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Title: Iím A Vampire...For Real
Author: Jackie Rose

Genre: Erotic Vampire
Published in October 2005 by eXtasy Books

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One wouldnít think that being a former fourth bride of a Romanian vampire master would encounter any problems for Crina Vyrdelek but after arriving in northern Virginia, she begins to face all kind of insane clients. Crina works for the 21st Century Golden Real Estate company. She is so good at her job that sheís the leading saleslady. It feels good to be the one far ahead in sales. Of course if she didnít fear the flames of combustion when the sun appeared she would no doubt work even longer hours but it is just a part of her life that she has to survive. Her next client is quite out of the ordinary but Crina knows that she didnít become salesperson-of-the-year by being shy in front of the eccentric sellers and especially vampire buffs.

Crina is surprised that her client is a BDSM dominatrix who hates any kind of animal cruelty. This Mistress would like nothing more than lure Crina into her lifestyle but Crina is not so sure she is ready for any of that. When she first enters the house, the Mistress is uncertain if she is really a realtor, when Crina promptly explains she is indeed. Crina sees many whips and devices when she enters the huge house but this is a house that really has potential and she has no desire to back out now no matter what the Mistress of the house has to offer. Crina always carries a protector along with her in case she has to make a mad rush from the houses. When he sees some punishment about to take place, he wishes to usher her out of the house but Crina becomes more than stimulated when she is made a part in the play. Now with a young girl strapped over her lap and a paddle in her hand Crina only can submit to being one of them just for a few minutes so she can make a sale on this house that is in a great neighborhood.

The greater authority that threaten their existence. Crina knows there are others out there that choose to put a stop to the sale of these houses. No matter how much she would prefer more house sales, to include the hot stimulating sex, there are higher powers in office that would like to see their downfall. The Same Species Marriage Bill must be passed for starters as well as laws to help the VA. If they can get to the countryís first openly undead congressman and the nationís First Banshee, daughter of the first First Lady, who is really a Witch and her daddy, the President, then they might have the upper hand on things. This controversial couple is their only hope. Crina knows if they could persuade them to submit to their ways then passing the laws is just a breeze away. Once this is done then everyone can enjoy some wonderful wicked pleasurable sex.

Iím a Vampire...For Real is a book like no book I have ever read. It was different, unusual and often times witty. I loved the way Jackie Rose brings the reader into the story blended with scenes of humor. I enjoyed Crina as soon as she entered the Mistress house. You could get the feel of her expressions as she looked around at the empty cages and the ropes that were all exhibited into view. When she was thrown into the little game of the governess doing the paddling scene, I burst into laughter. I thoroughly enjoyed the combining the story of the President and his daughter, the Banshee with all her mischievous little ordeals, not to mention this President who is like no President I have ever read about. All the characters were a hoot to read about, and I enjoyed every one of them.

This is my first book by Jackie Rose and it promises not to be my last. She is a wonderful storyteller the way she mixes vampires, real estate and the world of politics. She blends her story with satire, merriment and just plan laughter to pull the reader into a different class of story. I wouldnít be drinking anything while reading this book because you might be tempted to spit it from your mouth; this book is a hoot. When youíre least expecting, the humor and sharp wit catches you off guard. I went to bed thinking about this book and woke up with it on my mind. I enjoyed how the Mistress continued to say no animals had been hurt in anything that she used in her ropes or whips.

Believe me, you will enjoy this book by Jackie Rose. It is available at eXtasy Books and is the sequel to Iím a Vampire and I Count. Iím a VampireÖFor Real has a catchy title and is available now. Donít miss this book that will lend a lot needed humor into your day. Step into a world that is completely out of the ordinary and will leave you begging for more. I'm a Vampire...For Real at eXtasy Books.

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