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For The Love Of

Title: For The Love Of…
Author: Kally Jo Surbeck

Published in 2004 by Loose-Id
Genre: Action/Adventure Romance
IBSN: 1-59632-020-6

Other Books by Kally Jo: (1) For The Love Of…, (2) Sudden Fall, (3) Bound By Hope

Mackenize “Mac” Harmon is an assassin with issues and a love of security gadgets from hi tech weaponry to close combat. She is a smart mouthed, eccentric, ass-kicking heroine who just short of her twenty eighth birthday is planning to complete her contract with The Outfit and retire to the south pacific. Life as a hired killer is all Mac has known even from childhood. Her father, another operative for the Outfit, had taught her the tools of his trade. Instead of playing with dolls and having teas parties, Mac was learning how to crack a safe, conduct surveillance on a subject, or shoot a gun. She is not your typical assassin/heroine. She has only one close friend, a young street kid named Bobby that she seems to have adopted as a younger brother. To keep him from working with other less noble patrons, she has found herself giving him more and more errands to do and unwittingly growing attached to the charming adolescent scoundrel.

When Mac’s father was unable to complete his contracted 18 “jobs” for the Outfit by the time Mac turned eighteen, she watched as Johansen “cleaned” her father, making him job number 17. To keep from becoming number 18 Mac signed a contract to work for the Outfit and complete 15 jobs by the time she turns 28. She only has to eliminate Hartgay to complete her contract but Mac will not be free until she exacts her retribution from the Outfit for her father’s death. When she completes her personal agenda only then will Mac be free to live her dream life in the south pacific. Her nemesis at the heart of the Outfit is Johansen, a man as paranoid about his security as Mac is. Both her missions become even more challenging when she meets Gabriel Zumbrenen, an attractive Adonis who seems to have some of the same issues with personal protection as Mac.

Gabriel Zumbrenen, a gorgeous computer geek who owns a security business, joined the Outfit right out of college. He didn’t join for money but for acceptance and the excitement he found working for the company. All his life he had been scorned for his talents and he found the thrill of being accepted for those same talents heady. He grew up closer to the family butler than his own parents. His father was mostly gone and his mother drank herself and the rest of the family to death one day behind the wheel of her car. Gabe spent the rest of his youth in a boarding school where he escaped the constant teasing in the computer lab, dreaming of a different life. He doesn’t mind that part of his duties include spying on people, but he became suspicious when they start disappearing and he realizes he has delivered them up to death.

Gabe meets Mackenzie Harmon on Christmas Eve as she claims to be bird watching. He takes her home to treat her swollen ankle and discovers to his amazement a feisty woman with a penchant for order and cleanliness with a rare knowledge of his home security system along with a gun tucked in her pants. When Mac admires his collection of hi-tech security gadgets he is further surprised by her reaction to each discovery she makes as she digs though his assortment of devices. When he offers to give her anything she needs, he is stunned to be asked for a date. He begins to think he has met the perfect woman for him when he discovers that Mac is a scuba diver but is stunned when he learns she is the Mac Harmon he has been ordered to clean by their employers.

Kally Jo Surbeck has created two very explosive characters, who are instantly attracted to each other. The dialogue zings with wit and humor and the plot has many twists and turns that take the reader on a roller coaster ride of action and adventure. These two characters have chemistry that heats up the pages as they search for a way to complete their contracts while staying alive and falling in love. How are they going to get Hartgay who is double and triple crossing everyone? How are they going to eliminate the board of the Outfit and protect not only themselves but Bobby? How is Mac going to exact her brand of justice on Milford Johansen and keep Gabe in the dark? How are they going to learn to trust each other as they both hide their secret agendas from each other?

For The Love Of… will keep you guessing until the last page. A fast paced, action packed, hot romance that grips your attention and doesn’t let go until you read the last word. Kally Jo Surbeck’s debut is a delightful mix of humor, intense action and steamy love scenes. The characters and story will grip your imagination as they fight their way to freedom and find a way to be together. If you like your romance filled with hard-hitting action, gorgeous heroes and assertive kick butt heroines, this story is for you. For The Love Of… is available now at Loose-Id Publishing. Pick up your copy today and strap yourself in and hold on as you take the ride of your life between the pages of this romance!

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