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Title: Ghostly Mistakes
Author: Mary Alice Pritchard

Published by:
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: None Available

Three months ago, Lizzy Gordon led a simple life in Jackson, Mississippi. She managed an emergency medical clinic even though she had some odd dead beats to deal with, it was nothing spectacular but it beat what she had to endure now. With an angry spirit on her tail, along with a meddlesome ghost that she canít seem to leave behind, she feels like her record of being jinxed by men will always sketched on her track record. Of course it has always been that way ever since she has been metaphysically bound by a ghost of some sort. One would tag along and she would be involved in another mind-blowing adventure.

Lizzy decides it is time to look for another job but first she has to detach herself from Carl. Surely she could find some employment where there was less of a chance of hitchhiking spirits. Ever since Carl died in her medical clinic he had been like a thorn in her side. Now going from cemetery to cemetery they try to find where his great grandmother is buried so Carl can leave and go to his destiny. Not really paying attention when she is in the middle of a conversation with Carl, she isnít aware she has been speeding and suddenly a policeman pulls her over for speeding. Lizzy in turn gives Officer Wildhorse a complete check over, too. Perhaps coming to this small town in her search wonít be so bad after all.

Officer Jacob Wildhorse is one third Indian, half Cherokee and half Italian on his motherís side and half Apache, half French on his fatherís side. His mother had wished for him to follow in his fathers shoes and be a tribal healer and council representative but he decided to live outside the tribal community. He has the uncanny ability to often feel things before they happen. And his spirit guide even told him that he would be moving into another direction soon, something that would offer him a new change. After he pulls Lizzy over and gives her a warning about speeding, he is smitten with her. The next morning he happens to run into her at the local Huddle House for breakfast and is pleased. In process of days, while Lizzy searches for answers, he finds that he is able to run into her more than a few times which always brings a smile to his face and joy to his heart.

Carlton Taylor knew his time was short yet he died too early to finish his accomplishments in life. As the president of a cooperative of catfish farmers, he would meet with potential buyers to match their catch. He was always successful in lucrative deals. Unfortunately by working hard and playing harder it led him to have a coronary in the medical clinic where Lizzy worked. His condition had been so bad that he never had a chance. That was three months ago and now he glues himself to Lizzy. Carl isnít too happy that he had to die before he was finished with business. He had paid a local witch for more time but never got it. Offering the witch a thousand dollars to get his house in order but being denied the deed, Lizzy instantly informs that he canít cheat death. As they begin their search for answers concerning his great grandmotherís grave, Carl makes it a habit to disappear when Officer Wildhorse appears. For some reason the cop really makes him feel quite uncomfortable. He is one cop who really gives the dead man the creeps.

Lizzy canít believe she has been paired up with Carl. His attitude is horrible and she wonders how he even managed to find a wife with his manners. He calls her a ghost magnet which is totally off the wall. She is not a ghost magnet. After almost dying in a drowning accident when she was younger, she was left in a coma for three days and when she was able to defeat it and recover there were ghost everywhere around her wishing to communicate with her. Then there was an evil spirit as time went by that happened to be in the midst that appeared and Lizzy, at sixteen, found herself in a clinic, institutionalized as a bi-polar schizophrenic. She canít remember how she managed to get released but she did and learned there were many others that were able to channel spirits, too. Then in later years she found out that she was released because the government cut the funds. Now she had to find a way to settle Carlís spiritual debt so he can make his destination appointment. Her life seems to take on a different spin after being pulled over for going over the speed limit.

Now that she has met the handsome Officer, Lizzy has no idea how she will ever get the hunk out of her mind. Not to mention the next morning when she just happens to get another glimpse at him when she has breakfast. And when he cast a wink her way, oh, heat simmers through her flesh. In the meantime she has to help Carl find his great grandmothers grave and Carl is making nothing easy on her. He enlists that he hasnít had this much fun even when alive. He informs that he can still cleavage watch and multi-task at the same time which only infuriates Lizzy further. Either way if he doesnít listen to her words, he may find himself floating in Never Neverland permanently. Oh, dear, just what can one girl do when a man refuses to take heed to wise words? And an evil one wishes to enact revenge? With Lizzy and Carl working to find answers, one thing is certain, Carl has nothing to fear, being dead, he is already safe. Lizzy isnít as lucky as a sinister evil person will stop at nothing to have her cease her search at any cost and when that person is not to be reckoned with no matter what the situation, everyone best look out.

Ghostly Mistakes is a most enthralling read! When the character of Officer Jacob Wildhorse enters the story with Lizzy, fireworks spark like on a warm 4th of July. They are incredible together in everything they do. The two make this story breathe life. Their emotions and actions are true to form and spin sizzling electricity through the pages. For a moment I had to keep looking over my shoulder, this magnificent read seemed so genuine. The antics of ghostly Carl, when he is paired with Lizzy on his search, have some memorable moments. The secondary characters spin a great interest with some bad timing, evil spirits, ghosts and awesome destruction heeded toward poor Lizzy as Jacob lovingly is there for her rescue, making this book one explosive read.

Mary Alice Pritchard pens a well-written story with a great plot, fascinating characters and ambiance that lace all throughout the read. I so wish the second installment and the whole complete story was ready now to read because this one I really hated to say to be continued. Help, this one is marvelous with impeccable writing at its greatest. I donít know how others may feel but this reader thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this awesome read. Ms. Pritchard blends a compelling tale with dynamite dialogue, remarkable sensations that can be felt throughout and characters that rock. I cannot say enough about this story. I loved it with a passion and look forward to the continuation. Donít miss this adventure that is spine-tingling all the way down to the toes. Be sure to go to Inara Press and get a copy of Ghostly Mistakes today. This read is most gratifying, most exceptional. I know it was for me when I read it. Ms. Pritchard has a gifted talent that shows in her writing.

Sincerely good reading,


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