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Fox in the Mist

Title: Fox in the Mist
Author: A. Dee Carey

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Published in October 2004 by Wings ePress
IBSN: 1-59088-343-8

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The fox entered the Realm of the Fey in the company of Dracha, a decrepit crone who has been her companion for many years. McTavish moves with a grace and ease that is natural to her kind. Her bearing is as regal as a queen is and her deep green eyes are alert and intelligent. The fur covering her body is a luscious red, while her sleek tail a brilliant white. Although she is a fox, Tavi has always been comfortable in the presence of humans and enjoys their companionship. She has always followed her animal instinct and does not follow the dictates of others.

The Realm of the Fey provides joy and protection to all that enter and must remain unspoiled by the cruelty and pain of the outside lands. The Moor Mists provide a fray velvet haze that protects the Realm of the Fey. The Mists are in danger of being destroyed by the King of Scotland to protect his secrets. Although she is not sure of what is required of her, Tavi knows that the Druids have preordained her mission. McTavish was able to use her intuition and cognitive function to know that she is a part of something extremely important and that magic is involved. Being burdened with human responsibilities and feelings is new to Tavi and she struggles with the changes in her very existence even while she yearns for a love that will withstand the test of time.

Since his father sent him out to die when he was 7 years old, Todd has lived under the protection of both the Braided Bridge and the Druid Priestess Morgannia. The Braided Bridge provides warmth and shelter as well as being the entrance to the Realm of the Fey. Though he is slight in build, Todd is strong and moves with the grace of a warrior. He is extremely intelligent and has been reading since he was 4 years old. Todd is skittish around people since he has adopted the behavior of the animals in the fields in the last 10 years on his own. Morgannia has been given the responsibility of bringing the Druid Ordination into play. While she does not know what is exactly involved in the Ordination, she knows that she must lure all the players together so that the next steps can be taken to protect the Realm of the Fey. Todd is an intricate part of the Ordination.

When he sees Tavi for the first time, Todd is confused by the pull he feels towards her. He has had very limited contact with people and is not sure what to make of his feelings for her. As he interacts with Tavi and the others, Todd realizes that his feelings for McTavish are his destiny and that he must protect her with his life if necessary. Todd is perplexed about why he has been given a part in the Druid Ordination. He knows nothing of diplomacy or military strategies and he feels inadequate to play such an important part in the protection of the Realm of the Fey.

Dee Carey has written an exceptional novel that provides a fantasy world where not everything is as it appears to be and the complexities of the story are an added bonus for the reader. As the plot unfolds with miniature unicorns and powerful Sorcerers and Kings playing a part in the story, Todd and McTavish must overcome their differences and find a way to complete the Ordination. They must learn each otherís ways and work as a team to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to save the Realm of the Fey from obliteration. Although Taviís job is simple to explain, it is hard to execute. She must protect the Moor Mists and ensure that the rightful King is placed on the throne of Scotland. Todd must complete the task of bridging the gap between the people of Reality and the people of the Realm of the Fey. He must ensure that both cultures regard the each other with respect.

Fox in the Mist will be released in October of 2004 by Wings ePress, Inc. This is Ms. Careyís second historical fantasy novel set in the times of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. How McTavish and Todd handle their relationship and Taviís newly acquired ability to change from animal to human provides an enjoyable tale. The secondary characters add to the overall cohesiveness of the story and provide the reader with an energetic read. By the end of the story, they realize that the harder the task the greater the rewards that are received.

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