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Title: High Roller Author: Caitlyn Willows

Published in by Amber Quill Press
Genre: Erotica/Science Fiction
ISBN: 1-59279-482-3

Other Books by : Hotel California

Nikos Dirvan is suddenly thrown into a world that has only been in books he has read. His spaceship crashes to Earth right smack near Las Vegas. He had heard many rumors about the military forces and what they could do to an alien spacecraft and the people inside and he couldnít allow that to happen or he would never make it back home, but what he didnít imagine was coming face to face with a woman like Carla.

Nikos is on a mission over Earth and he has no intentions of landing but when his spaceship takes a crash dive, he finds himself in the wild city of lights and hot action. He has studied some facts about the planet Earth and he should be able to repair the minor damage to the ship then return home until he discovers one hot dish of a woman who really needs him as he decides to allow the repairs to wait for a while. Of course he hasnít the vaguest idea how to remotely treat any woman. Upon his arrival in the gambling inferno, he suddenly is educated on many things he never dreamed.

Carla Fletcher has her own problems, one being her husband, Drake, who keeps her on a short lease. She would love to be far away from the controlling man. Her friends had warned her but she thought he would be different. She quickly learned he was very different, even making her sign a prenuptial agreement and controlling every penny she spent. With everything that she has endured she would love to find a way to heal her soul. When she meets high roller Nikos she wonders can he actually deliver when it comes to keeping a promise when she meets a man she never expected to be so enticing.

Carla mingles within the casino searching for answers. She is in need of some help since her manipulative husband refuses to give her a choice in the matter. If she can easily seduce a complete stranger to come to her aid, she will finally be free of the pain her husband inflicts upon her. When her eyes gaze upon Nikos, all her worries seem to float into the air because he is one man that seems to know what she needs to heal her anxious spirit.

Nikos gets a quick course in how to treat a woman when he lands in Las Vegas and meets Carla. After spinning over Vegas, he didnít realize the emotions of all the people below transmitting to his brain would be so overwhelming. When he gets vibes from Carla, he senses she is in danger and in need of help. They form a sensual passion that sparks and touches with flaming desire as they connect as one. Nikos is eager to offer any assistance to the lovely woman but he is afraid if he doesnít hurry and return to his spaceship, it may be discovered and he will never reach home again. Carla is so impressed with Nikos and wonders will he be able to free her from her dilemma especially when he offers her joy and healing.

High Roller is a blast that takes the reader on an out of this world ride in this roller coaster spin. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if the two would get together, if they would find real love and keep it, or if they would just take a quick gamble at love for a brief moment. Carla is trapped in a world that she no longer wishes to be a part of and the reader can sense the trepidation that goes through her mind. The conversation between Carla and Nikos is wonderful. I could have jumped through the pages of High Roller and beat Drake. But what goes around comes around so I was thoroughly happy with the ending. And Nikos is one cool man that leaves a lasting impression.

Caitlyn Willows creates a wonderful story that left this reader quite pleased. She pens a story that will not only leave a smile but satisfy. With a well-crafted plot and a storyline that flows smoothly, she blends a read that entices. The way she fashions Drake is very sinister and he seems to breathe through the pages. When she wrote, Ďonly a fool would shove away the chance to be with a beauty,í I could practically see and feel Nikosí expression as well as his voice with each word. She composes a captivating read that sizzles. This is a great story! To get your copy of High Roller be sure to check out Amber Heat at Amber Quill Press and get it today. Visit Caitlyn's World of Sensuous Reads at Amber Quill Press where you will be totally enchanted.

Sincerely good reading,


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