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Title: Ghost of a Chance
Author: J. Morgan

Published in April 2007 by Triskelion Publishing
Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Paranormal
ISBN: 1-60186-159-1

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Jessica Ballinger is dead, literally backstabbed at the age of twenty-six – killed in her prime as the old clique goes. Angered by the situation she prowls around in her ghostly state when running into the hunkiest guy she ever laid eyes on. His being a detective who sees her ethereal form definitely advantageous, he can help her find the killer.

Deacon Chance sees dead people, yea, another clique. Awakening from a coma after a car accident has the recently, and not so recently, deceased hanging about him. That was a year ago, ample time to adjust to his new “friends”. Yet, in those months, none of them ever demanded his help until a blonde beauty chases him down.

Hilariously funny, Ghost of a Chance will have its readers laughing right out of their chair. Amusing from the beginning, this inviting story tells of a young woman facing an afterlife that includes battling dark angels, accepting ghostly sex advice from a cat, while receiving “death” threats from the Devil and Archangel Gabriel. Jessica’s sense of humor and witty sarcasms lessens the astral chaos she now calls home. With Deacon’s help, she sifts through evidence when scanning the photos she comes across a reoccurring ancient Hebrew writing. Taking this to Deacon’s psychic friend, Miss Cicely tells Jessica how she is one of many daughters born from Lilith and Lucifer’s union.

Bewildered by this bit of news, Deacon’s cat, Church fills in the details about God’s first woman, Lilith and her fall from grace, and then banishment to Hell to reign as Lucifer’s Queen. Desiring more power, she instigates a rebellion against her lover. Though failing that, Lucifer imprisons Lilith to keep her from causing further damage to his kingdom. Upon her last breath, Lilith prophesizes that one of her daughter’s will free her, so she may resume control over Hell. Lucifer waits centuries for the prediction to happen, when it bears true he immediately sends slayers to murder every one of his children. Except one daughter just will not die.

The laughter continues as Jessica pieces together Heaven and Hell’s ancient story. After battling one of Lucifer’s many minions, she comes face to face with the Devil. He tells of her pending “permanent” demise yet, gives her an additional twenty-four hours to “live” since she is so amusing. As Lucifer leaves, Gabriel visits, warning her to choose wisely, when dealing with Lucifer. God will not tolerate her messing up the “foundations of Heaven and Hell”. Jessica certainly feels the weight of her fate now. However, promises of Deacon’s kisses, and maybe something more, overshadows that burden. Yet asking the cat for advice on how ghosts mate is the final humiliation. Church’s advice is simple…she just has to want it bad enough.

Published by Triskelion Publishing, Ghost of a Chance entertains as the amusing antics of an Earth bound entity energizes this paranormal novel. J. Morgan hands over a lighthearted mystery combined with supernatural suspense. The romance between Deacon and Jessica is sweet, where their union is sizzling. Church the cat, adds more amusement with his standoffish wit, complementing the comedic plot. Jessica’s madcap mother, although a secondary character, provides more laughter by bringing in her wacky coven friends to cast a critical spell to help Jessica enter Hell. It’s funny, fast-paced, and appealing. Any reader passing this book by is missing out on a great read!

A Dedicated Reader,

Pamela Jenewein

Triskelion Publishing    Check out her book Michangelo Blues  Buy Ghost of a Chance from Triskelion Books

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