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Title: Kidnapped
Author: Shiela Stewart

Published in February 2007 by Linden Bay Romances
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60202-030-6

Other Books by Shiela: Discovery In Passion, Escape In Passion, Mercy In Passion

Elizabeth Cromwell is glad to get away from her snobby friends, but kidnapping is not what crossed her mind. As she’s tied to a chair, Liz begins forming an escape plan. She has eluded her father and the tabloids for many years; sneaking out of her room to attend a party or the time she crawled through a bathroom window to dodge nosey photographers. Those events, though many more, give proof that she can get away from her captors, Bart and Betty.

MacKenzie Tyrell is about to loose the family farm since the banks refuse to lend him the money. Disguised as Bart Simpson, he contemplates that she is the solution to all his financial woes and making his dreams a reality; saving the family farm so he can start a horse ranch. Besides, this isn’t a real kidnapping, after all, she’ll always be safe with him. Keeping her only a week nothing could possibly go wrong.

Feeding her dinner, Mac unties Liz, and when he least expects it she punches him in the jaw. Not phased he commends her effort while tying her back up, and then heads downstairs. As Mac disappears outside with his chin covered by an ice pack, his partner, Terry heads upstairs. Disguised as Betty Rubble, Terry enters Liz’s room with his intentions etched on his face; he wants to have a little fun with her. Hearing her screams, Mac enters the room in time to stop Terry’s assault. When he allows her to clean up in the bathroom, Liz comes out kicking Mac in an attempting to run away, only to be captured again. This time he ties Liz to the bed and finishes treating her wounds. His constant calling her “princess” irritates Liz fueling her defiance, which doesn’t bother Mac at all. He finds her nasty demeanor amusing so purposefully incites her further with his comebacks.

With him sleeping in a chair close by, Liz believes sleep will be hard to come by. When the alarm wakes her at six in the morning, Liz is surprised that she actually slept. She cannot get over how alluring Mac is; especially after letting her use the bathroom while offering pain reliever for her cut lip. Although, his niceness doesn’t stop her from attempting to escape, again. As she struggles to get free of his grasp, Mac is feeling a bit turned on too, but a cold shower affords him some temporary relief. Eating breakfast with her, Mac’s libido once more soars as he watches Liz seductively eat a strawberry. Forgetting that she is untied, Mac leaves to take the dirty dishes downstairs. As soon as he returns Liz uses the opportunity to slam a chair across his back. Beelining for the stairs where Terry blocks her path, Liz rams her foot into his nose. She makes it to the back door before being caught…again. She’s very determined to leave their company! Carrying her back upstairs, Mac fights as she resists being tied to the bed’s headboard. As he lays sprawled atop Liz, she also wrestles with her rising carnal hunger towards Mac. Getting medicine for her re-opened cut lip, Mac reigns in his raging lust while reminding himself that in six days the farm will be saved. He also wonders if his heart will survive in the meantime.

While eating dinner Liz feels feisty so flings mash potatoes at Mac, who then flings them back at her. The activity only fuels their mounting ardor for one another, more so when Mac helps clean Liz’s face. When he takes the trays from the room, Liz works her getaway plan yet again. Rocking her chair so she can stand, Liz, hunched over, scoots towards the bathroom window, but trips on the bedspread that sends her falling face first to the floor. Mac scurries upstairs and finds her knocked outside the bathroom. Removing the binds and placing her on the bed he works to revive her. Coming around Liz tells Mac of her plan to jump out the window. Securing her to the bed, Mac goes about mounting bars on the inside of the windows. Knowing Liz sustained a nasty bump he checks on her where their eyes meet that shows a lusty variety of emotions. Moving closer to kiss her, Mac comes to his senses, musing that getting involved with Liz is not part of the plan. Liz pretends her concussion is worse then it really is, creating a distraction that will Mac’s downfall. Worrying about her concussion, Mac fetches her more juice. Distracted Mac returns to the bedroom where Liz clobbers him over the head with a lamp. She manages to move him onto the bed and then ties him to the head and footboard. The situation is clearly in Liz’s favor as she considers her plan’s next phase. Although how ever her plan comes about the results will reap monumental rewards for her and Mac.

This story is action packed with humorous dialog and a dash of suspense. Kidnapped, published by Linden Bay Romance, is a great story, as the amusing though stunning characters breathe life into the dynamic plot. Liz is a cunning and courageous woman who continues to flee her captors throughout her captivity. Her sassy mouth and quick wit make for a pleasurable read. Mac is a desperate man, although gentle and easy-going as he tolerates Liz’s belittling comments about his lack of criminal expertise. Mac is thoroughly amazed by Liz’s fearless tenacity to escape, since her living mostly a luxurious lifestyle. The sex is hot as the unions are wild and hungry. Kidnapped is a fun story that I will enjoy reading again.

A dedicated reader,

Pamela Jenewein

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