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The Katzman's Mate

Title: The Katzman's Mate
Author: Stormy Glenn

Published in January 2009 by Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre: Futuristic Erotic Romance, M/M
ISBN: 1-60601-280-0

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Commander Chellak Rai has fought long and hard to assure himself of a relatively bloodless coup. His every wish has been granted in that only a few of his men were injured, none lost, and the population of Katzmann is again safe. Thirty years have passed, each one with Chellak tugging at the bit, but knowing he had to time things carefully in order to depose the murdering scum who'd stolen his home, murdered his father, and co-opted his homeworld. Now he was victorious, and the Rai's finally are back in power. Now it is up to Chellak, as High Ruler, and his brother Ciprian to restore peace, and to return his planet to the prosperous and benevolent place it was long ago. Vortigern Vedek murdered his father, and he and his nasty son Viorel, usurped the throne of Katzmann, practically enslaving its people, and making it a haven for corrupt politics. Chellak can not put that all to rest, but first he must see to his people, and to the freeing of the slaves that now inhabit Katzmann. In order to do that, he needs some wise council, and he finds it in an elderly slave named Sorina.

After thirty years of slavery, it is no small wonder some refer to Chellak as master, but the prize that awaits him nearly knocks him off his feet. Sorina, reading Chellak correctly, presents him with a most precious commodity. The gift is ownership of a brüter from the planet Elquone, formerly owned by the Vedeks, and scared nearly to death. Delicate and frail looking, the figure in front of him shakes in fear, and to Chellak's surprise, it is a male of exquisite beauty. His attraction to the gorgeous little male is immediate, and he has no course but to accept him as instinct tells him to do. This delightful surprise is his mate, and Chellak knows he will be driven by the urge to claim him. He also knows he must keep him from Vortigern's clutches, and to do that puts Chellak in a hard place. According to Federation Rule of Law, the keeping of slaves is outlawed, but to free Demyan, would mean returning him to the one pair who would most assuredly be the death of him. Until Chellak can find a way around this quirk, he is determined to keep Demyan safe at all costs...

Rare and exotic people inhabit the systems and planets of the Federation, as well as its outlying fringes. Such is the case of the planet Elquone, and it's scarce population known for their beauty and grace. They are sought out by those on any number of worlds, and as brüters, they are well trained and cherished. But Demyan's, life has not been what he desired, nor had it followed the promise. He had tradition and the protection of a contract, but it was unfulfilled. He has been abused by the owner of his contract, and if things keep going the way they have been, it may mean his destruction. Demyan finds himself in the possession of Commander Chellak Rai, and although he senses his new master's attraction, there is tension, and hesitation in his bearing. Denyan has desires and wants, but he still fears retribution and pain at Chellak's hand, and has no way to communicate them. In a fit of unwarranted rage, Viorel Vedek attempted to strangle him, damaging his throat and vocal chords and rendering him mute. Now he is unable to talk, making communication with the very handsome and yet frightening Commander nearly impossible.

As for his relationship with Chellak, it is rocky to say the least. What Demyan doesn't know, he feels can hurt him, and Chellak is uncommunicative by nature. A gifted warrior, he is used to giving orders, that much Demyan understands. He knows he is attracted to the huge warrior, but he doesn't know if the attraction goes both ways. It is impossible, at least by Chellak's actions to tell his feelings. He seems to blow hot and cold, and it leaves Demyan confused. Not knowing enough about him is a definite handicap, but then he has no way of asking either. Sad and frustrated, Demyan has hard decisions to make, a course to plot, and some things to find. There has to be a way to communicate with Chellak, and when he is offered the chance give an opinion, he does. Demyan was never taught to read, write, hunt, or fight, that was not his purpose. But when Chellak offered him the chance to learn, Demyan jumps at it, hoping to win Chellak's love, and be able to stay at his side. There is a new trust beginning for Demyan, but with Chellak uncertain, and divided in his own mind, how can he be certain of his place?

Relationships are sketchy on any level when new, and in The Katzman's Mate by Stormy Glenn, her characters get off to a slow start. It is not Chellak's fault, nor is it Demyan's either. Both men are thrown into a tough situation, and the one who has the information can't share. Demyan finds a lot to admire in the huge warrior who now holds claim to him, and is very puzzled by the man's actions. He knows the High Ruler is attracted to him, but cannot understand why he is avoiding Demyan. Chellak, on the other hand, is torn by his feelings for the little brüter, and he fears, more than anything else, that Demyan will turn from him. He is afraid Demyan think he is a savage like Viorel Vedek, or that he is forcing himself on the object of his affections.

The course of true love never runs smooth, and Chellak and Demyan find that out first hand. Chellak's brother Ciprian and his mate Yerik try to advise the couple, but there are times when people just have to figure things out concerning love and marriage for themselves. Sensual, riveting, and full of intrigue, The Katzman's Mate is a tale you are not going to wanna miss. Ms Glenn has proven herself a Mistress of the Erotic, and the story of Chellak and Demyan is no exception. The book is available at Siren-Bookstrand, and is a great read for those of you who enjoy a walk on the wild side. I really enjoy the way Stormy tells a story, and I think if you give The Katzman's Mate a chance, you will too!

Yours in good reading,

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