely good reading,


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