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Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls

Title: Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls
Author: AP Miller

Published in 2009 by Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60592-016-0

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She was a fairly tiny thing in comparison to him, but Andrew did not hesitate when he heard her scream. The only thing really puzzling to him was the look on her face. It was one of more surprise than fear, and he didn’t exactly know what to make of it. He is a good man, loves his god, his church, his life, but when someone is on trouble, Andrew is not going to walk by without attempting to help. There was, however, something a bit strange about the young woman he helped home. Another man would not have been able to walk away, but Andrew was not any man, and he was ready to see her home, and go on about his own business. Trapped in her apartment, and with her clinging to him like a limpet was not the way he envisioned this end. What exactly was going on, he wasn’t certain, but Pathrusim was not giving him any quarter. Bing a virgin, Andrew was at a total loss, and with his head, heart, soul, and body at odds over what was happening, his inexperience in sexual matters, and his spiraling physical needs, he was lost. He did the only thing he could when faced with such a situation, he collapsed.

Never had he thought about or wanted to have any kind of sexual experience outside of marriage. Andrew was saving himself. Now, however, the sin was committed and he felt really badly about what he felt he’d done, and allowed to happen. She was a demon, he’d saved her from hunters. Yet he was still innocent, still untouched by the evil of the world, but no longer innocent in the ways between men and women. What happened from there on out was totally unexpected. Pat was not your usual young woman, she was not the innocent she could so readily portray, and she was slowly working her way into Andrew’s heart as well as his home. Slowly she moved into his life, giving him the hottest of nights, the best of meals, and the devotion he had never known. He has seen it in others, but never expected it until he was married. Now here he was, living with a woman he was not married to, and having sex on a regular basis, and actually liking it, a lot. Oh he still went to work, still went to church, still helped with the cleaning and maintenance, but he always went home to a different person. Pat was a creative little thing, and Andrew never knew what or who he was going to face when he entered the door…

It was her job as a succubus to corrupt souls. She had a contract, and she was way behind on her quota. When Andrew rescued her, she thought he would be easy pickings, and set her sights on doing it quickly, then getting on to the next. It was not that easy, and that in and of itself was surprising to Pathrusim. A succubus like herself was a powerful thing, devious and irresistible. But Andrew, tall dark, handsome Andrew has a core of gold, honest, true, loving, and virtually un-corruptible. He was putting her behind, but for some odd reason, she could not let him go. She was at odds with herself, knowing she would be called on the carpet for not fulfilling her quota, and delivering the promised souls. Never has that worried her, she always came through, but this time, she had allowed herself to become sidetracked, and it was worrisome. It was almost as if her life, such as it was, had taken a wrong turn that night in the alley. The easy conquest had become a challenge, but before she could finish, she had to catch up with her quota. That meant she had to work twice as hard outside of Andrew, and still work on his corruption at night.

Pathrusim was determined, but somehow, she was losing, and she didn’t like it one bit. She couldn’t understand how a man, as young and as virile as Andrew could be so good. Succubus that she was, his continued state of grace almost made her sick, he even knew what she was and it never fazed him. But his innocence and integrity intrigued her as well. What in the world was she thinking, and had her existence jaded her so much she had really undertaken an impossible task? Pathrusim wasn’t certain about what she had on her hands, but things were coming to a head. Between his parents coming to visit, and his pastor and friend, a man of the cloth, her cover was so blown. Yet Andrew never judged her, never criticized, only asked his infernal questions, made angelic love, and seemed to condemn her to failure. There was a show down coming. Pathrusim felt the edges coming unraveled, and she feared she was about to pay the price. The man was un-corruptible, too pure, too good, and too much of all the right stuff for heaven and the wrong stuff for hell. She had to face facts, and the most glaring was Andrew would be her dismal downfall into the depths, where she would never see the light of day again…or would she??

AP Miller has once again titillated us and at the same time tickled our funny bones with Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls, a tale of an innocent and a demon. Andrew is not certain what he got himself into when Patti, his friendly neighborhood succubus showed up at his home in the guise of a Girl Scout. She had already proclaimed him hers, and to that end, she was pulling out all the stops. He couldn’t get rid of her, no matter what he tried, but Andrew didn’t give in to her demands either. It was a tug of war, Patti showing up as this person or that person, trying with tricks and deception to do what she could to taint him at least a little. Things weren’t going so well for her, so she actually moved in, and much to Andrew’s surprise, she was an excellent cook, homemaker, and lover. Still, her constant presence was never enough, and for Patti, time was running out. Things were only complicated when Andrew’s Guardian Angel, Dannah, shows up, telling Patti to leave, and to let Andrew go. There is only a minor fracas over that bit, but the big fight is yet to come.

Silly, sleazy, campy, and totally delightful, Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls is a strange and wonderful tale about a pious young man, his Guardian Angel, and a demon succubus named Pathrusim, Patti for short. Andrew saves Patti from demon hunters, but she in turn falls for him. Wacky, yes, but when heaven and hell clash over the soul of a Succubus, things happen that you won’t believe. In the meantime, the little succubus tries all her erotic wiles on Andrew, who puts up with her trials, and plays as if they are only games. But when she tries to pull a real switch, Andrew calls her hard on it, and Patti caves, and not just once either. Time and time again, she is unable to pull him down, and it is frustrating her, causing her to fall farther and farther behind. When push comes to shove, the question becomes who will with this match, and who will lose? If you want the answers, then you will have to head over to Noble Romance Publishing and pick up a copy of AP Miller’s latest release. Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls is a must read, and a definite keeper to those of you who enjoy a bit of spice with your romance. The ending is not what you might expect, so you know the drill…and don’t worry, you will NOT be disappointed.

Yours in good reading,

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