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Title: Hannah's Man: Travers Brothers Book 3
Author: Rita Hestand

Published July 2006 by Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Genre: Western
ISBN: 1-920972-79-X

Related books: Chief Cook and Bottle Washer: Travers Brothers Book 1, Courting Abby: Travers Brothers Book 2
Other books by Rita: Heart of the Wild, Nicky’s Baby, Pretend Mom, Rita Hestand Romance Bundle No. 1, Suspicions of the Heart, Strictly Business, Wandering Heart

A father’s gambling debt jeopardizes a young woman’s childhood home. A cowboy’s prized breeding stock and respected family name offers the collateral needed to save it. There’s a hitch…they have to marry.

Hannah’s father, now passed on, repaid his huge gambling debts by mortgaging the family homestead. Her ranch is about to foreclose if she does not come up with the loan money. She could always return to dancing as a Las Vegas showgirl, but wearing skimpy costumes, or worse going topless is a last resort. The job helped get her brother through dental school it could save the ranch. Hannah prefers living on the ranch then the city, so the Travers’ offer of help is welcomed. However, marrying a stranger, worse a red-necked cowboy, does not set well, but she has no other option.

Rusty is proud of his high quality cattle, spending a lot of money and time on breeding a great bloodline. Using them to help a neighboring ranch seems risky. To top it off he is asked to marry a woman he hardly knows; all because her father was there when Rusty’s mother went into labor to deliver him. Still, his brother and father ask for too much. A cowboy lives by an old code of honor; always help a fellow rancher in need – no matter the cost. Rusty thinks the price is exorbitant.

A sweet, natural romance published by Writers Exchange E-Publishing, Hannah’s Man: Travers Brothers Book 3 continues Ms. Hestand’s four part series. The story line is smooth, making for a relaxing read as the charismatic players ignite an appealing western romance. Hannah and Rusty must get to know one another quickly as they are to marry within the week. Hannah’s independent nature gives this story spice as she bulks against holy matrimony. Hiding her honed dancer’s physique behind baggy farm clothes, she hopes to keep the union in name only. On the other hand, the allure of this virile handsome cowboy, living in her home, has Hannah thinking of other things besides the ranch.

Rusty is the voice of reason, convincing her that marriage is the only way to save her ranch. Yet, seeing her after a much needed rest she is not very bad – looking. His first impression of Hannah is she is nothing like his ex-girlfriend who just up and left him one day, without a word. Where Jenny was made-up gorgeous, his future wife possesses a natural beauty. Hannah’s spirit, while working along side the other hands, comes only from a love of ranching. She is also a fabulous cook – a major plus in his book. Her determination garners respect, more importantly, it appeals to his need to help, especially when a woman makes that plea. Then again, maybe their heated kiss makes him willingly, and wantonly, joining her in marriage. However, their pre-nuptial harmony is short lived as Rusty’s old flame returns…uh oh.

Hannah’s Man is an enjoyable read with an authentic cast and plausible plot. Ms. Hestand pens many sweet romances for the Writer’s Exchange that is sure to tantalize a broad range of readers; Chief Cook and Bottle Washer: Travers Brothers Book 1, Courting Abby: Travers Brothers Book 2, Heart of the Wild, Nicky’s Baby, Pretend Mom, Rita Hestand Romance Bundle No. 1, Suspicions of the Heart, Strictly Business, and Wandering Heart. Also, due out soon from Writers Exchange is the last of Travers Brothers series, Along Came Love: Travers Brothers Book 4; including, Runaway Bride a non-series novel due for release soon, too.

Ms. Hestand diversity shines having written a children’s series about “…Willy, the hard of hearing little duck, has found a friend, or has he?...” – Willy’s Valentine: Willy’s World Book 1 sounds positively adorable. She also joins nineteen other writers in creating an anthology, Millennium Milestones, where 100% of the proceeds go to diabetes education and research. “Journey back to the turn of the 20th Century to see how a watch, passed from generation to generation, affects its owners…” see the author’s web site for more details.

A Dedicated Reader,

Pamela Jenewein

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