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Goddess of the Dead

Title: Goddess of the Dead
Author: Vivi Anna
Published in 2003 by eXtasy Books
Genre: Historical – Erotica – Romance
ISBN: 1-55410-075-5

With hair the color of spun gold, gray eyes so pale they seem translucent, and a beauty so exquisite it was heavenly, Kiya is a high priestess in Egypt during Queen Cleopatra’s rise to power. An adviser to the Queen, she has a secret that has resulted in deaths to ensure that it continues.

During the passing years, her loneliness grew until it was almost too painful to endure. She desired more than anything to find true love once again, but it seems the behind-the-scenes politics will thwart her in her desires. Playing a role in the Queens attempt to usurp her husband to be the new pharaoh, Kiya’s desires must take second place.

Sent by Caesar to negotiate an alliance with Egypt, Darius is surprised that the city of Alexandria has such a stimulating effect on him. Whilst resting after his long journey, he has a vision that, at first, startles him, and then comforts him. Egypt is truly different from Rome.

When Darius comes face-to-face with his vision, he is astounded. He also is aware that he must keep his feelings in check to allay any suspicion—the alliance must be made. Confronting the enchantress in private, he learns her secret, but even that will not stop the love he feels for her. He is willing to die for her.

Goddess of the Dead is a tale about the machinations behind Cleopatra’s rise to power, with a very unique twist. It’s about two souls finding each other, and overcoming the barriers that could keep their love separate forever. Its brutality is shocking, but its love is tender. Goddess of the Dead wants you to believe that love can last a millennia and beyond.

Vivi Anna has a writing style that is unique, and an imagination that is even more so. A good author paints pictures with their words, and this is what Ms. Anna has achieved. She pulls no punches when illustrating every facet of her book. Recommended for those who enjoy erotica, Goddess of the Dead is offered by eXtasy Books and is available now.



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