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Jayna Incarnate

Title: Jayna Incarnate
Author: Jane Shoup

Published in 2005 by New Age Dimensions Publishing
Genre: Time Travel/Historical
ISBN: 1-59611-041-4

Other books by Jane: (1) Ammey McKeaf (2) First Snows (3) Wright & Wrong

Gambling is an addiction and it hurts those who love the gambler as much as the gambler himself. Jane Elizabeth Conroy, more commonly known as Jayna, knows this better than anyone else when her uncle bets her in a card game and looses her to an infamous man, Captain Shoale.

Captain Shoale is a cruel man, although he doesn’t think so. He loves Jayna in his own sick, twisted way. Keeping her captive and at his mercy, he truly believes she is his soul mate, the perfect woman. He brands her, uses her and Jayna hates him as much as she desires his touch in the dark.

Jayna finally escapes this lunatic and finds herself in the care of Little Sisters of the Poor. The nuns nurse her back to health all the while Shoale is looking for her. She knows she has to escape further to keep Shoale from taking her back into captivity. She’ll kill him before she’ll allow that to happen again.

One of the sisters, Bethany, sees in a vision that she is to take Jayna to her home. Tucked safe in the middle of the clan MacAndrews in Glen Affric, Jayna begins to rebuild her life, discover who she really is.

And the clan’s chieftain, Mackenzie MacAndrews, is very willing to help. After the death of his wife, Sara, Mac’s heart has been empty. He is not the same man he was and doesn’t think anything will ever change that, but Jayna does something to him that no one, not even his dearly departed wife, has ever done.

But there is trouble headed straight for them. Not only is Shoale still looking, determined to find Jayna, but wars are being fought to restore the rightful King to Scotland’s throne. Mac has managed to keep his clan out of the fighting so far, but young hotheads being what they are are making it difficult for him. Can they survive during this time of peril? Will Shoale find Jayna and what will she do when he does?

Ms. Shoup’s Jayna Incarnate is a great read. This author’s way of blending and mixing many stories into one is fabulous. I’ve read several stories by Ms. Shoup and I have to say each one is as enthralling as the last. In this reviewer’s opinion, you can pick up any book with Jane Shoup’s name on it and find a thrilling adventure inside. Jayna Incarnate is just one more to add to your To Buy list. You’ll be glad you did.

Good Reading,

Emma Gayle


Title: Jayna Incarnate
Author: Jane Shoup

Published in 2005 by New Age Dimensions Publishing
Genre: Time Travel/Historical
ISBN: 1-59611-041-4

Samantha Bennett has found nothing to treat her clinical depression. No longer able to endure the pain it inflicts upon her body she decides to undergo an essential and experimental therapy. She wants the procedure to work but when her heart suddenly stops momentarily her soul takes an incredible journey back into time to the year 1745. It is there that she meets with her former incarnation, Jayna Conroy. Jayna has just made a desperate attempt to escape her captivity after being on board ship with the infamous Shoale, a pirate who intents to secure Jayna as one that belongs to him. Now she lies near death and Samantha’s soul is about to change a course in her life most remarkable.

Samantha’s spirit is enough to give Jayna some life, so she is saved and taken to the Abbey. It is there that the nuns care for her and nurse her back to health. Sister Bethany is certain that this is a vision from God to take the lovely Jayna back to the Highlands to her home where she meets Mackenzie MacAndrews, who happens to be head of the MacAndrews clan. A spark sizzles between Jayna and Mackenzie but Shoale has other plans and he will search high and low until he finds her. Jayna would like to get closer to Mackenzie but her past experience with the wicked Shoale continues to trouble her mind. She lives in fear wondering if she will ever be free of Shoale or have to continue looking over her shoulder.

Mackenzie MacAndrews is head of the MacAndrews clan, a clan that was bred to lead. He is part of a strong clan, not only handsome but strong, a natural leader. When Jayna is brought home to the Highlands he is smitten with her, yet there is a mystery about her and he is informed she maybe in some danger. The year 1745 is a must-heated time of upheaval for the Scots and while Prince Charlie tries to reclaim the throne of Scotland, Jayna and Mackenzie share a soothing passion that begins to flare around the turbulent times that seem to engulf them. With Shoale still hot on her trail can Mackenzie find a way to keep Jayna with him always so they can build a life together, or will a heated Shoale destroy their happiness by redeeming what he believes belongs to him?

Jayna is a beautiful heroine with human characteristics that allows her to have some flaws in her life. And even though she has a few faults, she is still a brave and strong character in this female role. I adored her character because she was not only hardworking and lovable but her integrity was extremely honest. She and Mackenzie fit together like a fine fitting glove. They sizzle quite nicely together like butter slowly melting over hot pancakes. The way Mackenzie was able to help enlist his help with what had happened in her past was remarkable. Just the scene where Jayna looked at Mackenzie and it took her breath away was a moment in time the reader could almost feel as their passion and chemistry lit up the pages.

Jayna Incarnate is a delightful romance. I love time travel books that carry the reader into a period where the romance is sweet and allows one to feel the whole ambience of the era. Ms. Shoup has a wonderful flare for her style of writing. It is exquisite and the way she wrote the passage from the past and the present was done so beautifully. The characters are ignited with a high level of energy that keeps this story moving along smoothly. Ms. Shoup details an incredible account of the historical facts as she makes mention of them in the story. I liked the part where Jayna was walking and practically couldn’t veer her sight from Mackenzie almost colliding with Prusaur. The reader could almost visualize the scene and get a feeling for the devotion that she held for Mackenzie. This is such a heart warming passionate story that I highly recommend. With a touch of mystery, romance and highly charged emotions it rivets in so much action. Jayna Incarnate has just about anything that the reader looks for in a book and more.

Jane Shoup is an incredible writer and it shows in her works. This story is no exception. Her detailed account draws the reader into the lives of the characters and makes this book an attention grabber from the first page all the way to the last. She created an amicable heroine and a very engaging hero with a giant heart along with well rounded secondary characters that lent exquisite form to the storyline, especially incorporating the nuns into the story and Bethany. Three that really stood out to make this a great read included Victoria, Shoale and Antonio. When a writer can express such words and pen a fascinating story that touches the heart and makes the reader actually feel everything about the story and the characters, that person is a great storyteller. It was such a warm sensational feeling to have Jayna and Mackenzie find that one special love and be together throughout the conflicts and to know that Samantha no longer had to face anymore days of clinical depression. A wonderful warm soul, two beating hearts and a mountain of love to last a lifetime and more is something that the reader will discover in Jayna Incarnate. To read more about Jane Shoup and purchase her outstanding books, visit her website: Jane and New Age Dimensions to find her books. She is a writer that does not disappoint.

Sincerely good reading,


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