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Title: Hotel California
Author: Caitlyn Willows

Published in by Amber Quill Press
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
ISBN: 1-59279-395-9

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Chuck Wagoner believes he is going to a resort to begin an article for the travel magazine he works but he is about to learn something entirely different. Will he be tempted to find that everlasting love with Tiffany, a woman he has cared for from within his heart? A woman that he craves to love always? Magic is spinning in the night air and Chuck hopes it settles toward Tiffany in more ways than one as he sets his course for the middle of the California desert to the hotel, Diversions, where clients hear by word of mouth what great things the hotel offers.

Chuck finally gets the opportunity to compose an article on Diversions Resort, a hotel that he has heard is excellent and this is one story he doesn’t wish too allow to pass. He will also be able to spend some additional time with Tiffany, the photographer for the magazine and is really looking forward to being able to be with her. Each time they have worked together Chuck had to hide his feelings and desires for her. But this time as she learns everything he can about the Resort, he will also be discovering Tiffany for the first time like never before in their working experience.

As a photographer, Tiffany Bender is on her way to Diversions Resort to work on a travel magazine article, or so she thinks. But she’s not just any photographer, she happens to be Chuck’s. It has been that way for five years and now she desires more. The way she sees it, time has come to give their hideaway romance a little shove. So setting up her own little plan, she sets out to show him just what he has been missing with her away from the office so to speak. The ambiance of the evening cast a blue moon atmosphere as magic seems to dance in the air. Tiffany has longed for Chuck for many years, now she plans to make some magic on her own.

Tiffany, tired of keeping her feelings locked away about Chuck, thinks it’s time for her to come out of her shell and demonstrate her true emotions for him when it comes to really expressing herself. She has tried to hide them for too long and now she is about to change her attitude about things. Since they first started working together they have always clicked even when not on assignments. Tiffany realizes that Diversions Resort will be the idea place to show to Chuck her true feelings. She’s heard that there is something magical inside the walls of the resort and she hopes this will be her lucky chance to finally win Chuck over to her side of love and romance.

Chuck, journalist for the travel magazine and Tiffany, his photographer for many years are about to meet in different surroundings when they arrive at the Diversions Resort in Palm Springs. What starts out as a news story for Chuck ends up with a surprise venture from Tiffany. She intends to make this one blue moon night where they find romance floating in the air. They both have concealed their love for many moons and now it is time to allow affection for each other far than what they ever expected. The only thing is once Tiffany begins her plan to seduce Chuck; will he surrender to her charming delight?

Hotel California is an enjoyable read about two people that care for each other but have waited until the right moment to actually confess the fact. Chuck carries strong desires for Tiffany and she feels the same toward him but both have hid their feelings afraid to act upon them. The connection they both feel is strong but deciding when and if to respond to it has been the issue between them. Always friends and never lovers, when they enter the resort, their heart agrees to take steps upon matters and find that love that spins with delight. With believable characters and some steaming sensual scenes this is one terrific good read. One can almost feel the goose bumps traveling down his body when Tiffany whispers in his ear.

Caitlyn Willows pens an eye-catching tale with two likeable characters in a delightful blend that this reader enjoyed from the first page. Once I started reading Hotel California, I immediately thought of the song and could practically see Chuck and Tiffany out on their own little oasis as she began gearing up for some erotic delights. Ms. Willows fashions an extremely well-written story packed with punch. I enjoy the way she instills some of the Native American legend into the story with the retreat. She crafts a great setting and a story filled with fun and irresistible charm. I thoroughly love her writings. This is a searing romance that captivates beyond words. Be sure to grab a copy of Hotel California today at Amber Heat at Amber Quill Press for a sweet, fast moving story not to be missed.

Sincerely good reading,


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