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The Jaguar LegacyThe Jaguar Legacy by Maureen Fisher

Title: The Jaguar Legacy
Author: Maureen Fisher

Published in April 2007 by Lachesis Publishing
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN-10 (Paperback): 1-897370-4-0
ISBN-13 (Paperback): 978-1897370-04-9
ISBN (eBook): 1-897370-05-9

Charley Underhill's career has hit the toilet. Rock bottom doesn’t even start to cover it, and that being not bad enough, her mother has resumed her drinking habits, and Charley feels the need to get her into rehab. To do that, she needs money, and to get money, she has to depend on her career, the one that got flushed, BIG TIME! Talk about a vicious circle, but she is not going to let it stop her. Nor is she going to let the series of "panic attacks" she has been undergoing recently stop her either. The only thing she needs is one story, a juicy exposé, one that is exceptional to get her career on track. One that is sensational, but true, verified, and all wrapped up when she presents it to her boss. With what happened before, she is not thinking well of her chances, but the right story, the right timing, and the right presentation just might get her back into the swing of her career. At the same time, she can get her mother the help she needs for her alcoholism. The Betty Ford Clinic is expensive, but there she is certain her mother will be dried out and helped.

It is with all these lofty goals in mind that she sets off into the jungles of Mexico, to Oxaca and the archaeological site of one Dr. Alistair Kincaid. She has heard rumours of an exciting find, even if it was from a disgruntled native who was ejected from the dig site. Whispers of a curse that caused accidents and injuries, whispers of arcane mysteries in an long forgotten Olmec city being excavated by Dr. Kincaid. Once there, she finds that things may not be exactly as she thought at first blush. Dr. Kincaid is not old and wizened, instead he is fairly young and virile, and handsome enough to get her blood hot as the weather, and need something to quench the flames. It also brings back the strange panic attacks, but yet here they are more vivid, more meaningful, and as she explores the site under Kincaid's watchful eye, she comes to the conclusion that maybe she should believe in things they eye may not be able to see, like reincarnation, shapeshifters, magic, and maybe even love.

Dr. Alistair Kincaid has a problem. The plane he was hoping brought him a new member for his team. a geologist he needed badly brought him only trouble. Instead of the help, it dropped a very nosy reporter, and his unwanted ex-wife right in his lap. The ex-wife he figured he could ignore, the reporter, he had to keep his eye on. There was no way he wanted the find that could be imminent to be blasted over the press. He could not yet afford the security it would take if the inklings and nagging feelings he had were to prove true. The last thing he wanted was for the local bandits to come and raid the poorly protected site. If the find were released on his time table, the extra funds would be available, and he could replenish his own depleted coffers as well as protect any artifacts found. So far the site has been rich in hints, from the finely crafted statuary to the enormous temple set against the cliff face.

Aye, and there was the rub, the oddity that told Alistair there was more here than just the odd placement of the pyramid. There was a rockslide that hid a hole, and the placement of the temple, and the tunnel that led to the rock-fall made Alistair's head swim with the possibilities. What secret the mountain hid, he didn't know, but he was going to find out one way or another. Now he had to keep his ex-wife from fouling the site as she did before, and the reporter from releasing the information to the press before he was ready. Keeping Leila in line was something he was fairly certain he could do, there was little love lost between them, and with her cold calculating behavior, Alistair knew she was up to no good. The reporter was something else, she was an unknown quantity, her reasons for being there, although somewhat sound, are not entirely clear. Alistair can only hope allowing her to remain will not be something he regrets for the rest of his life.

There are some words to describe The Jaguar Legacy by Maureen Fisher that immediately come to mind. Sweeping, vivid, exciting, haunting, soul searing and wonderful are a few. Sweeping in its scope, the story tells of love lost, love found, and the ancient spirit that wants to correct a wrong from long ago. Charley Underhill will learn a few things about her past, her ANCIENT past as she struggles to reconcile the strange things that are happening around her. The enigmatic Alistair Kincaid is just one of the puzzles she will have to face along with some very sobering truths about herself. Alistair on the other hand is haunted by Leila's betrayal, and his distrust has spilled over on to all those of the female persuasion. Leila has ruined his reputation by seeding a previous site with fake artifacts, and then got caught. Since they were married at the time, her misdeeds spilled over onto Alistair, and he as been finding it next to impossible to get funding for the dig.

The Jaguar Legacy brings Alistair and Charley into close proximity, but now each has other lessons to learn. Alistair must learn to trust, and to love again in spite of the odds, and Charley? She must decide what is more important, her career at the expense of her own scruples, or doing the right thing, and facing up to her own problems with newly opened eyes. Both must decide if personal success is worth destroying the life another, and they must find that only together can they face down the danger that awaits them, and Alistair is the only one who can help and support her as Charlie claims The Jaguar Legacy. This book is currently available in both ebook and print format. Ebook is available through the publisher, Lachesis Publishing, and print copies can be found at, so do drop by and pick up a copy today. This is a book filled to the brim with love and adventure, and it is just waiting for you...go! Go on...go get it!

Yours in good reading,


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