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Title: Hunting Diana
Author: Doreen Orsini

Published in July 2006 by Triskelion Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-933874-61-9

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Mina and Dracula brought the people to this secluded area of the Lake George, named it Mina's Cove, and established a hidden and safe place for the people. By the grace of their love, they survived, escaped Van Helsing's terror and prospered. The oldest helped and established the rules and laws in the hopes that someday, they could live among the people of the world in peace. The elders have been the ones to pass judgment, to make certain the laws were not broken. It is they who deal punishment, and as the security of Mina's Cove is threatened, The Champion d’Angelique is being called out to deliver the punishment, to right the wrong. But this bothers Lucian on so many levels. Not since the angels returned Dracula to Mina has an innocent been killed, and he doesn't want to break the pact. The thing is Lucian has no idea what he is walking into with this assignment. He only knows his mother, eaten with grief at the death of Lucian's stepbrother, Marek, has demanded the right to chose the punishment. Guided by the rule of law, there can be a life for a life. Lucian's job is to protect, and as The Angel's Champion, he cannot take the life of another carelessly, especially not an innocent. Not since Dracula was returned to Mina has one of their kind killed an innocent To do that would bring down the wrath of the angels. The angels would cause the people to suffer, and the whole race would again be thrown into the grip of the killing fevers of old. There is something awfully and dreadfully wrong here, but until he understands the situation, he must attempt to be fair.

His target is Diana Nostrum, the daughter of the latest in a line of vampire hunters, who now plagues the residents of Mina's Cove. His friends and neighbors, the whole community woke from the screams of Marek's tortured death in the sunlight. Frank Nostrum must be punished for this act, and it has been decreed that he shall pay with the life of his daughter. She is not hard to find, and if what he has been hearing is true, then she is truly innocent. She appears to be totally unaware of her father's deeds, let alone participating in them. Lucian is uncertain of the reason, but when he first glimpses Diana, feelings again erupt. The feelings he experienced when he smelled her scent on the cloth he was given to track her multiplied when faced with her in person, and he just doesn't understand. He is powerfully drawn to the girl, and feels as though a spell has ensnared him, his mind, and possibly his soul. He has one week, seven short days to prove or disprove her innocent of complicity, in leading Marek to his death at the hands of her father. If she is guilty, she is to be fed a drop of blood, then sent to the Slasher's island of Fentmore. It is still preying on him, the enchantment she seems to have woven about him remains. Something, some hidden instinct tells Lucian all is truly not as it seems, and so he decides he must tread lightly. He is not being told everything, and until he knows all the facts, he must keep the girl safe...

It seems funny to her friends, but it is something she promised her Nana Lina, and she is holding true to her word. Diana is waiting for her very own "Prince Charming," just as Nana's second sight promised. The fact that Nana is psychic never seemed strange to her, but her dad has no time for her grandmother or her "fantasies" about soul mates. The point of an exercise in pointing out the strangeness of ones fantasies is truly moot as he is out chasing what...vampires? And he doesn't believe Nana Lina's precognition? She could only heave a sigh as the arguments would rage, but it has been a long while now. Her mother left them when she was small, and to this day she doesn't know if she is dead or alive. Her father is so occupied chasing vampires, or so he claims, he didn't have the time for a lonely little girl, and still doesn't have time for her even now she's grown into a young woman. Yeah, Diana Nostrum is a very lonely girl, and yet she will wait. If Nana promises something, and if she has seen it all happening, you know sooner or later it will come to pass. Diana only hopes it will be sooner because she has been having some very heavy dreams of late. The feelings at odd hours, odd times and the strange dreams all lead her to the impression that just maybe Nana's prophecy will be coming true soon. Nana said her virginity would have a power over her soul mate, but that is the one point she is skeptical about.

Just the other night as she and her friends were swimming in the lake under the moon, she felt strange, as though someone was watching her. And it wasn't the pervert kid with the binoculars and camera she was certain of that much. Then, chilled she waded to shore, yet was wrapped in warmth, and no longer felt the cool of the night as she dried. Of course Terry almost had a fit when she tried to find the animal she thought was hurt, but then Terry is just like that at times. And of course Terry feels its exciting Diana has a phantom lover, and is still chiding her about her soul mate. If nana hadn't been right about so many things, Diana might have cast her fate to the winds a long time ago, but Nana constantly keeps tabs on her. Nana worries about her, providing Diana with the love she hasn't received from her absentee mother, or her preoccupied father. Of all the things in her life that she might have missed, it is the closeness she could have felt with a mother to confide in, to hold her hand, to give her advice. Nana Angelina has filled the role, and they remain close, but her grandmother can do only so much, and Diana can only hope her soul mate will show up really soon. If her recent dreams are any indication, however, Diana knows that her one true love could be just around the next corner, around the next sunset, the next moonrise...

Welcome to Mina's Cove, home of Dracula and Mina's kith and kin. The homes are modern, the children are happy and healthy, and the community swings all night! Well, what do you expect when Mina's Cove is the home of vampires? Yes, Van Helsing destroyed Dracula, but the angels heard Mina's prayers, and brought him back to her, and made a pact with them. When they founded Mina's Cove, there was very little to lake George and they quickly settled in to their hidden community. The group flourished, safe from harm till Frank Nostrum came on the scene. Now their lives are upset, and with this latest death, the residents are in an uproar. Lucian can understand the angst and the anxiety felt by those around him, and he can feel the trouble the elders are having to keep up the shield that protects them. What he doesn't understand is the ferocity with which his mother is demanding justice for her stepson. Never has Olympia shown any care towards much of anyone, not even her mate, Damien. He also senses undercurrents here that go deeper than many will admit, but beyond that, something is just not right. There is danger everywhere, and in learning about Diana, he has his doubts as to her guilt. Lucian feels the danger especially when he is closest to her. He feels the presence stalking her, waiting for him, or her to make a mistake.

Hunting Diana by Doreen Orsini is a great read. The book offers you a really interesting twist on the Dracula Legend, and brings to life characters you would love to meet. Tall, dark, handsome, and definitely single Lucian, needs his soul mate, and what he doesn't know is she is just around the corner. Diana has been promised a soul mate, a lover, and the love of her life if she will just remain a virgin and wait. She has no idea why her grandmother is so adamant about this, but is tiring of the loneliness. She is tempted by the phantom lover in her dreams, teased and tormented until she feels she is going crazy. Then an encounter in a local bar leads her to think maybe Nana Lina wasn't so far off the mark after all. Meanwhile, the residents of Mina's Cove are restless, Diana is in more danger than she or Lucian know about, and it will all come down to love. Will Diana be made to succumb to the fateful drop of blood that will lead to madness and interment on Fentmore Island? Will Lucian destroy the danger to them in time? There are many questions for Doreen to answer in Hunting Diana. Vampire lovers will not be able to get enough of this thrilling paranormal, and they will be clamoring for more. I suggest you get to Triskelion Publishing and get your copy of Hunting Diana today. Join the residents of Mina's Cove, and learn what all the fuss is about!

Yours in good reading,


Doreen Orsini  Review

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