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Going Too Fast

Title: Going Too Fast
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Published in 2003 by Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
ISBN: 1-931761-77-5

Tired of always putting her profession in front of her personal life, career-minded Josie Montgomery is about to turn thirty, and she has planned what she hopes is a cruise of a lifetime. She has dreamt of her cruise lover for the past thirty days. He needs to be sexy as sin and have enough stamina to please her every day and night—all day and night. When a sponsoring deal goes wrong, all her well-laid plans are ruined.

Sent by her boss to fix a sponsoring deal, she meets the problem for the first time, and, oh boy, is she ever in trouble. She is reminded of her plans—cruise, pleasurable days and nights, a man so sexy that angels wept. Josie must keep on reminding herself that this is a client, and he is the enemy. Dubbed NASCAR’s Angel of the racetrack, it’s because of him that she’s missed the cruise of her dreams.

Owner of a playboy reputation and a bad attitude, Kyle Patterson refuses to meet his contractual obligations. In fact, he hasn’t showed up to several promotional shoots, and is now refusing his sponsor’s calls. Despite knowing that he is responsible for the mess with his sponsor, he can’t help but being insolent to the person who was sent out to deal with him. This person is the enemy and he’d do well to remember that.

Regardless of the initial animosity that he felt towards this determined woman, she already got under his skin. There’s an undeniable attraction between the two of them, making him interested in getting to know her, and not just on an emotional level. He’s willing to call a truce with his sponsor and start meeting his contractual requirements, but there is one condition. The question is, is he able to get her to agree to it?

With an attraction that is palpable, it takes a little bit of blackmail to get these two characters together. Both being very independent individuals, it is the speed of where their attraction takes them that leaves them breathless. Priorities are questioned, and decisions are made, whilst both Kyle and Josie realize that the cornerstones for any successful relationship are respect and trust. Are they willing to place those cornerstones in cement, or are they just playing a game?

Lisa Renee Jones’ ability to write fast paced novellas is unwavering. In Going Too Fast, she has yet again demonstrated her skill as a writer, matching the pace to the story. Her ability to initiate our imaginations without giving offence has also held true. If there were ever an author I would recommend a reader to cut their erotica eyeteeth on—it would be Renee. Going Too Fast is published by Liquid Silver Books and is available right now.



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