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Ghost of a Chance

Title: Ghost of a Chance
Author: Linda Andrews

Published in 2003 by Zumaya Publications
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-894942-40-X

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Brighid Garvey Is an Irish miss who just wants to be able to care for her two daughters in peace. Because of her talents for being able to communicate with spirits she is treated horribly at the hands of a man who cared not for her but the riches she could bring him. Strong and fiercely independent Brighid has run away to the five points in New York to escape a life of misery and servitude. She lives amid squalor and waste but sees her current status as better than it was before. She is at the mercy of Thugs and villainous characters who would steal from their own mothers if given the chance. Longing for a better way of live Brighid lives for the day that she can be finally free of all that oppress her.

Brighid knows that in order to provide the proper life that is needed for her children she must leave the poverty-ridden tenement that she occupies with her less than stellar roommates. She remembers the luxuries she once possessed and yearns to make it all real once more. She devises a scheme to escape to California so that her dreams can finally take fruit. The only thwart in her plans is the biggest hood in all of the Five Points Three Fingers McGuire who believes that he owns Brighid. Her time is running out and she knows that she must be on the train leaving to San Francisco or face a life of being another mans possession and this she will not allow.

Everett Grey is a man haunted by the scheming and machinations of his past. Once a war hero and a union spy he is now a man on the run from personal demons as well as a family that gave up on him. He is duped by a woman whom all of New York has fallen for, a beauty without compassion or a soul who set her sites on him as her latest victim. Once a popular face about the streets, he is now a man fallen from grace in his family's eyes. Believed to be a spoiler of women and a notorious rake he is shunned from polite society and is now an outcast to the lifestyle he once maintained. Strong of character and noble to a fault, Everett just wants to pave a way for himself and the baby he was forced to take from the woman who helped to ruin his name. His life of luxury was rudely and callously snatched away from him, and he wants nothing more than to imbibe on his current misfortunes. He doesn't expect the newborn to thrive and so just abides the time and waits for an exit from his sufferings.

Drunk and tired, Everett is attacked by street thugs and robbed for his meager belongings. When Brighid happens along the scene he is incognizant of the fact that she is there to save him. Believing her to be a part of the gang that tried to do him in he at first refuses her help. On the verge of unconsciousness he then thinks her an angel come to relieve him of his earthly pains. Instead he finds himself also a victim of Three Fingers McGuire and knows that a life of squalor, and lushness is not what he wants. Brighid takes him home with her and proceeds to nurse him back to health. Everett then recalls his plans to leave New York but realizes that he needs Brighid's help again. Knowing that she has an infant he makes her an offer he hopes she doesn't refuse. If she takes care of the baby he saved and becomes the child's wet nurse he will take her and her two daughters with him to California. Broke and penniless he needs to get to the trust fund that was set up for him before she finds out that he has no money and cannot pay her. Everett sees that Brighid is a woman with a past, and yet he feels compelled to try and give her and the children the life they so richly deserve. He decides to do everything within his power to accomplish this dream, even if it means incurring the wrath of Three Fingers.

Brighid and Everett go on to start a journey across America by train. A journey filled with burgeoning emotions and tethered desires. Author Linda Andrews tantalizes us with a tale of ghostly happenings and unquenched desires. Brighid’s passion for Everett blossoms into more than just love for a man who is more akin to a knight in shining armor. Everett, a stranger to love, needs Brighid for more than just a wet nurse for his daughter Brianna. He needs her to help mend his heart and to make him whole again. The two forge into a new and wondrous land that holds so much more for them then they ever could have hoped for. They learn and discover new things about each other and start to slowly let their hearts decide what their minds cannot comprehend.

I found this book, GHOST OF A CHANCE, to be without a doubt one of the best and most engrossing books I've read so far this year. Brimming with sexual tension yet without any true scenes of passion the plot stood out grandly and proudly. An Irish woman in a country that couldn't care less for her kind triumphing through all that stood to hold her down. I found Brighid to be a strong and well fleshed out heroine. Her ideals she held true to and the love she had for those around her was positively endearing. Everett was a true gentleman in every sense of the word and treated Brighid with all the respect and kindness he felt she merited. There is plenty of adventure to be had, and villainous characters to contend with the pace never lacked. I enjoyed the spirits that lingered over their possessions not wanting to let go and Brighid’s interaction with her deceased Grandmother who more than once arrived to save the day. I recommend reading GHOST OF A CHANCE for those of you who like romance with paranormal elements thrown in. The book is engaging and leaves you feeling warm and guarded over by those beings we cannot see yet know they are there. Published by Zumaya and released in 2003, GHOST OF A CHANCE is a specter to be reckoned with.

Many happy endings,

Joann Ruffen

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